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Subj: gc/ms device
Date: 8/30/2010
My question is, when testing on a gc/ms device will the confirmed test come back the same for diazepam and lorazepam, or will they not be able to tell the difference? Thanks.

AskDocWeb: They will be able to tell the difference. The GC/MS stands for Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. It is very close to being a perfect drug test. It turns the sample into a gas and analyzes the way the components of that gas array themselves in the tube. The spectrum of the substances present are somewhat like fingerprints for each one. It will specifically list exactly what is found in the sample and it is extremely accurate.

Subj: False positive?
Date: 8/30/2010
Relative takes Zoloft, BP medication, and something for high trygylcerides will this combination of meds show a false positive?

AskDocWeb: Zoloft has been identified as one of the drugs that sometimes shows up as a false positive for benzodiazepines (Reference 31).

Subj: Conformation test was positive
Date: 8/30/2010
I take suboxone and I have 2 drug screens that showed up positive for oxy. I had one confirmed and they said it was positive for oxymorphone which I have not taken!!! What could be the problem? This could cause me to lose my kids to FCS.

AskDocWeb: It isn’t much you can do about it when the conformation test is positive. However, you may want to demand to see the results of that conformation test and not just take someone’s word for it.

Subj: Seroquel?
Date: 8/31/2010
Can seroquel cause a false positive for benzo’s?

AskDocWeb: No, seroquel has not been reported to show up on urine drug tests as a benzodiazepine.

Subj: Huge mistake
Date: 8/31/2010
I am astonished. I have had a couple of unsuccessful back surgeries and have been being treated at a pain clinic. I have been prescibed all kinds of pain meds, but so far the strongest medication I can take is percacet. They even tried patches fetynal patches saying it shouldn’t make me sick because it goes into your system slowly. Not true, it made me very sick. The clinic had offered me a morphine pump, which I turned down because morphine makes me violently ill.

I know that every appt. I will be tested, my last visit I was informed that I was discharged on the grounds of illegal substance. I don’t drink, I haven’t smoked pot in 30 years, and when I asked what I tested pos. for, they began with morphine. Right then I knew some thing was wrong with the test. They had said there were other things on the list but once I heard morphine, I asked them to retest me because there is no way I could have that in my system. They have it on record that it makes me sick as I had stressed this several times when they told me that was the next step for me. Why would I illegally take a drug I was offered legally knowing I’m going to be tested? I do take natural vitamins and herbs, but they just dismissed me.

They also told me that I had 10 days to dispute the test and have it taken over, except for the fact that they didn’t inform me for 3 weeks, by then it was too late. I don’t know what could have caused a false pos. on my test (which was done at the IUPUI pain clinic, all I know is that there was some huge mistake.


Subj: Atripla
Date: 8/31/2010
Please note that after taking the medication Atripla, and if you’re on Probation then your U.A can come back positive for marijuana.


Subj: Lab testing results
Date: 8/31/2010
I recently tested positive (155 with a cutoff of 150) for cocaine using the gc/ms test. In order to have the 2nd vial tested by a different lab, I am required to send them $150.00. What are the chances this 2nd vial of urine, taken at the same time as the first, will have a result below the 150 cutoff point?

AskDocWeb: We would try to find out if the labs doing the testing are NIDA certified or not. If not then it may be worth taking the chance. Uncertified labs have lower standards and mistakes happen more frequently.

Subj: Celexa?
Date: 9/1/2010
I am currently taking celexa; can it cause a positive drug test. I have received conflicting information.

AskDocWeb: According to the information we have, no, and there are no reports of that happening.

Subj: Levaquin
Date: 9/1/2010
I’ve been taking levaquin and got positive for cocaine is this possibly?

AskDocWeb: According to the Food and Drug Administration, Levaquin has shown up as a false positive for opiates.

Subj: False positive for Amphetamine?
Date: 9/2/2010
does Ranitidine cause a false positive for Amphetamine? I had a drug test at my doctors office and came out with a positive for amphetamine don’t take drugs, my doctor said that I was lieing to him. but I know that I don’t take those kinda drugs.

AskDocWeb: According to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, Ranitidine has shown up in urine drug tests as a false positive for Amphetamines (Reference 32).

Subj: Cymbalta or seroquel?
Date: 9/3/2010
I tested pos. for methadone, had not used it in over 18 mos, I did have a cold and was taking benadryl for a cold and cymbalta and seroquel for bi-polar, since I told the doc about the cold med the tested it twice. Doc did not believe me because benadryl would not show EDDP in the urine, could either of the bi-polar meds show EDDP in my urine?…thanks!

AskDocWeb: Neither cymbalta nor seroquel has been documented to cause false positive results on a urine drug test. However, Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) has been reported to show up as false positives for Benzodiazepines, PCP, and Tricyclic Antidepressants 2-4 days after a single use (Reference 45).

Subj: Tested positive on urine screens
Date: 9/3/2010
I am in a county group intervention program. I started in February. Up until the time I started taking medication I never tested positive in my urine screens. I started taking Truvada, Isentress, Losartan-HCTZ, and Amlodipine Besylate about a month ago and am now testing initiative positive screens for marijuana. I do not smoke and have never smoked marijuana. Can any of this be related to the drugs or combo of drugs?

AskDocWeb: Those drugs haven’t shown up in our false positive research but that doesn’t rule them out completely. Since you were clear until you started taking them, that does raise the possibility of a connection. A GC/MS confirmation test should show if the result was a false positive or not.

Subj: Profera OB prenatal vitamins?
Date: 9/3/2010
I am four months pregnant and I am taking ProferaOB prenatal vitamins. Today, I took not one but 2 mouth swab drug tests for a new job which gave me a false positive reading for THC. I have never even smoked a cigarrette before in my life. I am in complete disbelief how I got 2 positive readings for THC. I am never around people who smoke…I’m married and have a 10 year old child. How could this have happened? I called my doctor’s office and they were unable to give me an answer. I am very worried now because I know I do not do drugs and I am 4 months pregnant.

AskDocWeb: Profera OB prenatal vitamins haven’t been reported to cause any problems with urine drug tests. The only vitamin that has shown up in urine drug screens is the B2 vitamin, which sometimes shows up as a false positive for THC (Reference 21).

Subj: Heartburn medications
Date: 9/3/2010
So if Zantac can create a false positive, could other heartburn meds suck as Kapidex create one? My husband’s PO says he failed his hair test, we are having a private test done today though to double check. He has been clean for 15 months… Also heard that something to do with handling pool chemicals daily could make you test positive, is that true?

AskDocWeb: Zantac is the only heartburn medication that has shown up on urine drug tests as a false positive. The false positives associated with pool chemicals are not the same false positives associated with drug testing. You see, there are test strips to measure free chlorine and other chemicals in swimming pool water. Sometimes an over-abundance of monochloramines or potassium monopersulfate (used for shock-treating pools) can give a false positive reading for chlorine when it isn’t there. The result of that kind of false positive is that the pool may not get treated when it needs it. That is very different from drug testing on human beings.

Subj: Taking percocet
Date: 9/4/2010
I take regular urines for probation and i just recently dislocated my shoulder and i am taking percocet which they know about but i need to know if there is a possibility it can show up as ethanol alcohol which the etg test detects because my case manager does not know and its kinda important for me to find out.

AskDocWeb: There is no alcohol of any kind in percocet. Maybe you could clear up something for us. First you said they know about the percocet and then you say your case manager doesn’t know about it. Which is it?

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine and benzodiazopan
Date: 9/6/2010
I am taking glucophage, prilosec and simvastatin and two other medications. Last week I was told that I tested positive for cocaine and benzodiazopan I believe. I have not taken any drugs except my prescription medication. Please shed some light on this before I am irreparably damaged by this.

AskDocWeb: The drugs you name are not on the list but you can check it to find out if the other medications are listed there. If you suspect a false positive then a GC/MS confirmation test will either verify the results or disprove the original test as a false positive.

Subj: False positive?
Date: 9/7/2010
I was tested for meth and failed for amphetamines the test went to CGMS for further analysis. I have been taking several meds. Excedrin, and Ibuprohen PM, Nasonex, albuteral and vicks inhaler, sudfed and some bronkaid on and off for the last couple months. Would this give a false positive on the test?

AskDocWeb: Some of what you are taking might produce a false positive on the urine test but the GC/MS confirmation test will eliminate those.

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