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Subj: Positive for benzo?
Date: 7/5/2011
I got my children taken away because I failed a drug test, I tested positive for benzo. I work in the medical field and I DO NOT take any medication of such kind. All I was taking was bc powder, stacker 3, and meclizine for nausea. I took another drug test within 24 hours and I tested negative… can meclizine or stacker 3 test you positive for benzo?


AskDocWeb: Meclizine is an antihistamine and does not show up on a typical drug screen. Several people have reported getting a false positive result after using Stacker 3 with ephedra. Does your Stacker contain ephedra? If it does, it may show up as a false positive for amphetamines, heroin, or opiates.

Date: 7/5/2011
I take percocet 10/325, 120 per month for pain. As a requirement for the prescription each month, I am given a drug test at my doctor visit, not every month but occasionally. This past month I was given a urine test, listed on my bill as: Drug Screen Sngl. Drug class. A week later I was notified that I had tested positive for Darvon or a derivative of it. I haven’t taken Darvon since the 90’s, and they weren’t any help to me then! I’m 60 years old and have been taking percocet for 15yrs. I take many other medicines as well, among them: Elavil, Benicar, Diltiazem, Prozac, Neurontin, Amaryl, Klor-Con, Ritalyn, Testosterone, Viagra and a few OTC meds as well. I’m terrorized that because of this test result, my doctor will refuse to write me my much needed percocet. Any ideas what could have caused this false positive? Please help!


AskDocWeb: There are a couple of possible problem meds on your list. Elavil may test false positive for opiates for up to three days or as LSD (Ref: 3, 26, 29), and Prozac may test false positives for amphetamines (Ref: 31). Usually it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about your concern with the possibility of getting a false positive and arrange for a GC/MS confirmation test should one ever show up. Unfortunately not all doctors are open to that.

Date: 7/6/2011
I’m pregnant and I take Methyldopa for hypertension. I too, have been testing positive for Amphetimines. I too, are involved in getting my daughter back from the Department of Family Services. I’m desperate to get some clarity on this, because I have almost a year of clean time and they are taking it away because of these positive tests. I have been taking it for 6 months and I just started to test positive this past month. Can methyldopa get built-up in your system? Completely desperate for answers.


AskDocWeb: There are antidotal reports of methyldopa sometimes showing up as a false-positive for amphetamines. However, so far there is no documentation to support that. Are you able to get a confirmation test?

Subj: Showed positive for marajuana
Date: 7/10/2011
I’m a 62 year old that was taking vicodin, effexor, atenelol, xanax, aspirin, cozaar. Because I take vicodin I had to sign a pain contract at my clinic. Also, my daughter has a letter of permission to grow a few plants and use marajuana for her severe nausea for MS. Can me being in the same house cause me to show positive for TCH??? I had my pain medication taken away because my urine shows positive for TCH…She is not near me nor does she smoke this in my presence…the test just shows negative or positive not how much etc….this is not fair and I do not use marijuana at all. Never!!! Please what can I do?


AskDocWeb: None of your meds are on the list but that doesn’t mean that you really have THC in your system. We have heard too many times that pain clinics are not understanding when it comes to false positives. Some pain clinics do not confirm the results of urine drug testing but rather they just dismiss the patient for violating their contract. If they do allow you to get a GC/MS confirmation test then it may be worth pursuing, that is, if it was a false positive.

Being dismissed from a clinic may feel a lot like being fired from a job, which can be emotionally traumatic. What else you can do seems to depend on your local state law. We’ve heard that in some states you are allowed to re-apply after 30 days, some will not allow you back for at least 1 year, and in other states you may not be allowed back at all. That is something you may want to check out.

Just a side note about finding a replacement for your clinic. You need to understand that many doctors are skittish about taking patients who have had any problems with a prior physician. This is because of the new FDA guidelines and the past practice of the DEA raiding a small number of doctor’s offices. They ended up taking only a few doctors to court but it was enough to scare many doctors about prescribing pain meds.

You may find it beneficial to request that your former clinic give copies of your records to you personally. That would allow you to go through the records and see what the doctors have actually written, which would allow you to be prepared to discuss things with the next doctor. If possible, it is better to bring the records with you so that you discuss the incident with the doctor in person. We wish you the best of luck.

Subj: Update from RLS
Date: 7/11/2011
I posted on 6/24/11 pg 136 regarding testing positive for hydromorphone, which I am allergic too), I appreciate your feedback and I am trying to resolve this with my doctor. Do I need to be concerned about my liver since you mentioned a possible liver dysfunction (I tested positive for Hydromorphone) but you said people show higher concentrations since hydrocodone can metabolize in the liver.

Another question that I have is, for a year I was hooked on nasal sprays (I used whatever ones I could, usually the ones that were suppose to last 12 hours), I finally weened myself off of them using sinus medications and breathe right strips, but this was about 2 months prior to the urine test, would this cause a problem with the urine test too? I truly appreciate all of your feedback – I know I have done nothing wrong, how do I go about trying to prove that to my doctor, he will not even talk to me on the phone? I thought we had a good patient/doctor relationship… Sincerely, RLS (I have a very uncommon name that is why I am using my initials). If you need my name I will be glad to personally email it to you.


AskDocWeb: Welcome back. RLS will do just fine for a name. Individuals with liver dysfunction may show higher concentrations of hydrocodone and its metabolites (hydromorphone). The reason we mentioned this aspect of a liver dysfunction is that it may be a possible cause for your test results. Getting checked for liver problems may be done with a simple blood test.

Any sinus medication would be long gone from your system after two months. If that doctor refuses to talk to you then trying to prove anything to them may be a waste of time. Attempting to do that could put you in the position of a lay person trying to teach the expert something they don’t know. Most “experts” are not open to that. We are not saying that your doctor is unaware of the connection between liver damage and hydromorphone, but rather that doctor may now perceive you as a drug abuser and anything you say may have too little credibility to do any good. Hopefully you will have better luck with your next doctor.

Subj: Positive for benzodiazepine
Date: 7/12/2011
I had to take a drug test for the state of Florida, because I in a program(DUI). I have been alcohol free for almost 3 years. I’m in AA and the 12 step program. Any way I came back positive for benzodiazepine. I do not take any drugs at all. Well maybe an aspirin now and then. I take only vitamins and natural herbs from the health food store. I take valerin and a product called “powe to sleep PM by the Irwin Naturals, it also contains valerin. My question is can this cause a false positive? Sincerely need help with this one.


AskDocWeb: According to the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy, valerian has shown up on urine drug tests as false positive for Benzodiazepine (Reference 36). You would need a GC/MS confirmation test to eliminate this kind of false positive.

Subj: Xenadrine ultra
Date: 7/12/2011
Xenadrine ultra, will this cause a positive result on a drug screen?


AskDocWeb: Welcome to the forum Trish. The ingredients listed for Xenadrine Ultra are:

  • Thiamin: 0.7mg
  • Riboflavin: 0.8mg
  • Vitamin B6: 0.5mg
  • Folacin: 100mcg
  • Vitamin B12: 0.5mcg
  • Calcium: 20mg
  • Vitamin B5: 3mg

Since none of those ingredients have shown up on urine drug screens we would not expect to see anything caused by Xenadrine Ultra.

Subj: Just because we need a job
Date: 7/13/2011
This isn’t cool, one of my regular medications would provide a false positive for LSD, and another for meth 🙁 I mean right now I’m tripping sack, but I don’t do meth. Just because we need a job doesn’t mean our employers can drug test us.


AskDocWeb: At least now that you know that it is possible, if you do get a false positive you can be prepared to get a confirmation test.

Subj: Positive for amphetamines and or morphine
Date: 7/14/2011
Hello, I recently took a drug test which showed I was positive for amphetamines and or morphine but I have been clean now for over 70 days and my drug of choice was not an amphetamine or morphine. I have tested negative every week up until last week and can’t figure it out. The only medication I take regulary is Loratadine (generic claritin), Zantac 300mg twice a day, Flonase twice a day and on occassion I take aleve and/or ibuprofen. Can any of these cause a false positive? I am waiting on the official word from the lab and while I’m not really worried because I haven’t taken anything I shouldn’t be taking I am really curious as to how I tested positive. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: If you check the list you will find that Loratadine and Zantac are listed there. Using both in the same day is likely to increase the chance of getting a false positive.

Subj: Positive for benzos
Date: 7/14/2011
I currently go to the methadone clinic. I have fail no drug test. But today the test came back as a faulse possiative for benzo’s, but the only thing I have took is generic excedrine migrian and flowmax for my kidneys. Could that have caused a false possitive?


AskDocWeb: There are reports of some of those medications causing a false positive other things but not for benzodiazepines.

Subj: Tested positive for marijuana
Date: 7/14/2011
I have recently falsely tested positive for marijuana on a split sample drug screening for employment at a hospital. I had been taking tylenol, aleve and advil more than usual due to a heavy menstrual cycle only a day before the test and due to a new diet and excercize lifestyle i have begun i have been taking hoodia diet supplements and womens multivitamins…will i be able to request a new test and specimen only a week posting the last? I was so upset about the phone call i went out to buy and took a home test for marijuana and it was negative! What should I do?


AskDocWeb: Whether or not you can request a new test varies from one hospital to the next. We are not aware of any national laws or regulations stipulating what procedure hospitals follow for drug testing. You can request a new test or a GC/MS confirmation test but it is up to them if they allow it or not. The worse they could say is no.

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