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Subj: I failed for cocaine
Date: 5/13/2011
I failed for cocaine from what I believe to be sexual intercourse or kissing, I had not used drugs in over 7 months. They tried to tell me this isnt possible but there is no other explanation. The only medications I am on is trazadone and zoloft, besides that I take oxyElite Pro for weight loss. Is my theory correct or could my medications somehow cause the false positive urine?


AskDocWeb: The medications you are taking have not been reported to show up as a false positive for cocaine, nor has oxyElite Pro. Once those have been eliminated as a possible source what does that leave?

Subj: Tested positive for THC on workman’s comp
Date: 5/12/2011
i just tested positive for THC on a workman’s comp situation and I haven’t used in almost 2 years and this is my question: I recently hurt my back and have been taking excedrine max strength back and body and aleve and the morning I got hurt I took 4 ibuprofrin 800mg for inflamation 7 hours before I had to take my test and we got the lab results today and it was positive for thc. my question for you is could the lab determine for sure that is not those medications I took or if it is truly THC that was in my system? I offered to take another test today and I am waiting to hear back if they will allow me to do this. I am just really concerned about this cause I need medical help for my injury and I just need them to know that I haven’t been using. Any kind of help you or anyone can give me with my question is greatly appreciated. Thank You


AskDocWeb: If by “lab” you mean a confirmation test at an independent laboratory then yes. The confirmation test is designed to eliminate false positives caused by those and other drugs. However, repeating the urine test with the same test is likely to produce the same results.

Subj: Adderall?
Date: 5/14/2011
I recently was given a drug test at my pm docs office. I take adderall 20mg 3 x’s a day along with oxycontin and codone for breakthrough pain as well as use a ventolin inhaler as perscribed and tested positive for amphetimines and methamphetamines and after reading the gc/ms confirmation they never listed my meds. They wont treat me now and I never used methamphetimines is it possible the adderall is the reason for the positive methamphetimine as well as the amphetiamine?


AskDocWeb: Adderall is an amphetamine but the GC/MS confirmation test can distinguish it from methamphetamine.

Subj: Hydroxyzine?
Date: 5/14/2011
would hydroxizine 100-200 mg. day cause a false benzo test?


AskDocWeb: Hydroxyzine can give false positive readings for tricyclic antidepressants if they test for that but not benzos. It is not a benzodiazepine and does not cause false positive results for benzodiazepines on urine drug screen. Hydroxyzine is a first-generation antihistamine of the diphenylmethane and piperazine classes. If you wanted to you could also spin it as a sleeping pill, an anti-itch med, an anti-anxiety, a sunburn reliever, or even an anti-emetic to stop puking. It is not a drug-of-abuse.

Subj: Neurtoion
Date: 5/16/2011
will neurtoion show up on a probation drug screen and if so a what?


AskDocWeb: Please check the spelling of neurtoion.

Subj: Positive for amphetamines?
Date: 5/18/2011
Would Remicade infusions, prednisone, levofloxacin, metronidazole or pantoprazole give you false positive for amphetamine? I have ulcerative colitis and are on those meds….came up positive for amphetamines…please help


AskDocWeb: Levofloxacin (antibiotic) has shown up as a false positives for opiates and pantoprazole as a false positive for THC but neither of those have shown up on urine tests as an amphetamine. However, some additional research did find that metronidazole might cause a problem on urine drug screens that use the EMIT assay. According to Gateway Recovery Services and the Pathology Department of Borgess Hospital, Kalamazoo, MI (Reference 51), Metronidazole (ingested) can cause interference on EMIT assays that invalidates results. Getting a GC/MS confirmation test would eliminate those invalid results.

Note that metronidazole is sold under the brand names Anabact, Elyzol, Flagyl, Metrogel, Metrolyl,
Metrotop, Neuratop, Noritate, Rozex, Zidoval, and Zymoet.

Subj: I don’t understand what happened
Date: 5/18/2011
I have been on a methadone maintenance program for 2 years now and it has changed my life for the better. I have not used any opiates within that time frame. I had a urinalysis test on Friday May 13th. On Monday, May 16th my test results came back positive for opiates. The truth is I have not taken any pain medication in over 2 years. Of course my counselor does not agree or disagree with me. I now have to pay the clinic $37.50 to re-test the same urine that came back positive for opiates. The reason way I’m fighting this result is because I will lose my privilages and my honor with this program. I receive take home medication, that is instead of going to the clinic every day I only have to go on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I would like to know what can make my tests negative for over 2 years and all of a sudden I have a positive test? I don’t understand what happened. What can I do to fight this problem with the clinic when I know in my heart and soul that I haven’t taken any pain pills in 2 years? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: One possibility is that the clinic changed the tests used to a less expensive test which may not be as accurate. Of course any test that involves a human being in the process is subject to error. To date, the only way (that we know of) to eliminate those errors is with additional testing. For security reasons that usually done by an outside lab, one that is independent from the lab that produced the original results. The two best methods for performing the confirmation test are the Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) and the Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS).

Subj: Coricidin D HBP
Date: 5/18/2011
can Coricidin D HBP cause a false positive drug screen?


AskDocWeb: Coricidin HBP Cough & Cold contains 30 milligrams of Dextromethorphan (DXM) per tablet. Recommended doses of Coricidin are not a problem on urine drug tests however, overdoses have been reported to show up as heroin, opiates, and/or morphine. (Ref: 1, 3, 16, 21, 26, 29, 32) There are also rumors that the presence of high levels of DXM may cause false positives for PCP although we have yet to see verification of that.

Subj: I tested positive for Darvocet
Date: 5/18/2011
My question is, I tested positive for Darvocet on my urine test; I have not taken this drug and it was pulled from the market Nov, 19th, 2010. I have been on antibiotics, and cough syrup can this cause a false positive on my test? If not can you tell me what over the counter medications can cause this? Thank You,


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find anything that would test positive specifically for Darvocet but if you believe the test result was a false positive then get a confirmation test. False positive samples from the screening test will be negative on the confirmation test.

Subj: South Dakota’s protocol for handling and shipping samples
Date: 5/18/2011
how do i get a written copy of the state of South Dakota’s protocol for handling and shipping of ua samples. And how can i be protected from mishandling of samples.


AskDocWeb: An established protocol for handling samples provides some protection from mishandled samples. You might check with your state Attorney General’s office. They should be able to point you in the right direction.

Subj: Lost my summer job
Date: 5/18/2011
Hello I took a drug test on Sat. for summer job and my test came back a week later positive. I never smoke or drink in my life. Notes to help–(my mother boyfriend smoke weed and I was hanging out with neighbor that do as well) because of the test I lost my summer job I need this job—I’m 18 going on 19 please help me my mother is going to call the Dr and my boss about the whole ordeal.


AskDocWeb: You could try to get retested or go for a confirmation test but many times that is up to the employer. There isn’t much you can do other than write it off to experience and look for a new job.

Subj: MSM
Date: 5/19/2011
I recently got arrested for having a bottle of MSM methylsulfonylmethane. with they charged me with possession for sales. cause of the amount witch was 16 grams. I had posted bail for I was charged with so I’m going to court for it. They had sent the MSM to a lab for testing and for some unknowing reason it came back positive for meth. How is that possible?


AskDocWeb: MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found within our bodies. By itself it does not show up on a drug test for drugs of abuse. One possible scenario is that someone mixed meth into your MSM.

Subj: Positive for benzodiazepans
Date: 5/19/2011
I take methadone, zofran, promethazine, and composine at different times for migraines. Do you have any idea why I would test positive for benzodiazepans? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Lee, we have no information on false positives involving benzodiazepans.

Subj: Positive for meth
Date: 5/19/2011
I recently had a ua done and it came back + for meth and neg for amphetamine it stayed pos for meth during my hospital stay of 4 days even on the last day and none of them believed I was not sneaking in meth! I know I don’t nor would I do meth! They had me on kolonapin, citalapram, trazadone, remeron and lamictal. I have been researching and found numerous claims that trazadone can cause a false positive for meth. Can u please verify this as this is the site they turned around the comp screen to show me as they called me a liar! They even called the lab and the guy said there was no way my meds could be causing it to read that way! Unless they put it in my urine or one of those meds causes a false pos for meth there is no way. Ephedra is illegal in my state so that can not be the cause either. Please give me an answer and update this list!

Sincerilly slandered at the hospital

AskDocWeb: The best reference we have for trazadone comes from the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. Their website has a PDF file that says trazedone may show up as an amphetamine but NOT meth.

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