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Subj: Positive for cocaine
Date: 9/22/2010
i was in the hospital to have my gallbladder removed i was being pumped with ampicillin for about 9 days when i got out i had to go to probation and was drug tested and it came up positive for cocaine and i dont use cocaine what can i do and is this possible to be positive

AskDocWeb: According to Medimpex United Inc., a wholesaler of the test kits used to detect drug usage, Ampicillin may show up as a false positive for cocaine (Source reference). A GC/MS confirmation test will be able to show that the result was a false positive. That means additional testing at an independent laboratory.

Subj: Methamphetamine
Date: 9/22/2010
I am taking an antibiotic, Avelox, Excedrin, Prevacid, Promethazine, Bendadryl, Mucinex DM, Proventil tablets, and Hydrocodone for Bronchitis and a head cold. Today I tested positive on a 5 panel test for Methamphetamine, however I have never used a Methamphetamine in my life. The test did not indicate a positive for Opiates for the Hydrocodone. The lady at the facility said that the Methamphetamine positive could be from anything including Marijuana or Opiates. Is this true? What could have caused this test to be positive?

AskDocWeb: People say a lot of things but that doesn’t make them true. If she is putting marijuana and opiates in the same category and calling that Methamphetamine, that is just ridiculous. The 5-panel test (in North America) tests for the SAMSHA-5; THC (marijuana), Cocaine, PCP, amphetamines, and opiates. For the possibile causes of a false positive test you can check your meds against this list.

Subj: Tramadol or bagels?
Date: 9/22/2010
Can tramadol or the consumption of 3 bagels with poppy seeds cause a positive drug screen for morphine?

AskDocWeb: Tramadol hasn’t shown up as a false positive but poppy seeds have because they contain morphine. There have been several lawsuits involving drug screening and poppy seeds. In one case a Florida woman was awarded $859,000.00 because a business withdrew a lucrative job offer on the bases of her poppy seed-influenced drug screen results.

Subj: Positive for cocaine
Date: 9/22/2010
I have peripheral neuropathy in the most severe case. I use a topical composed of: gaba ketaprophene ketamine clonopine amitriptaline lindocaine marcaine. Shortly (12 hrs) later I gava a UA and came back positive for cocaine. I had not consumed cocaine for 20 years. Is there something in the topical rub which did in fact enter a dermal. Thank You. Awaiting your answer,

AskDocWeb: There was one report that said when Lidocaine and Marcaine are used in conjunction with injectable steroids (cortisone) it will give false positives but we have not been able to verify that.

Subj: Diphenhydramine
Date: 9/23/2010
if taking diphenhydramine in high dosages could it cause a false positive?

AskDocWeb: According to MedScape, Diphenhydramine has shown up as a false positive for PCP and that was not at high dosages.

Subj: Positive for cocaine
Date: 9/23/2010
my hair follicle tested positive for cocaine…. and I never used it nor been around it…..all I’ve been taking was 5hr energy shots and my medication called lithium card….could that be the cause?

AskDocWeb: The information we have is limited to false positives on urine drug screens but there are no reports of lithium causing any problems with drug screens. The energy drinks are still an unknown because the ingredients vary so much. The only energy drink ingredient that has shown up in the research on false positives (so far) is 2-Amino 4-Methyl Hexane, also known as Methylhexanamine. However, its chemical structure is very close to that of amphetamines, not cocaine.

Subj: Cocaine from contact?
Date: 9/23/2010
I recently received a false positive for cocaine.. they said it was not through ingestion. it was from contact, also it was 5 times what the average is. What could cause this ? I have never had contact with cocaine btw…

AskDocWeb: Maybe they have a new test that is able to determine how a substance got into the body but we doubt it. And, we have never heard of an “average” for cocaine, that sounds like a fabrication intended to impress somebody. If you believe the result was a false positive then getting a GC/MS confirmation test will clear that up.

Subj: Positive for cocaine
Date: 9/23/2010
My daughter just had a drug test and was positive for cocaine. She swears up and down that there is no way as she had not done that, but did do marijuana. I don’t know why she didn’t show pos. for THC., as when I tested her for marijuana it was pos for that. She is on Benzos occasionally. She said she had a relpax 40n mg. Can that be false pos for marijuana? She also has to take Clariten for allergies. I would appreciate any answers as soon as you can. I dont feel that shes being dishonest because this is a 1st court order drug test, and if it is pos for any drug its no big deal. The tests after that is more important as they will test the levels. Thank you so much!!

AskDocWeb: There is one antidotal report that Claritin D 24hr shows up as a false positive but we have not been able to verify that. Relpax is not on the list.

Subj: Ranitidine?
Date: 9/24/2010
I have currently failed a UA for meth. I have been clean for over two years and I am baffeld by this. I currently take an acid reducer that goes by the name Ranitidine 150mg. once a day. Could this contribute to the positive UA??

AskDocWeb: Yes, according to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Ranitidine has shown up on urine drug screens as a false positive.

Subj: Positive for cocaine
Date: 9/24/2010
Today I was scheduled for a random tox in DUI Court and in the past I’ve tested positive for marijuana, but today I no longer use and showed up positive for cocaine today for some reason I’m bothered because I’ve never used cocaine EVER! The only things that I’ve been using for the past few days were tylenol sinus/cold, tylenol pm, aleve, and motrin! When spoke to my sexual partner about what had happened he said that he uses! What effects would any of this have on me? If any?

AskDocWeb: If your partner uses cocaine then you are at risk of absorbing the drug through body contact. Cocaine is highly soluble and may be transferred through an exchange of body fluids and may also be absorbed through the skin.

Subj: Positive for methamphetamine
Date: 9/25/2010
I take a lot of prescription meds. and a few over the counters. script – xanax, serquel, wellbutrin, lithium, prozac, durgsic patch, methadone, baclofen, lyrica, savilla, amitiza, nexium, phenergan, docusat, lexothyozine, singular, zocor, amoxicillin. counter – sometimes sudifed, nyqiul, pepto, milk-of-mag, and advil. I tested positive for methamphetamine, what caused this? I was in a auto accident and need solid good proof that I do not do anything other than I have listed. Please help, or tell me how to get someone who anolyzes and can do screening test with drugs to help?

AskDocWeb: Many of the drugs you are taking have shown up as false positives. Hopefully you are working closely with one doctor to monitor possible drug interactions. When it comes to drug testing, when you need really solid proof, the GC/MS confirmation test is the gold standard. It is accurate enough to be used in a court of law. If you tell the people who are responsible for the urine test that you believe the result was a false positive, the original sample can be sent to an independent lab for a GC/MS confirmation test. Sometimes the patient is required to pay for the additional testing but it is worth the cost to clear your medical record.

Subj: Poppy seeds
Date: 9/26/2010
I am an LPN that applied for a job and when I took the drug test it came back positive for heroin I never used that and I was shocked… The lab then proceeded to report the results to the govt agency that regulates medicare and medicaid, now I am on a band list that keeps me from working with any medicaid or medicare certified facility. I would appreciate anything you could send me to help me defend my license. I eat alot of things with poppy seeds and they told me at the lab that it is impossible to get a positive result from poppy seed products please email me or send to (address deleted).

AskDocWeb: There are several good references, including the American Medical Association (Dec. 26, 2001-Vol 286, No. 24) and the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services says that poppy seeds have produced positive results on a urine drug screens. Go to the reference page and look up numbers 3, 16, 17, 20, 21, 25, 26, 29, and 32.

Subj: Hair test positive
Date: 9/28/2010
how can my baby’s hair test positive for meth if I never smoked it but shot it up and morphine but I never in my life used morphine

AskDocWeb: Sorry Liz, the information here applies only to urine drug testing. We don’t have the resources (time and money) to research possible false positives in other types of testing.

Subj: Tested positive for Methadone
Date: 9/28/2010
Hello, I am very upset. I am on Suboxone treatment for vicodin addiction and I tested positive in my urinalysis for Methadone. I have never taken anything but vicodin but since doing research I have concluded that it is probably the high doses of Benadryl I have been taking ( I have built up a tolerance). My doctor recently took blood and sent it to a lab but it is not that gc/ms test. Is it likely that the blood test will also come up positive for methadone? Please help, they are threatening to take my suboxone away and I’m scared of withdrawals. I can’t go to another dr cause I am on the free suboxone program through this dr and I am unemployed so can’t afford to pay. Thanks for any info.

AskDocWeb: A blood test is much more accurate than the EMIT urine test. Since it has far fewer false positives you are likely to be okay.

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