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Naproxen 220 mg caplets and Lidoderm lidocaine patch 5%
Date: 1/23/2012
I am proscribed methadone so I have random drug test. Well the day before Christmas I hurt my back so I used over the counter equate brand naproxen 220 mg caplets and I used a Lidoderm lidocaine patch 5%. Along with that I used over the counter Absorbine jr. Well a few days into using this stuff I had a drug test. I knew I had not done anything illegal so I took the test with no problems. I just found out today that it tested postitive for cocain. I have never used cocain so I was very upset. Could any of the meds I used cause this? I am having them retest the drug screen but I am very confused and cant wait to find out if it was their mistake.


AskDocWeb: Naproxen has caused false positives on urine drug screens but not for cocaine. Absorbine Jr.® contains menthol, calendula extract, echinacea extract, absinthium oil, acetone, chloroxylenol, iodine, wormwood extract, potassium iodide, thymol, water and coloring agents, none of which show up on tests for drugs of abuse. There are antidotal reports that Lidocaine has shown up as cocaine but so far there is no documentation to verify that. Please let us know how your confirmation test turns out.

Doctor said to find another doctor!
Date: 1/23/2012
I need someone to really help my husband. He was in a car accident has had a fusion, then it was removed because complications. He has had epediral injections that’s third one they punctured his spanal sack and had to be down inducedomr coma for a week for it to heel. He finally had a dr. for five years that was prescibing him cymbalta, 90 percotet a month finally they put him on methadone to help the pain. He had to domr peer test every month they always came up clean until the firth month he stated him on methadone. It came up as using meth. He asked the dr. to redue the test and use blood and blood and the dr. refused and said find a new dr. and he is no longer going to give him pills. He is disable has pain every day cant even play with kids. Life sucks. Thanks, he is 35.


AskDocWeb: You can thank the “War On Drugs” for your doctor’s reaction. It may as well be called the War on Pain Patients. Because the DEA treats doctors as if they are drug dealers, doctors are more and more likely to dismiss patients. Fear of the DEA has also scared many doctors out of the pain management field altogether. Some pilots have been reported to refuse to fly pain patients for fear that the DEA would confiscate their airplanes. Here is an example of why doctors treat pain patients the way they do. This situation is not likely to improve as long as people continue to treat drug abuse as a crime instead of a health problem.

Pre-employment test showed positive for meth
Date: 1/24/2012
My pre employment showed positive for meth, I take equate acid reducer 2 to 4 tablets dailey, it has ranitidine 150 mg pr tab as ranitidine hydrochloride usp 160 mg. I also take zantac otc, prilosec, pepcid complete, fat burner Mega-T green tea, diurex water capsules, synthyroid 175 mg, and Ibuprofen, the MRO said if I wanted specimen retested I would have to pay 150 to 200 dollars. What do I do to fight I have commercial license?


AskDocWeb: Is your license is at risk? In some cases it is important to make a distinction between a retest and a confirmation test. If you believe that your test result was a false positive then it may be worth paying to prove it. Be thankful that you have the choice of a confirmation test. Many people don’t have that choice.

What would show up after 12 hrs?
Date: 1/24/2012
My wife was drug tested and these 3 items showed up sertraline and nordiazepam and oxazepam. She takes percriptons benazepil/hctz and simvastatin and cloraz dipot and ambian and she does take sertraline. What would show up after 12 hrs? Thank u very much.


AskDocWeb: That depends on what they are testing for, drugs of abuse or specific drugs. Sertraline (Brand name: Zoloft) has a half-life of 26 hours so that would show up. However it has been reported to sometimes show up as a benzodiazepine, which may explain the positive for Nordiazepam and Oxazepam. Those are both benzodiazepines as is Cloraz Dipot (Clorazepate).

Positive for crystal meth?
Date: 1/26/2012
I was wondering if I am taking Ibuprofen daily basis can I test positive for crystal meth.


AskDocWeb: Ibuprofen has NOT been reported to cause a false positive for anything other than marijuana (THC).

Positive for meth
Date: 1/26/2012
I had recently been taking sudafed and advil cold and sinuse for body ache due to the cold weather and I’m also taking fluoxetine 40mg twice a day. My family had believed I went back to using meth due to my past history and me starting to go out with friends. I have not touched in over 2years and so you can imagine how I felt when it came up positive and my family not believing me that those were the only medication I had been taking so we called a local pharmacist to see if any of those medications would be positive for meth and they said no so now I look like I’m telling them a lie. Can you give me a second advice?


AskDocWeb: Currently the only way to show that a test result was a false positive is to get a confirmation test. If the test result was not a true positive then the result will come back as negative.

Mouth swab
Date: 1/26/2012
I had a pre employment drug screen (mouth swab) today and it came back positive for THC. I told them I wanted a urine test to clear things up, but now I am wondering if that will even help? I do take ibuprofen and I see that it can cause a false positive so will it also show in a urine test?


AskDocWeb: A urine test will not show a false positive every time but there is a possibility of a false positive for THC when ibuprofen has recently been used. The test to rule out false positives is called a confirmation test. These are typically conducted with either a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) or high-performance liquid chromatography.

False positive for PCP?
Date: 1/26/2012
I was wondering if the drugs I am about to list will cause a false positive for PCP or any of the ingredients in the drugs: Intuniv, topiramate, geodon, cymbalta, or zantac?


AskDocWeb: None of those medications are known to cause a false positive for PCP.

Unisom sleep gels
Date: 1/26/2012
Any false positives for benzos while taking unisom sleepgels?


AskDocWeb: Unisom Sleepgels contain Diphenhydramine which has shown up as PCP on urine drug screens but it has not shown up as benzos.

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