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If you use Didrex, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about using this weight loss medication? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Didrex online?
Date: 1/9/2012
For the people that ordered didrex online, what site did you use? Please and thank you.


AskDocWeb: When we found out that the FDA was attempting to close down online pharmacies, we adopted a policy of not publishing links to them. Until the security issues with purchasing online are sorted out that policy will remain in effect.

Switch from Adipex to Didrex?
Date: 2/13/2012
I have been using adipex for several months now I dont feel it is working as well as in the beginning.. Would didrex be good for a swap up to lose the last few pounds?


AskDocWeb: That is something your doctor would have to determine. Like all prescription medications there are contraindications that have to be evaluated.

Gained weight back
Date: 2/26/2012
Thats the same thing I wanna know, I have been on adipex and lost 107 lbs about 3 years ago, well I have came off of it and went back to it her and there and it seems like it doesn’t work, I have tryed the generic and even went back to getting the name brand thinking maybe that was the problem, well it still dont work. In the mean time I have gained about 60 lbs back and I know that’s also part of a depression med the doctor had put me on for about 6 months. Well now I’m off of the depression med and I’m ready to get this 60 lbs off. So would didrex work better then adipex?


AskDocWeb: Because of the different ways that patients respond to these medications you would have to ask your doctor. Several factors, contraindications, etc. have to be considered before that question can be answered.

How long does Didrex take to start working?
Date: 3/30/2012
I just stopped by my weight loss doctor today and got my prescription for didrex.. I toke my first pill but felt no rush of energy, while I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am, it made me wonder how long before the pills are fully in your system and begin to help??


AskDocWeb: Didrex starts working within 30 minutes, which is why it is recommended to be taken a half hour before breakfast. Some patients don’t get an energy rush with Didrex and if you haven’t noticed it by now it is likely that you are one of them.

Order Didrex online?
Date: 4/5/2012
Hi, where can I order Didrex online? I am afraid of getting fake ones. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Currently the risk of running into problems is too high to recommend anywhere online to purchase medication. This may change in the future but for now it is safer to buy locally.

Date: 4/22/2012
Hi AskDocWeb and all others, I suffer from ADD or ADHD, as it’s better known, and was trying 50mg. of Vyvance for the last three months. Vyvance is a pro-drug, meaning it’s virtually impossible to abuse the drug no matter which way it’s ingested, meaning whether people try to inject it (that would be horrifying!) or snort it up their noses (yuuk!). After three months of trying it to treat my ADD, my Psychiatrist and I saw that it just wasn’t working for me so I’m waiting on the insurance company to approve another. Most have reported great success though. Vyvance is an extended release capsule and it does last all day, as in 12 hours. There’s no crashing or craving for more as I’ve heard some on this blog talk about. It just slowly wears off and I’ve never noticed it at all. I actually sleep better with it, perhaps that’s because it works on our “deficiencies” of Norephenephrine and Dopamine that would be available in the proper amounts to those without ADD. The Vyvance, though, doesn’t help any of my symptoms of ADD but it does make me forget about eating! I’m just not hungry at all and because I’m not overweight to begin with I take it and force myself to eat breakfast, which I used to skip, and then I don’t even think about food or feel hungry at all until I make my husband’s dinner. By then I know I need to eat something. I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be a better alternative for those struggling to lose weight? It seems like the perfect solution because it’s taken once in the morning and wears off gently after twelve hours or more.

The reason I’m writing on this blog is because I remember a friend of mine who was taking Didrex before he had Gastro-Bypass Surgery. His weight caused him to develop sleep apnea. He also had narcolepsy which may have been related or not. Anyway, I had just started college and wasn’t diagnosed with ADD yet. (none of the half dozen Psychologists I’d been to recognized it until 25 years later and close to a nervous breakdown!) Anyway, I knew I’d be struggling in college just to keep up. I’d recently married and wanted to study fine art and even though I didn’t intend to get a degree I still had to take the other classes they required. I’m going to tell on myself… He told me the Didrex helped with his appetite but it worked great for the narcolepsy and he didn’t have to have someone else drive him around anymore–he was more happy about that! Well I tried one because I had an essay to complete and I didn’t know it then, but the ADD was really getting the best of me and I just knew I wasn’t going to do well at all.

To make what’s become a long story short, 🙂 he had some Didrex he’d gotten filled but wasn’t taking as often when he didn’t have to drive anywhere. He said he was tired of dreaming about the foods he was craving and on his days off he was going to eat them! This was before he had the by-pass. He gave me about 20 of the Didrex and with the first one I took the fog I’d lived with for as long as I can remember lifted and my mind cleared away all the extra “noise” and distractions. I’d lived with the symptoms of ADHD for so long I thought they were “normal” and that I was the only one who couldn’t handle what others just breezed through. I was seeing things clearly for the first time and my thoughts finally “shut up” so that I could focus on one thing at a time. I didn’t realize the Didrex was keeping the ADD under control, it just helped me study better, right? So when I used the last one months later, the semester had ended and I figured it was just me screwing up again. I think Doctors, Pharmaceutical Companies and the FDA should reconsider the use of the two medications and allow physicians to prescribe Vyvance for weight loss and Didrex for ADD. I intend to talk to my Psychiatrist (he monitors and writes the prescriptions) and when I see my Therapist I’ll just ‘fess up to what I only now figured out about Didrex and ask if they’d be willing to prescribe what I know for certain works for me and leave off the latest trial and error. Didrex worked great for my ADD symptoms and they probably already know that about it. I don’t need or want anything stronger than that.

I hope he’s not offended if he reads this, but I wonder if Ron, @20 years of Didrex Date: 10/31/2011, might have ADD/ADHD because he hasn’t had any negative effects in 20 years? It sounds like what those of us who have ADD experience. The greater majority of us who get treatment don’t become addicted to the drugs, or any other drugs for that matter. But if we take a med. break the symptoms of ADHD come back very quickly. I’d rather be normal. Good luck to all of you and don’t get discouraged, my sister-in-law has lost 80 lbs. and is taking Jazzercise classes 2-3 times a week now!! You can do it!


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