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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that we do not give medical or legal advice.

Subj: To Whom This May Concern
Date: 4/22/2007
I am writing you in regards to my brother is in the military and he took a U.A. that came back positive but I know he has never taken an illegal drug his whole life. For almost a year (since August 2006), he has been going through surgery and they have him on a list of meds for almost a year now. The test came back positive for THC but he doesn’t smoke so I know that isn’t true. As some might know the Military does the gc-ms test and there suppose to be fool proof but this time they made an error but how do you go up against a test so trusted like the gc-ms. I know this test is wrong I’d bet my life on it (his already is).

I keep looking online for some sort of answer and the only one I can come up with is the Ibuprofen, which he has been taken everyday now for almost a year when normally you wouldn’t take past a few weeks everyday. He has been taken at least (4) 800 mgs tablets everyday for over 9 months now not to mention the napason (misspelled) The perccete (misspelled), vicidan, nerrotine (misspelled), flonase and many more that I can’t think of at this time. I know my brother and he has never used an illegal drug our whole life and it hurts to see his creditability and his career at stake for an error. I’d appreciate any insight good or bad, got nothing to lose at this point sincerely,

Brandy (Concern Sis)

AskDocWeb: Please see the response to Dee (3/14/2007) for an outline of how we would deal with this situation.

Subj: Cipro
Date: 4/23/2007
My niece tested positive for benzodiazipines in her court ordered drug test, we don’t think/believe she has broken her probation and wonder if any of her antibiotics (macrobid, Cipro) may have skewed her urine drug screen, she was just last week diagnosed with yet another kidney infection and she has had long term kidney problems (i.e.; stones and infections) and I’m sure her renal function can’t be all that great either. She has been on Cipro as a prophylaxis trying to prevent the recurrence of more stones. Can you give me some insight? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Dr. Lindsey R. Baden and a research team at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MS, investigated 13 different types of antibiotics to find out what affect they have on drug tests for opiates. The researchers used five different commercial tests. Most of the antibiotics caused a positive result on at least two or three of the five tests. Cipro resulted in a positive test in one out of the five tests.

Subj: Cough medicine
Date: 4/24/2007
My son took cough medicine in a form of candy for about two weeks. I took him to the doctor and tested him and came positive for Amphetamine. His doctor told me that could be a false positive due to the cough medicine that he took is this possible????? Thanks


AskDocWeb: Without knowing what the product is, we cannot help you, sorry.

Subj: Henna tattoo
Date: 4/24/2007
My niece is going to be interviewed for a job where I work. She will also have a urine test for drugs. She does not use drugs, but just told me she got a henna tattoo. I was wondering if that could possibly cause a false positive. I know that when the results are positive our company sends for further testing.


AskDocWeb: There have been no reports about Henna tattoos causing a false positive.

Subj: Tested positive at school for pot
Date: 4/26/2007
My daughter tested positive at school for pot. I work at a hospital and had them test her urine with 2 different test and it came back negative. The week before the drug test she had a cervical biopsy and the week before that she had a severe bladder infection, which we went to the ER for. My point is that she had been taking alot of Aleve and Ibuprofen for the pain she was in. I need proof to give the school that she did not smoke pot, because I do not want this on her record and ruin her chances for an athletic scholarship. We are both very upset over this. On top of it she goes next week to have her cervix lasered her biopsy came back positive for cancer. She is 17 years old. Can you help???? Plus I only have one day to get the information together. Today is 4/26/07 10:10am. Please help, I’m begging!


AskDocWeb: Please see the response to Dee (3/14/2007) for suggestions on how to deal with this situation.

Subj: Error free test?
Date: 4/27/2007
I was just told by the MRO for my company drug testing that the test they use (still on urine) is 100% error free for pot. Is this possible?


AskDocWeb: It depends on what test they are using.

Subj: Tested positive for opiates
Date: 4/28/2007
I tested positive for opiates. I was in the ER for 9 hours because I had urinary tract infection. Before they found out what was wrong they did a CT scan to make sure it wasn’t gallstones, kidney stones or my appendix. I was in pain and told them no narcotics but they gave me tylenol “rectal” because my fever was 102. After IV leviquin, and my fever was back down I was released and had to take a drug urine test the next day. Would any of these Meds make me test positive for opiates? And I’m not sure exactly what kind of tylenol they gave me either. My Rx’s were Leviquin and Tramadol after my release from the ER. Thanks


AskDocWeb: The only thing we can think of to explain this is that the Tylenol may have had codeine in it. Codeine is made from opium.

Subj: Dilantin
Date: 4/30/2007
Dilantin causes false positive for barbiturates.


Subj: Not false positives
Date: 4/30/2007
The page on false positives for drug tests is a bit inaccurate regarding some of the substances. For instance, Adderall does not produce “false” positives for amphetamines because it is an amphetamine. While these substances have legitimate medical uses, they are illegal to use without a prescription (or in excess of the amount specified on the prescription). An individual whose drug test reveals a concentration of amphetamines greater than expected based on his or her prescription can rightfully be found to be legally under the influence or to have violated the policies of an employer, education provider, or treatment provider. It is misleading to refer to this detection as a “false” positive, as this implies that the abusing of the amphetamine was legitimate.


AskDocWeb: We appreciate your help in correcting any inaccuracies about false positives, thank you. That said, you are talking about people who abuse drugs. What about those who have never abused them? If you are implying that everyone who fails a drug test is a drug abuser, that is not true. Urine tests are not 100% accurate, mistakes are made and our page about false positives is intended to help those who are innocent of any abuse.

Subj: Aleve and Tylenol
Date: 4/30/2007
I currently just took a pre-employment drug test this morning for a firefighter job. I tested positive for cocaine. I have been a firefighter for 3 years and would never think about using drugs. I have been reading on here about false positives. On Saturday I went golfing and had splitting headache. So I took about 6 Aleve through out the day along with some Tylenol sinus for my allergies. Do you think this could of had any affect. Thank You,


AskDocWeb: Aleve has been reported to cause a false positive for THC but not cocaine.

Subj: Ranitidine
Date: 4/30/2007
I recently tested positive for amphetamines and could not figure out how. My wife was looking over this list and saw ranitidine tablets for my acid reducers. How possible is it that this is the culprit and how do I tell my boss?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Will, we don’t have any data on how it is possible, just that according to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, Ranitidine may cause a false positive for Amphetamines.

Subj: Lexapro
Date: 5/1/2007
My brother has tested positive marijuana. He is presently taking lexapro. He was on some stomach meds a few weeks ago also, does lexapro show false positives? Has there been a connection between lexapro and alcohol related offenses.


AskDocWeb: Lexapro isn’t on the list and there’s no connection between being on Lexapro and alcohol related offenses.

Subj: Jagermeister
Date: 5/1/2007
I am under the impression that drinking jagermeister will give a false positive for opiates. When I had a fall a couple of years back, they tested me and said that I had come up positive for drugs, when all I had had was jager. I am getting ready to apply for a job that has a UA screening, and don’t want to come across another false positive. Any information?


AskDocWeb: We have no information on Jagermeister but if you think it may cause a problem then you might want to ask yourself if it is worth risking your job for it.

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