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Subj: Fluticasone propionate?
Date: 12/8/2010
do the nasual spray fluticasone propionate has methaphetamine in it?


AskDocWeb: There is no methamphetamine in fluticasone propionate.

Subj: Energy packets
Date: 12/10/2010
Would the over the counter energy packets cause a false positive for Methamphetamine? If so can you give me a list of what they would be?


AskDocWeb: That depends on the ingredients in them. Can you give us a list to check out?

Subj: Positive for THC
Date: 12/10/2010
Recently I was stopped for a dui, I was hit with a positive for THC. I have parkinsons, and I take pramipexol 3 times a day and azilect once a day and instead of harsh painkillers I take 2 to 3 tablets a day of advil for pain. Which is showing the false positive?


AskDocWeb: Neither Pramipexole (Mirapex) nor Azilect (Rasagiline) has shown up in the research on false positives. However, there are several sources that say Advil has shown up as a false positive for THC (References 1, 14, 16, 18, 20, 26, and 29).

Subj: Believe a recovering addict over a urine test?
Date: 12/11/2010
I am currently on probation and have been clean and sober for a lil over 5 months now and 1 week ago I took a screen got called in yesterday and she said I tested positive for opiates. How do I get them to believe me a recovering addict over a urine test? and Will the further testing she’s doing prove it’s a false result?


AskDocWeb: If the “further testing” is a GC/MS confirmation test, be glad that they do that because some places don’t. The confirmation test is a lot more accurate than a urine test. It will eliminate the false positives.

Subj: Positive for marijuana
Date: 12/11/2010
Recently I was pulled over for a traffic stop and was given a breath and a urine test. I tested positive for marijuana. I have parkinsons and I take pramipexole .5mg and azilect 1mg, and instead of taking addictive painkillers, I’ve been using advil 2 to 3 pills a day. Can one or all be what caused the positive?


AskDocWeb: As noted above, Advil has shown up on urine drug tests as a false positive for marijuana.

Subj: Positive for morphine
Date: 12/11/2010
Hi I was sick for about a week with flu like symptoms. During that week I took amoxicillin, nyquil, walitin, ibuprofen, ibuprofen pm, and afrin nasal spray. The medication mentioned above was taken Monday – Thursday. On Thursday night I was playing with my 5 year old son he jumped on my back (I have a bad back and at certain times during the year it hurts). As soon as he jumped on me I immediately felt my back start to hurt. The following morning before leaving to work I told my mother-in-law what happened with my son and that my back was hurting and she offered me a pill for the pain. I took it and went to work. I didn’t eat only had a 8 oz. glass of coffee.

As soon as I got to work that morning they called me in for a urine test nothing uncommon and rather frequent at my place of employment. Immediately thereafter they told me I tested positive for morphin. I called my wife and I asked her to ask my mother-in- law what she had given me and it turned out she had given m e acetaminophen with codeine. They sent me for a retest immediately after I had tested in the office and I went to Concentra where they tested me again.

A week later I got a call from a doctor who was rather angry and accusatory. I told him the truth about my mother-in-law giving me the pill and he requested I provide him with the prescription within 24 hours. I told my boss and he told me to see if I had that prescription in my name so I went home and looked and didn’t have anything like that but did have a full bottle of Vicodin which was given to me in 9/2009 after a outpatient surgery. I told my boss that it was the only prescription I had and that I wasn’t going to lie to cover up the truth which is that my mother in law gave me the acetaminophen with codeine. I took it without questioning her as she is like a mother to me.

I called the doctor back and said that the only thing I had in my name was a Vicodin prescription but that it was not what I had taken. Again I told him I took a single tablet of the Acetaminophen with Codeine that was prescribed to my mother-in law for a tooth extraction. The doctor said that the morphin I had in my system was not from a single dose. This occupational doctor sent a report to my company stating that a single dose would not yield the results that I yielded.

Please help. This is the truth. What do you suggest I do? See a toxicologist? Why is this doctor saying that the results were a lot higher than a single dose. He is lying. I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. This is a blow to my ethics, integrity, and my track record with the company I work for. They are accusing me of something far from the truth. I am responsible for that single dose that I took innocently. Prior to this problem I never even heard of codeine much less knew what it was.


AskDocWeb: It appears (from our viewpoint) that your only hope is that the test result was a false positive. If that is the case then it may be beneficial to assert yourself with a demand to see their proof. That would be in the form of a confirmation test result. If they can’t or will not produce the proof then you may want to get an attorney that specializes in employment law. Some businesses have discharged employees, or failed to hire them, solely because of the results of a urine drug test. In some such cases, employees have won large structured settlements because the employer did not get a confirmation test.

Subj: False positive for alcohol?
Date: 12/13/2010
I had a false positive for alcohol and i don’t even drink? Although the week prior they said I had a diluted test so drink as much water next time. I will only drink water to make sure I keep my sugar levels in tact. I used to be on the verge of being I diabetic. But long story short I drank a Monster energy drink that day and they sent me a positive test. What do I do? This for a custody case?

Life is shorter than we think.

AskDocWeb: First be sure you understand that we do NOT give Adlegal advice here.

We took a closer look at the Monster Energy Drinks made by the Hansen Beverage Company of Corona, California. It seems that there are two basic varieties of Monster energy drinks; the Classic and a Low-Carb version. The low-carb version contains the same ingredients as the Classic, just in different amounts. Here are the ingredients they list for Monster Energy Drinks:

  • Carbonated water
  • Glucose
  • Citric acid
  • Sucrose
  • Natural flavoring
  • Taurine
  • Sodium citrate
  • Panax ginseng root extract
  • Potassium sorbate
  • Niacinamide
  • Caffeine
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Sodium benzoate
  • Potassium
  • Guarana seed extract
  • Sodium chloride
  • I-carnitine
  • Inositol
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride
  • Riboflavin

Note that alcohol is not listed as one of the ingredients in either verity of Monster Energy Drinks.

Since you mentioned that you used to be on the verge of being diabetic you may want to do a little more research on that subject. Diabetes is known to cause a positive alcohol test. This occurs because of the ketones in a diabetic patient’s blood, urine and breath. However, this usually occurs in patients whose diabetes is not tightly controlled so you should discuss your positive alcohol tests with your doctor.

If a diabetic does not get enough insulin, the cells aren’t able to use the blood glucose, and the body will start breaking down other materials for energy (namely, fats). When fats are broken down for energy, it produces waste products called ketones. These ketones can cross-react in tests for alcohol. Therefore, a diabetic who is making ketones may produce a positive result for alcohol, even if they haven’t had anything to drink.

Subj: TASC
Date: 12/13/2010
Will TASC be able to tell the difference between xanax and klonopin


AskDocWeb: It appears that there are many organizations across the country with the initials TASC, from the TASC in New York to the TASC in California. If the one in your state does confirmation testing then they will be able to tell the difference.

Subj: Positive for Methamphetamine
Date: 12/13/2010
I have probation every Monday.. I’ve been in it for about 3 months now, every week I give a clean urine because I am in recovery from my heroin addiction.. I have completely clean from drugs for 4 months and about a week now…I went this morning (Monday 12/13/2010) and when my PO came out she told me I tested positive for Methanphetamine… I didn’t even know what that was I had to ask them what exactly that kinda drug was… they said well, crystal meth, speed, something along those lines…

This past weekend I felt lousy, I took Robitussin Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon… THIS MORNING when I woke up I had terrible acid indigestion because I suffer from acid reflux disease…I took 2 ZANTAC 150’s… this positive test is really bugging me out, because I am completely clean and sober and the last thing I want is to come up positive when I haven’t even been near any kind of drugs!


Subj: Flexeril or Seriquel?
Date: 12/13/2010
really want to know if flexeril or serequel show up in drug test


AskDocWeb: Neither drug has shown up in the research on false positives.

Subj: Positive for cough syrup?
Date: 12/14/2010
I have been going to a pain clinic for a few weeks now and get weekly urine screens. My last came back with a positive result for ingredients that are found usually in cough syrup. I have had no cough syrup in years! I don’t undeerstand and now my Dr. is going to greatly reduce my meds because of this. I take neurontin, yaz, oxycodone, and just recently started mirtazapine (Remeron), clonidine and valium as needed. Any help would be great!!!


AskDocWeb: You will have to give a little more information because we don’t understand either. What ingredients are they testing for that are found in cough syrup?

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