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Didrex Feedback

If you use Didrex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using this weight loss medication? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Splitting pills
Date: 1/27/2015
Will splitting a 50mg didrex automatically make it a 25mg?


AskDocWeb: No. Studies have shown that the actual dose in each half of a split tablet often is different. So while the two halves may look the same, they don’t necessarily contain equal amounts of medicine. If you are considering splitting a tablet, the FDA recommends that you get advice directly from your doctor or pharmacist to determine whether it is appropriate or not for a particular drug.

Didrex review
Date: 5/16/2015
I have taken Didrex since 2010. I lost an estimated 45lbs. in the first 3 to 4 months. I have gained about 12lbs. back. And of course, I have weeks, months, of up and down weight no matter how bad or how good I eat or how much I exercise, walk ride my bike, and do yoga. However, I would have to say this medication has helped tremendously with my moods, focusing, seeing things clearer.

This drug states its highly addictive and I agree. But after 5 years, I feel like my life is better and I’m more calm and I sleep fine at night. I take 3 per day and I have taken more when I had to be more focused for some event or for some meeting at work, etc. for times when I really needed to pay attention more. I wished this drug could be prescribed for more than just weight loss issues. It would help a lot of people, I’m sure. I know that it would hurt the ones with possible heart problems because it does raise your heart rate. But like I have say many times before alot of things raises your heart rate.

I was taking Celexa for anxiety – depression for almost 16 years after the birth of my children. I never needed any kind of medicine before that except for the occasional headache. I weaned myself off Celexa back in Nov. 2014. It was a major nightmar and took a good 3 to 3.5 months. And I did gain about 8 more pounds. (Very Common when going off Celexa) The ONLY thing I take now is Didrex. And they are not easy to get. I wished Didrex could be prescribed on a monthly regularly occurring thing, like all the other antidepressants, ADHD and ADD and mood elevator medications are so that the insurance might cover half of it or at least help other people out there with anxiety, other mood or ADHD or ADD problems.

I know several people who take it for ADHD and ADD, because the meds they were prescribed for their ADHD and ADD caused some bad side effects that they could not function daily with. So they tried Didrex 50 mg. 1 to 3 per day and it works great for them. They swear by them. Didrex are expensive to me, $175 to $190 for 90 generic that’s a month supply because you take 3 per day (the recommended prescribed amount) And around $275 to $325 for the BRAND. AS of May 2015 at a local drug chain.


Didrex review
Date: 5/27/2015
Didrex works well to lose weight. Not as fast as Phentermine or name brand Adipex. From my many years of experience using one or the other. I took time off in between, of course. I believe Didrex works for more things than just weight control. It keeps you awake, not to much and not time release like Adapex/Phentermine does. Didrex has a mood elevator that helps with depression. And also helps with focusing. I have found that I can forces and concentrate very well with Didrex. And not with Adipex/Phentermine. I’m more agitated with Phentermine/Adipex, same with Iodimine, Pro-Fast -took back in the 90’s for a few years, no longer available. Even though Pro-fast is Phentermine. And came 2 in a pack. One for morning and one around 2.00 pm. (Pro-fast actually worked well, wished it was still available in the 2 pack).

I did have headaches off and one with Adipex, Ionamin and Pro-fast. Once in a while I will have one with Didrex. I feel like I need Didrex more for the moods elevator part, and staying awake during the day, because I have trouble staying awake these days, even after a good nights rest. Didrex works for weight loss. I lost 44lbs. in first 4 months. But after a while, like anything else, the effect isn’t as good as it was in the first 3-5 months. Therefore, stop taking it for a while, before taking it again. It is addictive, and it is expensive. And I haven’t heard of an insurance company as of yet, that will cover any part of it. Unless your very lucky and you have one that does. I do feel like it should be prescribed for people who really benefit from it, (even other than for weight loss control).


Positive review
Date: 6/29/2015
Didrex is a great drug. It is expensive and generic works just as well. I’ve taken for 2 months then off for 6 months now back on for 1 month. I lost 20 lbs the 1st month and 8 the 2nd.


Addicted to this drug
Date: 7/4/2015
As i read all these stories i could cry because i myself have been addicted to didrex for 10 years. Especially the lady name Barbara if you see this would you please email me? I seen where this was written back in 2007 an it’s now 2015. I please ask anybody that’s been addicted to this drug to email me my email is (Privacy policy – no email addresses published) I just need to hear from someone that’s been addicted to this and successfully gotten off. If I can be of any help to someone just email me. God Bless! Thanks so much!


AskDocWeb: If you have something to say that would help one person with this problem, please use this forum so that many people could benefit from your advice.

A very rare thing
Date: 7/24/2015
I went to the Dr. for weight loss. She gave me prescription for adepex/p. I only took it for 2 days because it was making very tired, so she then prescribe didrex, it did the same thing. I am very frustrated that taking this will make me gain weight instead of losing it. I have always had a lot of energy all my life and to be brought down to feeling sleepy is bad for me. I hear that this is a very rare thing to cause drowsiness, now, I am sleeping much better then without it. It decrease my appetite, but how will I lose weight if I am sleepy all the time? My BP is 90/60 my heart rate is 60. Is there anything that will work for an oddball like me?


AskDocWeb: Thanks for sharing that Sharon. We can appreciate how frustrating that would be. Finding something that works may require that you go outside of your comfort zone and make lifestyle changes to your diet and activity level.
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