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Subj: SunDrop?
Date: 3/24/2011
I appreciated all the knowledge displayed on this site but I have a question of my own. Will you recieve a false positive drinking the soda beverage named SunDrop?


AskDocWeb: No, SunDrop soda has not been reported to cause any false positives.

Subj: Pre job drug test
Date: 3/24/2011
I just took a pre job drug test and tested positive for oxicodone? I take ambien, lexapro, tylenol pm and aleve pm. that is all i take how can that show positive for oxicodone?


AskDocWeb: Sometimes the urine drug tests are just wrong. They call that an error rate, which varies from one manufacturer to the next. If they were 100% accurate the urine test results could be used in a court of law but they are not.

Subj: Phenobarbital
Date: 3/24/2011
I take the following meds: Elavil 30mg qhs, flexeril 10mg tid, fentanyl patch 100mcg q72hrs, Lyrica 75mg tid, zantac 150mg bid, cartia xt 240mg qd. Two weeks ago I had the flu and took otc med containing belladonna. Can any of these meds give a false poss for phenobarbital in a urine test?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Liliana, none of those have been reported to show up as Phenobarbital on a urine drug test.

Subj: Prednisolone?
Date: 3/25/2011
Hi, Can you tell me if Prednisolone would give a falso positive amphetamine result in a urine drug test?? Many thanks


AskDocWeb: No, Prednisolone will not produce a false positive for amphetamine. Unless they are testing for steroids, Prednisolone will not show up on a drug test.

Subj: Waiting for test results
Date: 3/25/2011
I failed urine test at work never took drugs in my life will the lab be able to tell truth and how long does lab take to get back to you been 4 days already


AskDocWeb: If by “the lab” you mean a GC/MS confirmation test, that could take up to a week or two, depending on the work load of the lab. The actual test takes about 23 minutes but you have to consider that your test is only one of many that the lab is processing.

Subj: Positive for benzos?
Date: 3/25/2011
can trazodone cause a false positive for benzos using a icup dx drug screen cup?? I took a drug text at my dr office yesterday and it came back positive for benzos and i have not taken any benzos. I look on google for all my meds to see what may have made it test positve for benzos it is said that trazodne can test positive for benzos when i told my dr they said that it is not possible with the icup dx drug screen so i am trying to find help on weather they can be wrong or not. Trazodone is the only med i can find that could be the cause unless it could be something eles i have not thought of. If trazodone cant make a false positive for benzos what can be side anti anzity meds i dont have any of those is there anything over the counter that could thankx


AskDocWeb: Sorry Misty, we agree with your doctor. Trazodone has NOT been documented to cause a false positive for benzos. If you believe that your test result was a false positive then getting a GC/MS confirmation test will show what is causing the positive result.

Subj: About False Positives
Date: 3/25/2011
My son had a bone marrow transplant and takes lots of meds including some strong pain meds. He recently had a urine test by his pain dr. The results came back positive for hydrocodone but a tiny amount(54 ng/ml). The test used was LC MS/MS (if I’m reading that correctly). He has NEVER taken hydrocodone. He takes Oxycontin, Oxycodone, Spiriva, Bactrim, Prograf, V-Fend, Singulair, Prednisone, CellCept, Acvclovir, Azithromycin, Symbicort, Albuterol Inhaler, amitriptyline, and Levaquin. Could any of these cause a false positive for hydrocodone with this test and if so which one?


AskDocWeb: The LC/MS/MS stands for Liquid Chromatography with tandem Mass Spectrometry. This is an analytical technique where the sample is vaporized and ions in the spray are analyzed by the mass spectrometer. Typically, LC/MS methods are sensitive enough to detect and identify concentrations of 10 parts per billion. According to Acculabs Special Analytical Services (SAS), specificity of the LC/MS/MS method results in data with no false positive results.

Subj: Positive for methadone
Date: 3/25/2011
I am attending treatment for marijuana abuse at a treatment center that is also a dosing site for people on methadone. I’ve been clean for almost a year and came up as positive for methadone, I’ve never done anything BUT marijuana. They told me nothing else could make me come up positive for methadone but methadone, the only medication I’ve been on is Nuvaring for birth control, can that cause a false positive for methadone? Please help! I might go to jail for this, thank you for taking the time to read this.


AskDocWeb: Nuvaring has NOT been reported to cause a false positive for anything on urine drug tests. Are you using any antihistamines or over-the-counter cold medication? Some of those have shown up as false positives for methadone however, getting a GC/MS confirmation test can eliminate those possibilities.

Subj: Positives for marijuana
Date: 3/27/2011
My son was put on juvenile probation we told the P.O. that he was taking 375 mg. naproxen 3 times a day by dr orders(he doesn’t do well with pills so didn’t take them unless desperate for relief) and kept having problems with random positives for marijuana in his weekly UA’s which he went to jail for 3 times and the one time they sent it to a lab they said tested positive too. He didn’t have a job we live in the country and he dosesn’t have a car so he couldn’t go anywhere without us and had cut himself off from last friend who got him put on probation. What is the answer to these equations since my son has never been in trouble before?


AskDocWeb: Here is a major point to consider: If they sent his test to a lab for confirmation and that test was also positive, then he really does have a problem. Although that may be difficult to accept, once you do you can help him deal with it.

Subj: Ephedra positive for methamphetamine
Date: 3/28/2011
I have tested positive for metamphetamine on an oral drug screen but negative on urine screen, i’m showing a false positive because i take sida cordofolia (ephedra), how do i prove it’s false??


AskDocWeb: If you get a GC/MS confirmation test and you do have a false positive, that test will fail to confirm the presence of methamphetamine.

Subj: Atripla, Alegra, and Veramyst
Date: 3/28/2011
I am on Atripla, Alegra (fexophenadine) and Veramyst. I failed a 10 panel drug screen. After further research I found the following not listed on the packaging inserts. Atripla will cause false positives for Canniboids and opioids; Alegra will cause false positives for pseudoephedra; and the Veramyst can cause false positives for steroids.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Chester! If you could provide a source reference for your research we would be happy to add them to the list.

Subj: Benzos
Date: 3/29/2011
I need help! I have weekly drug screens because I am on a methadone program. I have been clean for nearly 3 yrs. About a yr ago my urine showed a small amt of Benzos.. My doctor concluded it was possibly from gravol. I havent taken any since. Well this week I was told that I had high levels in my last urine. This is so frustrating as I dont take benzos and I need help to determine what is causing this. I take Amitriptiline 10mg sometimes for sleep, I take Max Alt wafer 10mg for migraines as needed, I take Ponstan aka (meflamnic acid) spelling? for period pain. I also take ibuprophen as needed and was on Marcobid 100mg 2x a day for 7 days for a UTI I also take Feverfew on occasion for headaches as well as rolaids. I do not believe any of these are benzos But SOMETHING is causing this to show up in my urine and I am beyond frustrated & upset.. Help plz


Subj: Benzos continued
Date: 3/30/2011
Hi there I submitted a question earlier today about receiving a false positive for Benzos I am in Canada (not sure if this matters) But when I asked my nurse if she could run a more in depth test she said it would only show positive for benzos or opiates etc but any other test, blood or otherwise will not break it down enough to show exactly what the drug is. I am more than frustrated. I actually took pharmacy tech in school I KNOW I AM NOT INGESTING BENZOS so something I am taking is making me test positive. Are there any foods? I take Amitripiline (sp?)occasionally 10mg, I take 400 or 600mg ibuprophen, Max alt wafer 10mg as needed. I take ponstan for periods (once a month) I had a UTI and took Macrobid I am at a complete loss on how to find out what is showing up & if a blood test cant help, what do I do?? IM FREAKING OUT


AskDocWeb: Amitriptyline has shown up as a false positive for LSD but not benzos. Likewise ibuprofen has shown up as THC but not benzos. However, let’s back up a moment. Is your goal to identify the cause of a false positive or to eliminate/invalidate the false positive results? The GC/MS confirmation test may not help with the first one but it can certainly eliminate false positives.

Please note that there are also health concerns with using Feverfew.

Subj: Positive for alcohol
Date: 3/29/2011
my po said I came up positive for alcohol in my ua I don’t drink although I was taking cold medicine for a sore throat and cold


Subj: Positive for methadone and oxycodone
Date: 3/29/2011
My husband is on probation for a dui. He is on methadone and has been for 3 years due to a vehicle accident which broke his neck and back not drug abuse. He took a drug screen for probation and it came back positive for methadone and oxycodone. His methadone was 4127 and his oxycodone level was 116 just 16 over the 100 limit. At the time he took some cold medicine, dramamine and headache test it said oxycodone. Could the confirmation test be wrong also or do they have a different test? I dont know which ones they used but they are trying to put him back in jail for 8 mos and we cannot afford for him to loose his job we have 6 kids and would surely loose our home. He has not used oxycodone so i am unsure how this could happen. We called the lab to see if we could have it sent somewhere else and they said that probation is the only one that can request that it be sent to a independant lab. We are despirate to get some help. Thanks for making this site available, it has been sad reading about the mess that these drug screens have caused so many innocent people.


AskDocWeb: Since he is on probation you may need the help of an attorney in order to get them to send his sample out for independent confirmation.

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