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If you’ve used Curaderm, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell your best friend about this product? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Comment on Howard’s 9/9/12 post:
I too found that Curaderm migrated and that the daily routine can take a long time if you are treating many spots.


Grace’s Update
Update to my posts on 6/2/12 “Treating 7 Spots”,7-11-2012 “Horrified”, 8-8-2012 “Grace’s Update”. Week 24: The purple/reddish scars are still quite visible. They are fading but we’ll have to wait to see if they ever fade enough to pass for freckles or sun spots.


Bec5 curaderm
Nice article. I will recommend Bec5 curaderm cream instead of surgery. Bec5 curaderm is an effective cream for skin cancer treatment. My cousin has skin cancer and i also recommend her to use Bec5 curaderm.


AskDocWeb: Do you have firsthand experience with this product?

Curaderm cream
I have been diagnosed with Squamous cell cancer on the side of my nose right by my eye. I considered using the Curaderm cream but am afraid to because they warn not to get it in your eyes. How can I prevent that and what would happen if it did run into my eye?


AskDocWeb: Well, the words “screaming pain” comes to mind. That sounds like a very bad idea. Some users have described the burning pain upon application as “like fire” and it may persist for up to 60 minutes.

Lesion on face?
Can you use this on a squasmous cell that has spread to your neck. The lesion on my face is 2.5cm an is ulcerated and bleeding. Can I use your product on it safely.


AskDocWeb: The last we heard Curaderm was made in Australia. We are researching this product but it is not ours and we have no financial interest in the company that makes it (Curacel). Please do NOT use Curaderm unless you are working with a dermatologist who approves of that use.

My story:
I used Curaderm for Basal Cell Carcinoma. The spot was about the size of an eraser head and was located an inch below my eye. I used the cream as directed and believed it was working even though it destroyed a large area of skin in the process. Events seemed to take the same time period and following the same course as this youtube video –

The trouble started on day 59. At this point, the process appeared to be almost complete. That afternoon I went into the sun, which I had avoided since starting the treatment. The next day the entire area was crushed over, red, and swollen. For the next four days the area got worse, so I went to the dermatologist. She said the area was irritated from using a bandage for the last nine weeks and told me to stop using the cream.

After a week the area had calmed down, but was still disfigured, red, and swollen. The dermatologist did a biopsy at this point, and determined that the cancer was gone. Today, one hundred days after starting the treatment, my face has a shallow crater about the size of a dime with a small bump in the middle where the cell spot was. The area to the left of the crater is still red. I have sensitive skin and the combination of cream, bandage, cleaning solutions, sun, and stress were too much for my skin. I kept a written and photo diary of the entire process.

My recommendations: DO NOT USE CURADERM ON THE FACE. It is a highly destructive means of killing cancer. Most dermatologists won’t recommend this cream because it’s not FDA-approved; however, you may be able to find a doctor who will help you determine if this cream can be “self-prescribed”. Use a cleaning disinfectant that does not destroy skin cells: hydrogen peroxide and antiseptic wash may not be good choices for your skin type. Avoid Tamanu Oil; I used this on a open wound on my leg and months later, it’s still healing.


Curaderm BEC5 in Canada?
Where can I buy Curaderm BEC5 in Canada?


AskDocWeb: So far this product appears to be available only over the Internet.

Products for treating skin cancer
What antiseptic products do you recommend for cleaning treatable skin cancer sites during the treatment process with curaderm bec5? Are there specific sterile bandaging products and other products that are used while skin is being eroded by the product and the cancerous tissues are dissipating, to prevent secondary skin infection from bacteria or fungi? Many thanks


AskDocWeb: This forum is provided for education purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. We encourage those using Curaderm to make recommendations based on their personal experience.

17 years later
I used curaderm on a BCC on the tip of my nose 17 years ago because i did not want the dermatologist to put a skin graft there. It took several weeks to achieve the result i needed which was a hole where the cancer had been. 17 years later all is still good.
My latest episode was last week where a dermatologise cut out two non malignanent bcc’s leave large scars on my back and arm. I have just ordered black salve to apply to a new lesion on the side of my nose which the doctor suggested that i have it cut out. NO WAY! I am 67 years old but still try to have pride in my appearance.


Using Curaderm Bec5 in Canada
I am currently using Bec5 . 4 days in. I went to see a surgeon referred to me by my dermatologist. What he told me he was going to do to my face so shocked me that I felt like vomiting. I went online and researched alternative therapy to BASAL CELL CARCINOMA. After reading many many articles and watching many videos I found Curaderm Bec5 I ordered it from a site online that offered the best price and fastest shipping to Canada.

My Basal cell is on the middle of my nose on the right side and the size of a large pea. I’ve had it for longer than a year. Since i have started using it everything i had read about how it would behave is true. It does burn but I’ve had worse pain. The area swells a bit, turns red and seems larger and seeps. It gets less burny each day though.

Before each application I wash it with warm water to take all the dead cells away and the use peroxide As antiseptic. I spread it ONLY on the crater, if you do more It’s a waste. I then cover it with microspore paper. I use it 3 times a day. It appears to be doing its job. I will keep everyone informed of progress and or outcome. I have daily pics also if anyone wants support, has any questions please email me. Thumbs up!


AskDocWeb: For awhile there you were beginning to sound like a commercial. How long have you used this?

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