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Here are the products we are currently investigating. These are ongoing projects and we make no recommendation on these products. If you have used, or are using, any of the following, we invite you to share your experience so we can let others know how well they work.

If the product is good, we want to recommend it. If it doesn’t work or has bad side effects, we want to share that too.

Current Research Projects

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Subj: Female hair loss
Date: 5/24/2004
I would like to know if you are aware of any vitamins that speed up the hair growth. Now I am only 25 but have noticed with processing my hair (everyday damage and hair dyes) I am not having very much hair growth. I would love my hair to grow longer quickly like it use to years ago. I read about hair37 etc on the web sites…but do any of those things really have any power to work? Can you suggest some tips on vitamins or foods that, may increase my hair growth. Thanks So Much!!!!


AskDocWeb: On the Hair Loss page, in the post dated 5/2/2004 we make several suggestions for women’s hair loss.

Subj: Thymuskin
Date: 3/8/2005
Do you have any information on Thymuskin products for hairloss?


AskDocWeb: Enough people have inquired that we put up a Thymuskin page just for users.

Subj: Doxycyclen
Date: 3/17/2005

Looking for information on doxycyclen, can you help? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: This is a tetracycline derivative used for susceptible infections.

Subj: Cold medication and high blood pressure
Date: 3/30/2005
Can you take any cold medication at all if you are on high blood pressure medication. I am on Atenolol at 50 mg once per day. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Please read the labels. There are warnings on them that tell you, if you have high blood pressure do not take.

Subj: Asenlix (clobenzorex)
Date: 4/8/2005
I used asenlix 2 years ago during 3 months and I lost weight from 72kg to64 then I stop using it after having a lot of headaches. I just start using it again and after the second day I noticed I have breathing problems, could this be caused by Asenlix?


AskDocWeb Yes

Subj: Propecia birth defects?
What side effects can occur if a woman becomes pregnant while her partner is taking propecia and has for the past 3 years?


AskDocWeb: According to the manufacturer, it can only cause defects if the woman is taking propecia or if she comes into contact with the contents of the pills.

Subj: Asenlix
Date: 2/9/2005
I started using asenlix, 1 week ago, I have been having headache. Is this normal? I have read a lot about asenlix and I don’t see that one of the side effects is headache.


AskDocWeb: Asenlix is not legal here, it was banned in the USA and the EU because of the negative side effects it has on the central nervous system (CNS). It is not safe and not recommended.

Subj: Thymuskin
Date: 7/6/2006
Do you have any information on Thymuskin products for hairloss? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Yes, see this page.

Subj: Clobenzorex
Date: 7/10/2006
other than asenlix is there a pill that is legal to consume that contains clobenzorex. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: No.

Subj: Med Scalp
Date: 12/11/2006
Can you share some thoughts on this Med Scalp product. Does it work? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It appears to be repackaged Minoxidil. Using FDA approved advertising or an FDA approved ingredient does not mean the FDA approves of the product. The deceptive advertising is bad enough but there is also the question of ingredients. You may have a problem when they don’t say what’s in it. That can be bad news if you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

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