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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that we do not give medical or legal advice.

Subj: Hydrocodone into hydromorphone
Date: 5/19/2007
I have been a nurse for 20+ years and never had any positive urine tests before. Now that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and fibromyalgia I take Hydrocodone one at night for pain in my hips and back. And still I have neg urine test.

Well I was having a flare up the week before my test and I took the max dose two day in a row, like the doctor said to. I was not working at the time so I thought it was OK. Then when I took the test they said my urine showed hydrocodone and hydromorphone!! I asked the company’s doctor if the hydrocodone could break down and she said NO. Later I found out that it does. The liver breaks the hydrocodone down into hydromorphone. But she will not admit that she could be wrong.

Now I have to go to a pain management clinic and get an OK to work or else they will take me to the board of nursing and pull my license. They would not let me repeat the test. The doctor said “You did take the hydromorphone or else it would not show in the test.” There needs to be better testing. I understand that one must be careful when caring for pts. But there is no need to ruin a person career when there is a doubt.


AskDocWeb: You are so right, nurses especially suffer from low back and joint pains just from doing their jobs.

Date: 5/19/2007
Does soma test positive for benzo’s in a urine dip test?


AskDocWeb: No, right now Soma is NOT on the list.

Subj: South African Rooibos Organic tea
Date: 5/20/2007
I like to drink “South African Rooibos Organic” tea and some other Organic tea’s would it be possible to get a false positive from tea?


AskDocWeb: Possibly, you would have to check the ingredients to find out what is in the tea, so be careful. If you are going to have drug testing then don’t take anything you have any doubt about, you could loose your job.

Subj: Nexium?
Date: 5/25/2007
Could nexium cause a false positive for amphetamines?


AskDocWeb: We update the list often, but presently Nexium is not on it.

Subj: Weight lifting supplements?
Date: 5/26/2007
Is there any weight lifting supplements that can cause a false positive for cocaine on a hair follicle test?


AskDocWeb: You would have to research every ingredient in all of the supplements you take, and that would take time. If you come across any, please share that with other readers here.

Subj: Walfed and Theraflu?
Date: 5/28/2007
I test positive for meth shortly after taking walfed and Theraflu could these over the counter meds cause false positive drug screening test.


AskDocWeb: It is possible although neither have been reported to do so, you would have to check the individual ingredients in each product.

Subj: Diabetic
Date: 5/28/2007
My family member is a diabetic and recently took a urine test and tested positive for cocaine. Is this normal and does it have a name. He does not use illegal drugs and we need to figure out how this happened.


AskDocWeb: According to the New York University Medical Center, “liver problems, kidney problems, or diabetes may cause a false-positive for amphetamines, opiates, or cocaine.”

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 5/31/2007
In 1997, my husband and I learned we were expecting our second child, after 3 years of trying. My first OB appt. included my blood testing. My second appt, two doctors came in to confront me on my “depression” I had stated on my questionnaire. (I’ve been taking meds for that since I was 18) I wasn’t sure where they were going with it…they eventually told me that my blood test tested positive for cocaine use. I’ve NEVER even smoked a cigarette in my life. I was absolutely embarrassed, and stunned…I tried to convince them it wasn’t true, etc,… asking them to retest. They wouldn’t, saying it wouldn’t be accurate weeks later. I called lab after lab after returning home, wanting to know if anything could cause a false positive, everyone told me no. To this day, I wonder why it tested positive. I had to find a different OB, because they were treating me like a drug addict. They refused to transfer records and not the drug test.


Subj: If I fail I go to jail
Date: 6/2/2007
Hi! I have to take weekly drug test, If I fail I go to jail. I have started to gain a few pounds and want to take metabolife. Will this give me a false positive? Please email me back. Thank you! 🙂


AskDocWeb: One person reported testing positive for methamphetamine/amphetamines while taking Metabolife and Sudafed. While Sudafed has been reported to cause a false positive it could have been the Metabolife. You can get your own drug testing kit but we wouldn’t take any chances if it risks going to jail.

Subj: Vicodin
Date: 6/6/2007
Had an applicant take drug test and tested positive for cacaine, she said she never took cocaine. She then told me she took vicodin for her teeth, could this cause a falls positive? She was on it for a week before testing.


AskDocWeb: It is a narcotic so it would test positive on a drug screen.

Subj: Tested positive for marijuana
Date: 6/6/2007
My husband has had 2 heart attacks and he is on a daily regime of plavix, diovan, topril, aciphex, vytorin and regular aspirin and has 7 stents he tested positive for marijuana and he hasn’t smoke in 20 years can any of these drugs produce a false positive?


AskDocWeb: None of these drugs are on the list for causing a false positive.

Subj: Tested positive for amphetamines
Date: 6/6/2007
My seventeen year old son is bipolar in rehab. His drug test is positive for amphetamines and we are relatively certain he is not using. He currently takes abilify/depokote and zyrtec-D. Pharmacist says zyrtec-d can cause false positive. I contacted Phyizer and they can not tell me anything nor commit to that. The rehab facility is ready to throw him out. And he can’t get a job because his drug tests keep coming back positive. We are currently seeking a blood test to verify but can you tell me a source to document my suspicions to show for proof? Anyone?


AskDocWeb: Zyrtec-D has pseudoephedrine in it that may cause a false positive for amphetamines. If you are looking for proof that is admissible in a court of law you will have to hire a toxicologist.

Subj: Tested positive for PCP
Date: 6/8/2007
I’m on probation and I took a urine test and it was positive for PCP. I have never even seen that drug much less ingested it in any way. I take tramadol and alot of over the counter sleep aids at night. Please tell me this could have made the false positive.


AskDocWeb: You would have to check the ingredients in the over-the-counter sleep aids you are taking but it is possible.

Subj: Ibuprofen and Bupropion
Date: 6/11/2007
Can canine testing read false due to medications taken? Such as high doses of Ibuprofen and Bupropion. Is it commonly known that meds can emit from skin pours?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Elizabeth, canine testing is not something we deal with here. Now that you’ve said it, a few more people will find out that meds can emit from the pores in the skin.

Subj: Marijuana
Date: 6/12/2007
I ate a small marijuana bud about three weeks ago. It wasn’t heated or blended just plane old stem bud. I took a urine test today and was wondering what the odds are of failing. I haven’t touched marijuana in 20 years prior. I also loaded up on Advil last night because of a drunken hangover what are my odds at Quest


AskDocWeb: Sorry Keith, these pages are for those who don’t abuse drugs.

Subj: List of things
Date: 6/12/2007
I tested positive for cocaine on a urine test and can’t figure out why. I don’t use cocaine or any other drugs not prescribed. I am taking many prescription drugs for carcinoid sybdrome and pain. (Methadone, oxycodone, propanolol and several more. Also was taking amoxicillan for sinus infection and try some home remedy with aloe vera, honey, vinegar and spinach with habenero pepper, and stuff like that. Do you have a list of things that could make my show a positive test when I don’t do cocaine. My company stood behind me and I am very grateful for that but still would like to know why it happened and clear my reputation. I don’t want anyone I work with having small doubts or “wondering if” type of thing. (everyone in jail is innocent type deal so it sounds like BS when you say I don’t do that, but it is true. Thanks for your help.


AskDocWeb: Yes, the list is here. In order to remove any doubt you may want to get a GC/MS confirmation test.

Subj: Tested positive for Adderall
Date: 6/14/2007
I tested positive for Adderall, which I have never taken. The two days before and the day of my test I was taking Nyquil and Sudafed for the crud. I also take Zantac for acid reflux. Could these drugs be enough to have given a real false positive? I do not take anything else.


AskDocWeb: Yes, it is possible, Adderall is an amphetamine salt combo and all three of those products have been reported to cause a false positive for amphetamines.

Subj: Need a credible source
Date: 6/15/2007
I will be going to a human rights hearing in the new year. I would like to present your list of false positives at that hearing. Could I have info as to who from and how this list come about? I need a credible source for this info in order to present this at the hearing Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Our list would be considered hearsay. What you need is a report from a toxicologist.

Subj: Coca leaf tea?
Date: 6/15/2007
My husband just tested positive for cocaine by a hair test. He has not used in several years. I have a tea we have been drinking which is Coca leaf tea. Could this have caused a false reading?


AskDocWeb: According to the European Journal of Emergency Medicine (Reference 41), Coca tea is derived from the same plant that is used to synthesize cocaine and does cause a positive for cocaine.

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