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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that we do not give medical or legal advice.

Subj: False positive for cocaine
Date: 3/9/2011
can the following medications give you a false positive for cocaine: saphris, fexofenadine, citalopram, amlodipine,


AskDocWeb: No, none of those are on the list.

Subj: FYI-
Date: 3/14/2011
FYI- for those that take drug tests, Midol PMS will give you a false positive for benzos. Also Motrim 800mg and regular Ibuprofen will give false positives for THC. I had a Doctor confirm it and write a letter for a confirmatory test. I know of these two substances personally, it is best not to take two days before any UA test.


Subj: Blood test
Date: 3/14/2011
I am being prosecuted for a dui; blood test results showed 0.000 alcohol and 250ng of methamphetamine was in my test results. I suffer from COPD and at times take Nyquil to sleep. Is there any defense in my situation. I go to court on March 28, 2011.


AskDocWeb: Legal defense should come from your attorney. We are NOT lawyers. Once again, the information here applies only to urine drug testing, not blood tests.

Subj: THC-A and THC-V
Date: 3/15/2011
I was recently hurt on the job and as protocol was drug tested. the lab told me that I had high levels of thc-a and tested positive for thc-v too. I take several prescription drugs and some prescription narcotics that the company was aware of. I take dronabinol, tramadol, cyclobenzaprine, oxycodone, atripla (efavienz, emtric and tenof), omerprazole, alprazolam, naproxen and hydrocodone. Even though i do qualify for a medical marijuana card, I do not smoke it. Can any of these prescriptions cause a false positive? I have also taken ibufrofen, aleve, and advil on occasion and have been around secondhand pot smoke, but only for a short period of time in a friends car.

I’m trying to cover all my basis to prove that i do not smoke pot and get my job back. I know dronabinol contains thc-a, but can any of these other medications give a false positive for thc-v in combination with dronabinol? Can any of these cause normal levels to test higher and can secondhand exposure show traces of thc-v?


AskDocWeb: We are only now beginning to differentiate between THC-V and THC-A. The products on the main list do NOT make that distinction. THC-V can only be present if illicit marijuana products are used. We will have more on this later as research progresses.

THCV is being developed as a potential cannabinoid treatment for type 2 diabetes and related metabolic disorders, similar to the CB1 receptor antagonist rimonabant. Also known as tetrahydrocannabivarin and tetrahydrocannabivarol (THCV, THV), this a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found naturally in Cannabis sativa. It is an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with the side chain shortened by two CH2 groups.

Subj: Remeron false positive?
Date: 3/16/2011
I get a monthly urine drug screen. I am taking Adderall, Tramadol and Temazepam. I always pop positive for amphetamines and benzodiazepines. About 3 weeks ago my doctor added Remeron to my medications. For this months urine test I tested positive for Methadone. I have never done this nor do I know what it is for or how to do it or even get it. The only thing different was that we added the Remeron. I have asked for the specimen to be sent for GC/MS and haven’t received those results yet. I also had my labs drawn to test specifically for Methadone. Can this false positive be because of the combination of medicines?


AskDocWeb: Remeron is not on our list. One of the WikiAnswers says that Remeron can sometimes show a false positive for cannabis however, we have not been able to verify that.

Subj: Riboflavin (B2)
Date: 3/17/2011
i heard that 30mg of riboflavin from a vitamin supliment will show up at THC on a UA, can the GC/MC tell the difference between it and thc, taking into consideration that riboflavin is derived from canabolis seed oil?


AskDocWeb: While riboflavin (B2) CAN be made from cannabis seed oil there are many other sources for this B-complex vitamin; corn oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil, etc.. Most commercial riboflavin is synthetically produced from the fermentation of plant or lactose carbohydrates. However, since SOME riboflavin is made from cannabis seed oil, this is likely why large doses of B2 have shown up on urine drug tests. We have been unable to find a single case where the GC/MS test failed to tell the difference between vitamin B2 and THC metabolites.

Other sources of riboflavin (vitamin B2):

  • Green vegetables
  • lotus stems
  • turnip greens
  • beets
  • radish leaves
  • colocasia
  • carrot leaves
  • Fruits
  • papaya
  • raisins
  • custard
  • apples
  • apricots
  • Foods of animal origin
  • sheep liver
  • eggs
  • cow’s milk, both skimmed and whole milk powder

Note that the typical use of vitamin B2 alone or in a B-complex supplement has not caused problems with urine drug testing.

Subj: DUI charge
Date: 3/17/2011
My wife got a DUI charge and her blood level registered .010 mg of ambien! The commonwealths atty. Says that’s indicative of some one who has taken ambien 1 hour prior to the blood draw. Is it possible? And would her having gastric bypass surgery have an effect on the absorption rate?


AskDocWeb: Your wife’s doctor should be able to tell you how much the bypass surgery affects her absorption rate, which varies greatly from one individual to the next.

Subj: I dont want to lose my job
Date: 3/19/2011
Hi i recently i have neck sprain and they give me shot in the hospital and they give me a prescription for vicodin, flexeril and ibuprofen on friday they did a drug test in my wor can this affect my results what can i do I already told them the am taking prescription but i dont want to lose my job.


AskDocWeb: The fact that you told them about what you were taking works in your favor. Giving them a printed list would be even better. About all you can do is wait to see how the test comes out. If the result is non-negative and you believe it to be a false positive then your best hope is to get a GC/MS confirmation test.

We encourage everyone taking prescription drugs to always carry a printed list of what you are taking in case of an accident or other emergency. This is especially important if you are subject to drug testing. Read Previous
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