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Subj: Tested positive for barbiturate, antidepressant, and methamphetamine
Date: 8/29/2011
Hi there. I have a question that runs through my mind often, almost every day. Before I knew I was pregnant with my son, I had been using cocaine off and on. At 6 weeks I had missed a period and we realized we were pregnant and stopped all of that. I had no contact with any drugs, prescription and non, for the rest of the pregnancy. During labor, I was given Fenanyl before the epidural was applied. After he was born, he tested positive for a barbiturate, an antidepressant, and methamphetamine. The doctors said I would have had to have used these drugs within 2 days before I gave birth.

We plan on hiring a lawyer to find answers, but right now we can’t afford that. So in the meantime, can you help me? Would the epidural or the fentanyl have entered into his sytem creating a false positive? Thank you for your time, I still wonder about it and feel badly about my lifestyle before we knew we were going to have a baby. Someday we will have to tell him about what happened with this and any answers will help. Have a good day.


AskDocWeb: Of the drugs you list, only morphine, fentanyl, and ketamine are on the list but none of them would explain his test result. Was his drug test confirmed with a GC/MS confirmation test? You will probably have to check with the anesthesiologist to find out exactly what drugs were in your epidural as those can vary. Although it is unlikely, were you given any other drugs while in the hospital? You will need a complete list of everything you were taking in order to cover all the possibilities.

Patients that receive an epidural for pain relief typically get a combination of local anesthetics and opioids. Common local anesthetics may include bupivicaine, lidocaine, choloroprocaine, and ropivacaine. The opioids used may include morphine, fentanyl, sufentanil, and meperidine. Other drugs such as clonidine or ketamine may also be used.

Subj: Marijuana detection time
Date: 8/31/2011
My brother was at a party about two months ago where there was people smoking Marjuana. He did not smoke any because he is going to be a donor for me for a kidney so he knew how important it was for him not to smoke any, however get did get some in is system, two weeks later when he did the cross match it showed up in his system, he took the test three weeks later and it is still there and I know he is not smoking any. It has now be 8 weeks total and he took a third test and it is still showing up, how is that possible? He did lose about 20 pounds are more and he is excercising alot, he is also on Simvastatin, would that play a part in him failing these tests.


AskDocWeb: There is some speculation that vigorous exercise may release the active ingredient of marijuana or its metabolite from fat cells but we’ve not seen any proof of that. Simvastatin has not been known to cause a false positive on urine drug tests.
The length of time that marijuana typically stays in the system varies with the amount of exposure, which you can see in the following table.

Amount of UsageDetection Time on Urine Drug Test
1 time use5 to 8 days
2 to 3 times per month11 to 18 days
2 to 4 times per week23 to 35 days
5 to 6 times per week33 to 48 days
Daily usage49 to 90 days

The above numbers may also increase or decrease according to the individual’s ability to metabolize that drug.

Subj: Tested positive for THC
Date: 8/31/2011
I received an injection of depo medrol and an injection of rocephin yesterday. I failed a drug screen this morning. I tested positive for THC and opiates. I don’t use drugs. Did the injections cause this?


AskDocWeb: Neither Medrol (Methylprednisolone Oral) nor Rocephin (Ceftriaxone Injection) has shown up as a false positive on urine drug tests. These drugs are known to cause other kinds of false positive results (galactosaemia, urinary glucose, and elevated LDH) but not for THC.

Subj: No one believes me
Date: 8/31/2011
Hello! I recently got accused of being a cocaine user, and I’ve never done it in my ENTIRE LIFE! No one believes me, is there any way of proving I’ve never touched it? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Hi Courtney and welcome. There is no way to prove that you have NEVER touched it. However, if the people you want to convince are important to you then take a drug test.

Subj: Urine cleaning kit
Date: 9/1/2011
HI name is chris i was wondering if i took a same day urine cleaning kit will it interact with the 10mg of lexipro i take a day.


AskDocWeb: We couldn’t answer that without knowing the ingredients in your urine cleaning kit. Have you tried contacting customer service for the company that sells it? By the way, we have a very low opinion of those types of products and do not recommend them.

Subj: Ranitidine
Date: 9/1/2011
ranitidine is generic Zantac, so in theory, is it not possible to get positive meth results from taking ranitidine?


AskDocWeb: Yes, and good catch Andrea. We have amended the list. Thanks!

Subj: Red Bull
Date: 9/1/2011
I drank a big can of Red Bull and I got a urine test tomorrow for a new job. I wanted to know if this will affect my urine test and make it a false positive test? I will ask for a GC/MS test just in case.


AskDocWeb: Was the Red Bull an energy drink or the Cola? The Cola contains small amounts of coca leaf extract that may or may not pose a problem with drug tests. Coca leaf is used as a legal flavoring when the active cocaine element has been removed. However, officials in Germany examined Red Bull Cola and found traces of cocaine. According to their analysis, the 0.13 micrograms of cocaine per can of the drink does not pose a serious health threat. The question now becomes, how many Red Bull Cola drinks does it take for cocaine to show up on a urine drug test?

On the other hand the Red Bull Energy Drink contains only Taurine, Glucuronolactone, caffeine, B-group vitamins, sucrose and glucose, none of which has caused any problems with urine drug tests.

Subj: Urine screens positive for marijuana
Date: 9/2/2011
My sixteen yo son is completing monthly urine screens at our request due to PRIOR marijuana use. He swears he has not used for (more than) 3 months, but his urine screens keep being positive. Can Nexium, Effexor XR or Vitamin D cause any false positive urine readings? Or do any of the GNC type of “muscle building” protein shakes have this potential. (this is not a creatine based shake) Thank you for any insight you can offer. He either has us completely buffaloed or we are really up a creek…the positive tests make him extremely upset. Again, Thank you.


AskDocWeb: You can’t sort this out on just his word alone because the protests of the guilty are just as loud as those of the innocent. The only thing on your list that has been reported to sometimes show up as marijuana is the Nexium but that does not necessarily mean that his test result is a false positive. The only way to be certain is to get a confirmation test. Although it is expensive it will remove all doubt.

Subj: Citiprolozam or azithromycin?
Date: 9/2/2011
Can citiprolozam or azithromycin produce a positive drug test?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Lucy, neither one has shown up as a false positive on urine drug tests.

Subj: Is THC stored in fat cells?
Date: 9/3/2011
I!m currently a recovering addict. Prior to my quitting using I was administered regular 12 panel urine dip tests. I repeatedly tested positive for PCP. When sent off to the lab they always came back clean. Later, while in long term rehab I learned the positives were because of the Ultram (tramadol) I had been abusing. Strangely, one test that was sent to the lab for the positive PCP reading came back negative for that but positive for marijuana (which was negative on the original dip test). While I am an admitted addict, I have not smoked marijuana for well over 15 years. Because of my history I am aware of the fact that levels can be tested. My level on the lab test was 17, which I know is very low. Like I said, I do not smoke pot and haven’t in many years. I do not live with anyone who smokes or hang around anyone who does. I have racked my brain and can come up with absolutely no explaination. I have heard the “stored in fat cells” theory and always thought it was bull but I’m stumped on this one. Is that something that is really possible, especially after such a long period of time?


AskDocWeb: The fat-solubility of THC is a fact. How long it might be stored and later released from fat cells is not known. In 2009 there was a study of rats that involved injecting them with large quantities of THC (equivalent to 5-10 joints per day in humans) each day for ten days straight, then subjecting them to simulated severe stress or food deprivation. When the rats were tested the results showed double the blood levels of THC two days after the last THC exposure compared to rats that were neither stressed nor deprived of food. That study shows that it is theoretically possible for a marijuana user to fail a drug test long after the usual detection time due to exercise, severe stress, or dieting shortly before a drug test.

Subj: Positive for marijuana
Date: 9/7/2011
I go to the pain clinc for a double neck fusion I had in 2004. I’m on vicodin 5-500 twice a day, plus he put me on Zonisamide 200 mg, and diazapam 5 mg, paxil 40mg. I came up postive on my drug screen for marijuania and I DONT SMOKE NEVER HAVE!!!! my level was 26 which he said is low(no idea) he was ok w/it. I’m not! I want to know why? I told him my husband smokes around me and he said at first stay away. The 2nd time I saw the dr, I told him it was still bothering me and he said the only way it would show up is if you ate it or smoked it.(NOT TRUE) I WOULD ADMIT IT AT THIS POINT) I dont smoke!!!!! I was taking lots of advils and also had an abcess removed and was on Penicillin, Can you help me? The Dr didnt know what was used for the test, so I look and found its a LC-MS/MS,GC/MC.


AskDocWeb: It sounds strange that your doctor would not know what was used for your test. If your husband smokes marijuana around you then you are inhaling second hand smoke, which can show up on a drug test. The Advil you are taking might show up as a false positive but that would be eliminated by a confirmation test. Are you saying that your test results were confirmed with LC-MS/MS and GC/MC? Those are confirmation tests that will tell if the marijuana really is in your system or not. If you do have a low level of THC in your system and your doctor is okay with that then count yourself lucky. Others have been expelled from pain clinics for that.

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