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If you use Didrex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using this weight loss medication?

Subj: Over 6 years
Date: 6/25/2004
I have been taking Didrex for weight loss off and on for over 6 years. I have had great success with it…losing as much as 70 pounds while taking it. The only complaint is I have always had a lot of trouble maintaining the weight loss when I stop the medication. In fact, at some point several years ago, a law was passed in my state of Ohio (USA) that it cannot be prescribed for any longer than 12 weeks. So I was experiencing a really bad yo-yo diet syndrome. But this latest time I replaced the Didrex with regular exercise on a treadmill 20-40 minutes 3-4 days a week and maintained my loss as well as taking off additional pounds. When I go off of the medication after the 12 weeks, I initially continue to feel it’s effects for several weeks and then I begin to feel very tired and lethargic and cravings for food hit really hard. I get extremely hungry and begin to snack a lot like I cannot satisfy my appetite.

Another problem is that after I stop taking the Didrex I begin to sleep so deeply that I don’t hear alarms and have to be jarred to wake up. After trying many (and I mean MANY) different types of diet meds, I have found Didrex to be the most effective one ever. The catch is…you have to do some of the work too.

I have an addictive personality and I feel I do not have a habit per say…but I really hate stopping it because I love losing weight like this (1-2 pounds without fail a week) On a much more disappointing note…I have just recently experienced some heart issues and it is undetermined if the abnormalities in my heart are connected to the Didrex but I have been ordered to stop the medication indefinitely. Darn!


Subj: This medicine did wonders
Date: 7/14/2004
I started to take Didrex about 8 months ago and was extremely obese. My doctor even suggested that I have a gastric bypass in order to get down to a healthy weight be cause all diets had failed me. Then I read about this medication on the web and decided to order. I have lost 92 pounds and could not be happier. It did not cause the severe addictive reaction in me that it seems to cause in others. I was tired when I stopped taking them but that only lasted about a week. The medication takes away your appetite and gives you energy. I still have about 25 pounds to lose and have decided to try to do it without the medication. This medicine did wonders for me. I hope this was helpful.


Subj: Long term use of Didrex
Date: 7/22/2004
I would like to know if there are any long term serious side-effect of taking this drug for years. Is it any more dangerous than caffeine, really? I have been unable to find any research addressing this very important issue – just some vague comments regarding diet drugs in general and blood pressure or kidney problems. The kidney problem was not elaborated on, unfortunately.


AskDocWeb: This medication IS more dangerous than caffeine. The makers of Didrex specifically state that it is for short-term use only. The maximum recommended duration of therapy is 8 to 12 weeks. Remember that Didrex as a stimulant and is habit-forming. You can become physically or psychologically dependent on this medication. Another word for that dependency is addiction.

Subj: Identifying Didrex
Date: 8/20/2004
Hello, I have been ordering didrex for some time now and sometimes I think they’re different then some others. Can you tell me how I can tell if I’m getting old ones or maybe not even the real ones? Sometimes the bottle is chalky and other times it’s not. How can I tell? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: Look for the expiration date on the container. Some counterfeiters of drugs are very good at deceiving. If you have any doubt about your source, get them somewhere else. Your health is too important to take chances like that.

Subj: Yeast infection
Date: 12/11/2004
I have been taking Didrex for a few months. I have noticed that I have vaginal discharge, very unusual. I have not changed anything in my personal life to account for this and have been to numerous doctors in which they have diagnosed me with a bacterial or yeast infection. Has anyone experienced this as a side effect to taking Didrex? Please help.


Subj: Adipex or Didrex

Date: 1/9/2005

I would like to know what the difference is if any between adipex and Didrex. I’ve taken adipex now for about 5 months and of course the effects have not been as strong and have been afraid to take more then once a day. (not really sure if that is safe or not) so I found out about Didrex on the web and not sure about this. Never had any addiction problems with adipex but Didrex seems to be different. Another thing that bothers me is that unfortunately in the past I was in to drugs specifically cocaine and did have a hard time with this. So this concerns me after reading this feedback. Could you also tell me if there has been any studies done on the effects of Didrex on the heart. Ever since pregnancy have had many problems with tachycardia and don’t really want this to cause even more problems. Did ok with adipex but unsure of Didrex. Also with the long time use of the 2 if I start this. Could you please help me, haven’t been able to find alot of information on this.


AskDocWeb: Although Didrex can cause heart palpitations and rapid heart rate it can be taken one to three times a day. If you did okay on Adipex, Didrex still might be a better choice because the side effects of Adipex are worse with overstimulation of your central nervous system, hypertension, problems with heart valves, and so on.

Subj: Didrex in blood tests
Date: 1/18/2005
Question: How long does (2) didrex stay in the blood system? For it not to show in a urine test, how long a wait time?


AskDocWeb: It can take up to 2 weeks after discontinuing this drug before it doesn’t show up in blood tests. This is true of most weight loss drugs.

Subj: Pleased with Didrex
Date: 2/5/2005
I took didrex in the early 80’s and it helped me loose weight. It also was a mood enhancer and helped me feel “up”. (not a bad thing when you are cutting out chocolate!)I had no problems with this rx in the 80’s.

I am starting to take it again as I have gradually gained weight as I got older. The only negative side effect is slight sleeplessness. I have only been on this rx for less than a week – but I intend to stay on for the full 8-12 week course.

This pill allows me to not feel hungry at all times! Please try this if you need help with your overeating. The scare stories on this site are not true for all users – in fact if you do not abuse drugs – you will not have these effects. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: You may think of them as “scare stories” but they come from people who started using Didrex with the best of intentions.

Subj: Need help getting of Didrex
Date: 2/9/2005
I’ve been taking the diderx for along time I would like to stop it. Where do I get help for that? My doctor doesn’t care, he said it’s not addicting, so that I can keep on buying it from him. Please refer me to someone or tell me if I need to do something at home. Thank you,

AskDocWeb: There is something you could try at home. You could increase your daily physical activity while weaning yourself off gradually.

Subj: Didrex not doing anything
Date: 2/15/2005
Hello, I’ve been taking didrex every so often but now I have them and they’re not doing anything. I’m tired and starving? Can you tell me what happens to the pill when I swallow it?


AskDocWeb: If your take Didrex “every so often” they are not going work like they will if you take them according to directions. When you swallow the tablets, they dissolve slowly in your digestive system and are absorbed by your body. Didrex the reduces your appetite by acting on the satiety center in the brain (the part that controls appetite).

Subj: Didrex pills
Date: 3/26/2005
I ordered didrex online. I broke the tablet in half because I didn’t want to take the full 50mg. The pill was white in the center and orange on the outside. Is this how they are supposed to be?


AskDocWeb: Yes and no. From your description, it sounds like you have the real thing but you are supposed to take them whole.

Subj: Wife is taking drugs
Date: 4/7/2005
My wife has been on Didrex for two years she is not over weight but she use to be on meth. She gets the pill from more than one dr. When she went to court she tested for Meth but the toxicologist said that Didrex test like meth so any meth head can get the drug and pass any drug test for meth. She is now being looked at by the Nevada state board of Pharmacy but still does no good. She also takes lorata Vicaden and zzanex. What can I do? In my book this drug is the some as street meth but a dr. gives. How can I stop her? I have a 6 year old child that loves his mom.


AskDocWeb This sounds like she needs professional help. It may help to see a counselor together. Let her know how much you care about her and that you are there for her but she is the one who has to give up the drugs.

Subj: Didrex worked great
Date: 4/23/2005
It is weird to read some of these reviews od didrex. I took 50mg 2 x a day for a month. I lost about 10 lbs (with 30 more to go), had no problems sleeping, didn’t feel nervous, jittery or anything. The didrex really helped me to not snack and also motivated me to keep exercising. I stopped after a month with no exhaustion or prolonged sleeping or any ill side affects. I think it worked great for me and maybe if people would follow the recommendations they wouldn’t run into problems with it. I definitely would recommend it.


Subj: Difference between the Didrex and Adipex
Date: 5/5/2005
What is the difference between the Didrex and Adipex? What effects are different besides an appetite supressent? What should I expect?


AskDocWeb: Didrex comes in 50 mg tablets and adipex comes in 37.5 mgs. Psychological disturbances have been reported when Didrex is used with restrictive dietary regimen. Adipex enters the bloodstream more quickly.

Remember that both Adipex and Didrex are stimulants and are habit-forming. You can become physically or psychologically dependent on either medication.

Subj: Edema and Didrex?
Date: 5/28/2005
Can Didrex 50mg cause ankle/feet edema?


AskDocWeb: No swelling in any part of the body was listed as a side effect of Didrex. Please ask your physician about this. Read more feedback

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