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Question about confirmation test
Date: 2/2/2012
I just failed my drug screen at my probation appointment this morning. I have a very serious UTI and was hospitalized for it. I’m prescribed Cipro and Pyridium and I came up positive for THC. I haven’t smoked marijuana in at least 10 years and I’ve been clean from other drugs for going on 2 years. They sent the sample to a lab for further testing. Will the lab testing clear this up? I did NOT smoke marijuana and I’m so scared that I’ll be violated and sent to jail. Can the laboratory differentiate between actual THC and whatever caused the false positive in my medications? If I go to jail, I’ll lose my babies. Please help me with this answer so I’m not scared to death about these results. I’ve worked hard to turn my life around and now I feel like I’m about to lose everything I’ve worked so hard for all because of a terrible mistake!


AskDocWeb: The main reason they do a confirmation test is to verify that a substance is present. If THC wasn’t really in your sample then it will eliminate that false positive.

Positive for barbiturates
Date: 2/2/2012
I had a drug screen today. It came up positive for barbiturates. I do NOT take any illegal drugs, nor am I in any contact with them. I did however, take one and only one tablet of fioricet that my dentist prescribed about a month ago. I did have it on the list from the pharmacy so I passed the drug screen. But what I am wondering is how could this drug still be in my system? My dentist prescribed it for tension headaches. He explained to me that it was non-narcotic and I thought that I would try it opposed to the Hydrocodone I normally take. I did not like the way it made me feel so I never took it again.

I’m wondering what other drugs or food could show up as a barbiturate. Other prescriptions I take: Lamictal (seizure disorder), Hydrocodone (it showed up, I knew it would), Prozac, Meloxicam, Soma, the antibiotic Avelox (which I am done taking). Over the counter drugs within the last month: Tums, Mucinex, Acetaminophen, Advil I also drink an energy drink made by American Body Builder called Speed Stack.

I will have to be drug tested in the future and I just want to make sure that nothing else shows up as a barbiturate because I thought it was odd that the fioricet was still in my system after a month, and wanted to make sure that it isn’t anything else I am taking showing up as a false positive. Thank you for any help and responses.


AskDocWeb: Since the plasma half-life of Fioricet is only 1.25 to 3 hours, it is hard to believe that would show up a month after discontinuing it. We don’t see anything in your list that might account for a positive barbiturate result. Are you getting a confirmation test?

Hair test says it’s meth
Date: 2/3/2012
I have a positive on a hair folicle test for methamphetamines of 1450. I do mot use drugs. I have used vicks inhalers extensively at times I have asthma along with many other cold pills ect. lab still keeps saying its meth, I’ve lost custody of my son. I need help.


AskDocWeb: Please see the link for “What to do if CPS workers are investigating you” on page 169. There is some good advice there.

Positive for cocaine
Date: 2/4/2012
I came back pas for. Com and do not use cocaine. I am currently taking cymbals 120mg, lamictal 200 mg, oxymoron15mg, topomax 200mg, zanax .1mg, and use teroconazale crea for pi m8% and lidoderm patches 3 patches every 12 hrs on and off, and albuterall alede. I drink a lot if red bull and use Oct peppermint. Can you find any thing that would cause a false positive, also metrog vagina LGel


AskDocWeb: Sorry Claire, none of your meds are known to cause a false positive for cocaine on urine drug tests. If you believe your test result is a false positive then it pays to get a confirmation test. Otherwise your medical record can label you as a drug abuser and that record can follow you for years.

Positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine
Date: 2/5/2012
I was sent in for a random and it came back positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine. What can cause this? I have been sick lately but all I took was sudafed and afrin. What will happen next? Do I get a retest or how does this gc work? What if they do a gc and that is also positive? I don’t do drugs so please help me out!


AskDocWeb: What happens next depends on the context of the test. Were you sent in for the test by an employer, a pain management clinic, or was it by order of a court of law?

Sometimes, but not always, you have the option to get a confirmation test. That is something that may require a request on your part. You may also have to pay for the additional testing.

Sudafed has been known to show up as a false positive for both amphetamines and methamphetamines on urine drug screens. Afrin has shown up as methamphetamine on urine drug tests.

Please note:If your drug test was by order of the court then you need to know that getting a confirmation test if you know you are guilty would only make things worse.

Adderall XR
Date: 2/6/2012
Have a script for adderallxr 10m. have failed 2 urine tests take it everyday could it be the pill?


AskDocWeb: Were they testing to see if you were taking your medication or testing for drugs of abuse? What did the urine test say was in your system?

Positive for benzodiazepines
Date: 2/6/2012
I take HyoMax SL, Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Zocor, Lotrel 5/10, and Protonix. I had a urine drug screen show positive for benzodiazepines. Which of these meds could have caused that? I don’t take anything else but Alvev.


AskDocWeb: Zoloft is the only possibility that we see in your list of medications. According to Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, Zoloft may test positive for benzodiazepines on urine drug tests.

Positive for benzozs
Date: 2/7/2012
I have been testing positive for benzozs, I have only had ambian, I am very upset as this could ruin my life, help.


AskDocWeb: Ambian is not on the list of drugs that might cause a false positive drug test result for drugs of abuse. If you haven’t used any benzodiazepines then you will probably want to get a confirmation test to clear your record. In some parts of the country you have to insist on getting a confirmation test, and you may have to pay for it out of pocket. However, if you are innocent it is worth it.

Oxyelite Pro
Date: 2/7/2012
Can oxyelite pro show a false positive on a drug test, and if so, what will it show up?


AskDocWeb: We checked the manufacturer’s website and found this statement about drut tests: OxyElite Pro is produced in a facility that adheres to cGMP guidelines. While USPlabs cannot guarantee the result of your individual drug test, it can guarantee that OxyElite Pro contains what’s listed on the label. “Illegal substances,” in this context, is being defined as any compound detailed as a Scheduled Substance within the United States Controlled Substances Act. Due to differing legal codes, it is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure that OxyElite Pro’s ingredients are legal for consumption in their jurisdiction.

It appears that there is only one ingredient in Oxyelite Pro might be cause for concern as far as drug testing is concerned. Their formula contains a proprietary blend of several herbs including 1,3-dimethylamylamine, which comes from geraniums. The 1,3-dimethylamylamine is also known as DMAA and is known to sometimes show up as a false positive for amphetamines. Since that formula is a proprietary blend, there is no way of knowing the exact amount of DMAA in it or if it would be enough to trigger a positive drug test result. When in doubt, which side of the possibility do you want to error on?

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