Negative Calorie Diet

Negative Calorie Diet

Did you know that it is now possible to drop up to 14 POUNDS in only 7 DAYS? That’s right…
The Negative Calorie Diet can make it happen for you! Since 1997, thousands of people from all over
the world are using our weight loss program. Our eBook reveals the weight loss secrets of consuming
negative calorie foods to lose all the weight you want!

Finally, a diet program that WORKS! Finally, a diet concept that results in MASSIVE weight loss!
Toss the rest of your diet plans in the GARBAGE! In order for your body to use the food you eat,
the food itself must go through physical and chemical changes i.e., YOUR DIGESTIVE SYSTEM…

Your digestive system “breaks down and processes” everything you consume! The process starts by
chewing. Then your esophagus moves everything down to your stomach. This usually takes anywhere
from a few minutes, to a half hour.

For about 4 hours, your stomach mixes the food up with acid and sends everything down to your small
intestine. For approximately another 4 hours, your small intestine receives very strong alkaline
(digestive) juices from your gallbladder and pancreas. These digestive juices mix with the now
liquified food and your body starts to absorb it.

This process continues on down to your large intestine where the rest of any food and fluids are
absorbed into your body. This may take up to 12 hours!

Any residue that is left over is eventually eliminated, but here’s the GOOD NEWS! This entire
process BURNS CALORIES and results in weight loss!

Not only that… But you can eat all you want!

Not only that… But you’ll really lose weight!

Not only that… But it tastes good!

The Negative Calorie Diet? is based on scientific research and more than 100 foods requiring your
body to BURN more calories processing these foods through your digestive system than the actual
calorie content of the food itself. This results in your body burning the remaining stored fat as
its new source of energy!

The Negative Calorie Diet? identifies over 100 negative calorie foods that safely force your body
to work harder during digestion thus turning your body into a fat burning machine! These negative
calorie foods are easily found in most grocery stores. No more starving… No more counting
calories… No more hunger pangs… Nothing but easy to follow weight loss!

A piece of pie consisting of 350 calories may only require 100 calories to be digested by your body
thus resulting in a net GAIN of 250 calories to be added to your fat storage.

On the other hand, an apple that contains 65 calories may require the same 100 calories to digest,
but resulting in a net LOSS of 35 calories from your storage of your body fat!

Using The Negative Calorie Diet? results in weight loss of pure fat from YOUR body. With over 100
“NEGATIVE CALORIE” foods to choose from, the results are sensational! No they’re UNBELIEVABLE!
The diet works three times faster than FASTING itself! Average weight loss is one pound a day, but
many people have lost up to 14 pounds in 7 DAYS with our weight loss eBook!

YOUR metabolism is the secret to burning fat! You can manipulate it and force your body to burn fat
24 hours per day!

You can’t burn your excess body fat by eating NONFAT or LOWFAT foods! You MUST SPEED UP YOUR

The Negative Calorie Diet? eBook has the equivalent of 80 pages of text… In addition to The
Negative Calorie Diet? program, we’ve included an all-important list of foods that actually speed
up your metabolism! Simply implement as many of these foods as you can when you’re not on the diet
to keep your body burning fat! Use The Negative Calorie Diet? to obtain your desired weight…
Then, every so often, use it again for weight loss maintenance… But when you do go off, be sure
to add our list of metabolism speeding foods to your every day meals.

The Negative Calorie Diet? includes some little known information about exercise. Did you know
that a scientific study reveals that as little as THREE exercises will firm up and tone 85% of your
body’s muscles? Perform these three exercises three times a week for as little as 15 minutes a day
and not only will you get in shape, you’ll keep your metabolism speeding in high gear! The eBook
details the these three exercises and how to perform them the right way!

Did you know that you can turn up your body’s metabolism even more by simply breathing better?
That’s right… Most people are shallow breathers. This lowers your immune system and fails to rid
your body of all the nasty toxins you consume every day. We’ll teach you how to supply so much more
oxygen to your system that you start ridding yourself of these toxins and skyrocket your metabolism
thereby turning your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE! It’s all in the eBook!

We’ve even included a Workbook section that deals with Goal Setting… what is it? The Workbook
shows you how to set goals for burning fat, losing weight, speeding up your metabolism and getting
in shape! We reveal ways for you to KEEP the NEW YOU permanently! We discuss how to get rid of your
bad habits… We give you tips on starting fresh and getting healthy! No more YO-YO weight loss!

There’s even a Cookbook section that reveals mouthwatering recipes to assist you in burning fat and
obtaining your desired weight loss goal. Who says eating healthy can’t taste GREAT? We even provide
hyperlinks to some of the best sources of fitness and health information on the World Wide Web! All
you do is open your eBook, click on a link while you’re online and your browser takes you there
instantly while you’re eBook is still open!

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