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Subj: Fat burners
Date: 10/6/2011
I am on strick parole and have been taking Nutrex Lipo 6 fat burners to drop some weight. It has Methylhexaneanime, Advantra Z, Yohimbine HCL could this cause a postive drug test?


AskDocWeb: As long as it doesn’t have ephedra in it you should be okay. Originally Lipo 6 was ephedra based but we haven’t paid attention to whether that formula is still available or not.

Update: Please see answer for Gyan about Lipo 6.

Subj: Xanax false positive Testing:
Date: 10/7/2011
Urine (olympic testing), very sensitive to metabolites in your system. Currently taking: 14 day detox, Elemis detox deep drainage, Ambien, Klonopin, Suboxone 24 mgs day. I just got back from my Dr. and he read my previous drug screen and told me that I tested positive for Xanax, which I have not taken. I have been taking very strong detox (deep drainage) body enhancing capsules from Europe. I did have Xanax apx 4 months ago. Considering that fat is stored in our muscles and fat cells, is it possible that I tested positive because of the detox medication that I have been taking? Please help, I am being threatened to be kicked out of my Suboxone program and I have not taken any XANAX. Sincerely,


AskDocWeb: How long you might test positive for Xanax depends on the extent of use, your metabolism, and the percentage of body fat you carry. The higher the body fat percentage the more volume you have available to store it. Fat-soluble drugs like Xanax and Valium take much longer to come out of your system than other drugs. However, we have not heard of it being detected more than 60 days after discontinuing use, even when using detox.

Subj: Hair dyes and false positives
Date: 10/7/2011
I have a friend working oversees that is freaked out by what she thinks may be a false positive on a drug test for work. I found a little blurb about how hair dyes could cause false positives…ever hear of that as a cause?


AskDocWeb: We have heard that hair dyes could interfere with the accuracy of hair test results but not with urine tests. According to Blue Shield of California hair color dyes and hair spray can interfere with the accuracy of hair test results.

Subj: What is TCH?
Date: 10/8/2011
I have recently had a positive result for TCH. My Dr accused me of smoking pot which I do not smoke. What exactly is TCH and what can give it a positive result?


AskDocWeb: It is not TCH but rather THC. That is an abbreviation for TetraHydroCannabinol, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. There are over 70 different products that have shown up on urine drug tests as a false positive for THC: Advil, Aleve Naproxen, Anaprox, Ansaid, Apo-Naproxen, Atripla Efavirenz, B-2 vitamin, Bayer Select Pain Relief Formula, Clinoril, Cramp End Tablets, Datril, Dexlansoprazole, Diabetes, Dolobid, Edecrin, Efavirenz, Efavirenz, Esomeprazole, PPIs, Excedrin IB, Feldene, Fenoprofin, Flurbiprofen, Genpril, Haltran, Ibuprin, Ibuprofen, Ifenoprofen, Indocin, Kapidex, Ketoprofen, Kidney infection, Lansoprazole, Liver Disease, Lodine, Marinol®, Meclomen, Medipren, Mediprim, Midol, Motrin, Nalfon, Naprosyn, Naproxen Aleve, Navonaprox, Nexium, NSAIDS, Nuprin, Omeprazole, Orudis KT, Oxaprozin, Pamprin®, Pantoprazole, Phenergan®, Prevacid, PPIs, Prilosec, PPIs, Pro azine, Pro egan, Proton pump inhibitors, Protonix, Rabeprazole, Riboflavin vitamin B2, Rufin, Shampoo containing hemp, Sustiva Efanirenz, Sustiva, Tolectin®, Vitamin B2, and Voltaren. See the big list for details.

Subj: Surface contact?
Date: 10/8/2011
I tested positive for amphetamine in a urine test, I do not take anything that contains this. My wife takes adderall could surface contact with her pill bottle or other surface chase this? Please help.


AskDocWeb: We can’t say that it is impossible but it seems highly unlikely and there are no documented reports of that.

Subj: Falsely reported to CPS
Date: 10/8/2011
Due to a bad relationship break up my daughter had I was falsely reported to CPS as being a drug manufacturer. I fully cooperated with CPS and allowed them to randomly search my home twice. I also agreed to submit to a drug test and told them prior to it the medications I was taking and also show them the containers. I was told that I tested positive or something but would not say what. I was told that I would need to stop taking my medications and they would test me again in a month. I have stopped taking them for a month even though it ended up being almost 5 weeks before they ever contacted me again. But now instead of the one test, the worker wants me to be tested randomly twice a week for as long as she sees fit.

I was taking Hydroxyz and Lexapro to help with the sudden loss of my mother, I take 12 hour Benadryl or generic similar product or my allergies, and Furosemide for sudden onset of leg adema. I was scheduled for some tests to help the doctor diagnose the leg edema but I had to cancel because I was suppose to take the medication for two weeks prior to the tests. I am having alot of problems due to not taking my medications and she is telling me that she has the right to take as long as she wantes because I tested positive in my earlier test. I can not believe I can be treated this way for following the doctors orders. I can not afford to get legal advice from an attorney and did not have anywhere to turn for advice on what I should do. I would appreciate any help or advice


AskDocWeb: You might try calling your state Attorney General’s office to find out what legal aid is available in your state. Sometimes the Red Cross counseling service also has that information. If you haven’t already done so, talk to your doctor about this. We doubt that CPS can tell you to stop taking your medication if it puts your health at risk.

Subj: Random drug test at work
Date: 10/10/2011
I just got random tested at work. the test lists opiates, pcp, amph., marijuana and cocaine. I’m taking methylpredsinolone, ambien, Ibupro and skelaxin for back pain as well as lexipro, lamictal, effexor and melatonin. Do yo see any conflict for a false positive?


AskDocWeb: According to the Blue Grass Drug Screen company, Effexor (venlafaxine hydrochloride) may show up as a false positive for PCP. The Merck Manuals say that Lamictal may show as PCP. There are several sources say that Ibuprofen could show up as marijuana. However the other drugs have not been reported to cause problems with drug screens and there is no false positive explanation for showing amphetamine, opiates or cocaine.

Subj: Positive for heroin
Date: 10/10/2011
I substituted my urine for a friend who is addicted to heroin for a drug test. I do not do any kind of drugs or take any sort of medicine ( including nyquil). The drug test came back positive for heroin. Her urine wasn’t even accidently in the test cup. How is that even possible? They told her she can pay $150 for a more detailed test for possible false positivity. but would it still come up as heroin?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Jane, substituting your urine for a friend is illegal and we can not help you with that. This forum is only for those who do NOT abuse drugs.

Subj: This is ruining peoples life
Date: 10/10/2011
I personally and 8 others have all ben to the er for bad pain all in different areas. All 9 of us were given toradol injections and every single one of us failed a urine test for cocaine. This is ruining peoples life and need to be clinically tested. And NOW. I researched and this is happening world wide


AskDocWeb: There is antidotal word from a clinical pharmacist that Toradol may cause a false positive for cocaine so we are currently searching for documentation on this. If anyone has a link for this it will be published here.

Subj: Sugar levels?
Date: 10/11/2011
I have been testing positive for amphetamines for some time, but not consistently. I have diabetes and an abnormal kidney. I am given weekly urines and have never touched illegal drugs that would cause this. Could it be something to do with my sugar levels that would cause the inconsistency??


AskDocWeb: Several sources say that those with diabetes may test positive for amphetamines. Unfortunately the cause of this type of false positive has not been identified. Last year the U.S. government spent $15,000,000,000.00 (that’s billions or about $500.00 per second) on the War on Drugs. Research into the cause of false positives is not encouraged.

Subj: Sulfameth?
Date: 10/11/2011
I have a client whom tested positive for Benzo and insists she has not taken anything except what she is prescribed. This client is taking, sulfameth, invega, claratin and cymbalta. This client just recently started testing positive after begining to take the sulfameth.


AskDocWeb: Sulfameth has not been reported to cause any false positives on drug tests. If your client insists that the result is a false positive then additional testing would seem to be the next step.

Subj: New prescriptions
Date: 10/12/2011
I recently started taking several new prescriptions and have a drug test next week. Can Promethazine, Aciphex, Lisinolprin, or Buspirone cause positive results?


AskDocWeb: Both Promethazine and Aciphex have sometimes shown up as false positives for THC (marijuana). Buspirone may show up as a false positive for LSD so make sure that they take note of your prescriptions.

Subj: Is it possible to contaminate oneself when handling the patch?
Date: 10/12/2011
I tested positive for fentanyl and have never in my life used it. I have dealt with it but have never taken or consumed. Is it possible for something to make this show positive for fentanyl on gc/sm? I understand that it is the most accurate way to tell but seriously have never taken it. The funny thing is I did take vicodin and morphine the day before the test and it never showed up. Is it possible to contaminate oneself when handling the patch????


AskDocWeb: There are a many patches on the market for delivering a verity of medications. Which patch did you handle? If you took morphine and it didn’t show up on the GC/MS confirmation test then we start wondering if the sample that was tested was yours.

Subj: Suboxone on a hair follicle test?
Date: 10/12/2011
Could someone here know, if Suboxone could show up in a hair follicle test?


AskDocWeb: Suboxone would not normally show up on a hair follicle test unless they are testing specifically for that drug. The drugs most commonly tested for are: Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Cannabis (THC), Methadone, Methamphetamines, Opiates, PCP and MDMA (Ecstasy), and Propoxyphene.

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