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Subj: Riboflavin
Date: 6/16/2007
I take a multivitamin containing 2.5 mg of riboflavin and I had my urine test yesterday. Could it cause a false positive?


AskDocWeb: Yes.

Subj: Meloxicam
Date: 6/16/2007
I was recently put on meloxicam 7.5mg for chronic back pain. Can and will this drug show a false positive for THC as I am subject to random drug testing as a Flight Paramedic?


AskDocWeb: It isn’t on our list and that list has everything reported to us that has caused a false positive.

Subj: Untrue?
Date: 6/19/2007
In your answer to one of the questions listed above, you state that “many over the counter cough syrups have codeine in them…” THIS IS SIMPLY UNTRUE. Codeine is a highly addictive narcotic opiate and would NEVER be sold in anything over-the-counter.


AskDocWeb: It may be untrue where you live but here in the United States of America putting codeine in cough syrups used to be common. Granted that there are fewer cough syrups on the market today that contain codeine but it’s still around. Here is a list of cough syrups that contain codeine as of March 1, 2007. It comes from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

  • Ambenyl® Cough Syrup
  • Bromanyl® Cough Syrup
  • Codimal® PH Syrup
  • Colrex® Compound
  • Cycofed® Expectorant containing Codeine
  • Cycofed® Expectorant Pediatric
  • Decohistine® DH
  • Decohistine® Expectorant
  • Dihistine® DH Elixir
  • Dihistine® Expectorant
  • Guaifenesin DAC®
  • Guiatuss DAC® Syrup
  • Guiatussin® DAC Syrup
  • HaNew Riversin® DAC
  • KG-Fed® Expectorant Syrup
  • KG-Fed® Pediatric Expectorant Syrup
  • KG-Fed® Syrup
  • Mytussin® DAC
  • Novahistine® DH
  • Novahistine® Expectorant
  • Nucofed®
  • Nucofed® Expectorant
  • Nucofed® Pediatric Expectorant Syrup
  • Nucofed® Syrup
  • Nucotuss® Expectorant
  • Nucotuss® Pediatric Expectorant
  • Pediacof® Cough Syrup
  • Phenergan® VC with Codeine Syrup
  • Phenergan® with Codeine Syrup
  • Phenhist® DH with Codeine Modified Formula
  • Prometh® VC with Codeine Phosphate Cough Syrup
  • Robitussin®-DAC
  • Ryna-C®
  • Ryna-CX®
  • Triacin-C® Cough Syrup
  • Tussar® SF Syrup
  • Tussar®-2 Syrup

Subj: Lab?
Date: 6/20/2007
Can you tell me a lab that you would get your information about false positive drug test for cocaine?


AskDocWeb: Our list comes from a variety of sources; people who work at labs, doctors, nurses and first hand reports of those who have never misused drugs.

Subj: Ultram or gabapentin?
Date: 6/20/2007
Will ultram or gabapentin cause false positive drug test results? I have seen info answering this question with both yes and no responses.


AskDocWeb: Neither are on our list.

Subj: Tested positive for Benzodiazepene
Date: 6/21/2007
Help! I am in an alcohol treatment program and last week, I had a urine drug test done. I was told today that I tested positive for Benzodiazepene, but I don’t take any prescription pills. I take Melatonin OTC to help fall asleep, but that’s it. Could that cause a false positive? I also drink energy drinks on a daily basis, I know there are several herbs in those drinks, could that be the culprit?


AskDocWeb: Melatonin is not on the list but you might want to check the ingredients of your energy drinks.

Subj: Bad toothache
Date: 6/22/2007
I had to take a drug test I had a bad toothache and took 800 mg of aleve and 800 of ibporfruen and 6 tylnoel PM with this came back positive?


AskDocWeb: Yes, it could have with any one of those pills.

Subj: Drug test prior to taking midol
Date: 6/24/2007
My sister was given a drug test prior to taking midol and tested positive. They said that she was tested positive for cocaine. Is this possible? … What can she do to prove that the test was wrong? Is there any way of getting documentation that says that this is possible?


AskDocWeb: Since she was tested before taking the Midol the test is probably correct. Check the reference numbers on this list for links to documentation on reference sources.

Subj: Army tested
Date: 6/24/2007
My brother is in the army and tested positive for cocaine. He was told that nothing else would make him test positive except cocaine. He swears that he did not take it. However he did have a severe concussion and was on several meds. Would any of these meds cause a false positive. He was taking them all together and more then the recommend amount because he was not thinking clearly and was in alot of pain. Excedrin Migraine 50mg, Ibuprofen 800mg, Nyquil Cold and Flu Relief, Vicodin 500mg.


Subj: I need something substantial
Date: 6/28/2007
I was tested for cocaine and only one time this came up positive. Every other time, negative. There is no substance use, nor any form of medication abuse. I have many different medications to take on a daily basis. Albuterol, Ritalin, Zofran, Aciphex, and when an infection is present, Zithromax. I also drink alot of different herbal teas, and consume many kinds of soy products. Please submit me with pertinent information in regards to all I have written. I need something substantial. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: For something that would stand up in court you would need to contact a toxicologist.

Subj: Protonix
Date: 6/28/2007
Protonix (pantoprazole) – false positive THC.


Subj: Suboxone
Date: 6/29/2007
I work for an outpatient drug treatment program. I currently have a client that is taking Suboxone for heroin withdrawal. According to the research that I’ve done, Suboxone is too new on the market to know for sure if it will test as a false positive. I contacted the manufacturer, and they cannot say for sure. Can you tell me if there has been a history of inquiries on this medication causing false positives?


AskDocWeb: Sorry no, it is too new.

Subj: THC levels
Date: 7/1/2007
I was a very heavy user of the highest quality marijuana for several years. Recently, due to a DWI, I was put into an outpatient program. Being fully aware that my drug of choice is the most susceptible to urinalysis, I realized I had no choice but to quit while I was in this program. Six weeks into this program, after my THC levels dropped, I yielded the highest results (including my original screening, which was not the highest of my readings by the way). After that my THC levels dropped for several weeks, eventually to “none detected”. Then, the week after, I yielded another positive result for THC. My counselors want me to confess that I have smoked but I told them that I did not see how confessing to something I have not done would be useful. The last positive result came in after I have been completely abstinent for 12 weeks. I do not take any medication and the only thing I have smoked is cigars. Is there some other medical explanation for the course my THC levels have taken? I now know that THC levels in urinalysis and recent use are not related (based on this experience) but I do not have any expertise in this area that can explain why my results are what they are. Can you help?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Jay, we have no explanation to offer.

Subj: Long story short:
Date: 7/1/2007
Can Acetaminphen, Chlorpheniramine maleate, Dextromethorphan, phenylephrine HCI, or Ibuprofen cause a false positive for “pain killers or heroin” on a drug screen?


AskDocWeb: Dextromethorphan, phenylephrine and Ibuprofen can cause a false positive on a drug screen.

Subj: Nexium
Date: 7/3/2007
Is it possible to test positive on a drug test while taking nexium?


AskDocWeb: Although it is unlikely PPIs have been known to test positive for THC (Reference: 37).

Subj: False positive on a cocaine test?
Date: 7/6/2007
Can any of these meds cause a false positive on a cocaine test, zyrtec, lamictal, fluticasone propionate? My son has been taking these meds for awhile with negative results on his drug test but the last one came back positive. Could it possible because on any of these drugs. Thank you,

AskDocWeb: None of these are on the list for causing a failed drug test for cocaine.

Subj: Hair follicle test
Date: 7/7/2007
I was recently drug tested by the NYPD and had a positive drug test come back for cocaine in the hair follicle. There is only one problem with this? I don’t use cocaine. I did have a dental procedure done that articaine anesthesia was used to do a medical dental procedure and a pain killer called darvocet was issued about 6-7 months ago. I was also placed on hydrocodone pain killers by a physician which were prescribed. Could this be the reason why I failed their drug test. Please help me, I want to clear my name and get my job.


AskDocWeb: It sounds like the pain killers may have killed your job. You will have to find a toxicologist to testify on your behalf.

Subj: Risperdal and Nyquil
Date: 7/9/2007
My son is currently taking Risperdal and occasionally takes Nyquil for cold symptoms. He came back positive on a urine test for methadone. He swears he has not taken any drugs other than the prescribed – could either or these cause a false positive?


AskDocWeb: Nyquil has been reported to sometimes cause a false positive.

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