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Problem with probation officer
Date: 12/7/2011
What can cause a diluted UA. My daughter gets diluted results with absolutely no alcohol consumption at all. She neither drinks nor uses drugs. She has requested advanced testing. Her probation officer refuses saying no other tests would help. Yet she continues to make my daughter do 2 uas and breathalizer per week. What can she do?


AskDocWeb: It sounds like you may need legal counsel. However, any legal advice should come from someone local because laws vary so much from one state to the next.

Date: 12/7/2011
I have a urinalysis coming up in a week for employment. I have been taking Hydrocodone 10mg, about half a pill twice daily for a few weeks. Will this show up on my screen? And how long will this stuff be detectable in my system? Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Generally Hydrocodone can be detected in urine for 3 or 4 days after taking the last dose. However, that time is approximate and varies with the individual. It doesn’t show up on standard drug tests but sometimes does on the extended drug tests. It depends on what kind of test they use.

Tested positive for morphine
Date: 12/8/2011
I recently took urine test and tested positive for morphine – I DO NOT take any illigal drugs and the prescription drugs I take to not cause a false positive. I told the tester I had a poppy bagel one and half hours prior to the test. When I was retested they did not perform a GC/MS test and now the specimen was discarded.


Positive for PCP
Date: 12/8/2011
I recently reported to my local ER for symptoms of chronic pancreatitis (which I have suffered with for 11 years) They did a drug screen on me and to my complete surprise it came back positive for PCP (which I have never used). I am on a host of meds including narcotics, gabapentin, lamictal, serax (for GAD), lisinopril and verapamil. Could any of these meds have caused a false positive for PCP?


AskDocWeb: Yes, according to the Merck Manuals Lamictal® (Lamotrigine) may show up as PCP on urine drug tests.

Lab test
Date: 12/8/2011
Will tylenol 3 and hydrocodon both show up as codine on a test sent to the lab?


AskDocWeb: That depends on what lab the sample is sent to. In most cases samples are sent to an outside lab for confirmation. The lab that performs the confirmation tests is able to identify exactly what is in the sample.

Cocaine use?
Date: 12/8/2011
I recently ran across a question my 31 year old son posted on this website on 11/14/11. He doesn’t know I found his question to you. (How can I convince them) First off he stated that the hair drug results concluded he had nearly 20,000 mg of the metabolites of cocaine in his hair. That is incorrect. He had >20000 of cocaine in his hair, 2985 pg/mg of benzoylecgonine, and 2882 pg/mg cocaethylene in his hair. The last two being the metabolites of cocaine. Yes he does take 60 mg of adderral a day, (as he is ADHD), tetracycline, trazadone, Milk Thistle and Ibuprofen. But didn’t test positive for adderral with is an amphetamine. Which could be because he needs it and is taking it properly. With that being said, he admitted to us at counseling, only after three weeks of receiving the hair drug test results back that he had done cocaine ONLY four times. I say that is a lot of mg’s for doing it only four times because I’ve done my homework.

Before all this he was addicted first to alcohol, then percocets, (kicked those), and since September of 2011 has been prescribed at first 30 mg’s of adderall for his ADHD. But now takes 60 mg’s of adderall, doctor prescribed. So my question: From all the info I have researched on the internet, and including how many times I have called the drug testing company, my understanding is to have that high of a level of cocaine in the hair you must be a constant user, because anything 10,000 and above is constant. Is this correct and could anything else of caused the test results to be inaccurate? You see he is still swearing his innocence. I want to believe my son, I really do, but there have been so many other huge signs that cocaine is king, but so many other signs that it is not. Please help me put this to bed! And I know cocaine would affect him differently, as it’s a stimulant just like adderall. Can he do cocaine at those levels plus adderall and not be a zombie? I know he is taking his adderral, not selling it. I love my son with all my heart and soul. I just want facts and truth.

Battle Weary Mom

AskDocWeb: Okay take a deep breath and relax a moment while we review. Here is the way we see it, and feel free to correct us if this needs correction. First he has a history of drug abuse and previous addiction. This fact help establish the context in which you are working. When confronted with a hair test he denied using cocaine. Then later he admitted using it 4 times. That admission is also proof that he has lied before to cover up his drug abuse. Now you are trying to find out the degree of his drug abuse. Is that an accurate description? If it is then you may be getting off track. Hopefully you aren’t letting the details distract you from getting him the help of a treatment center if that’s what he needs.

Cocaine use? continued
Date: 12/9/2011
Cocaine use? Thank you for responding so efficiently! That is exactly what i told him. It did not ONE SECOND matter to me how many times he had done cocaine. The point was WAS that he did it. YES HE LIED ABOUT THIS. The degree of his drug abuse is absolutely not an issue here. And I know he needs treatment and counseling. My husband and I tell him that on every given opportunity. But until he admits it-forget it. But that doesn’t prevent either one of us from asking him. I thank you for responding, but you did not answer my question: Is >20000 units or mg’s of cocaine a constant user? And if so, just how can he do that taking 60 mg’s of adderall a day? I want to know if this is humanly possible. Can he be building up a resistance? I want to know why his levels of cocaine are twice as high as the lowest constant cocaine user at >10,000, and yet taking 60 mg’s of adderall on top of that is not causing death, or the very least a coma. Remember he is ADHD. Stimulants work the opposite on him. The degree of his drug abuse is not a priority here, and it’s not getting me off track. I just want to know if this is humanly possible. I am willing to offer to subject him to another hair drug test, at my expense, in less than 45 days, as the levels should be drastically lower in his hair if not using cocaine. I know drug abusers are smart, they lie, and they will do anything at any expense, even their loved ones, to cover up the life they are living. So with that being said, please try to answer my question. I want to help my son. I love him. His life is important.

Battle Weary Mom

AskDocWeb: Okay, our data on hair testing is limited but here is the chart we use.

Quantitative Use Range for Hair Dose Responses*
Hair 5-Panel Hair Drug Test Cutoff LevelLow Use (recreational)Medium use (daily/weekends)High use (constant)
Amphetamines500 pg/mg**500-2500 pg/mg2500-7500 pg/mg
7500+ pg/mg
Cocaine500 pg/mg500-2000 pg/mg2000-10000 pg/mg10000+ pg/mg
Opiates300 pg/mg300-1000 pg/mg2000-8000 pg/mg9000+ pg/mg
Phencyclidine300 pg/mg300-500 pg/ml500-1000 pg/mg2000+ pg/mg
Marijuana0.3 pg/mg
Qualitative – The amount found does not correlate to usage
*This data was compiled from a verity of academic studies and is subject to numerous sources of variability (e.g. inadequate self-reporting, purity, etc.). This graph is a general guide only and is not an exact numerical interpretation.
** Picograms per milligrampare two separate test time periods.
** Picograms per milligram

According to the information we have a cocaine level in excess of 10,000 indicates high usage, which is sometimes referred to as “constant.” Using cocaine while taking Adderall has resulted in fatalities but does not do so in every case. It depends on how strong his heart is because both are stimulants and the combined use is very hard on the heart. However, you said he didn’t test positive for Adderall. That may be a cause for concern.

There is also another issue here. When alcohol is used with cocaine it produces the metabolite cocaethylene. That is proof of his use of alcohol as well as cocaine. Drinking alcohol while on Adderall can be lethal. Adderall blocks the depressant effects of alcohol and makes a person feel less drunk, which makes it easier to overlook the warning signs that a person has had enough to drink. This is why mixing alcohol and Adderall can lead to alcohol poisoning. Additionally, alcohol can decrease the seizure threshold and result in seizures.

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