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Date: 2/10/2012
Can beclomethasone cause false positive results for blood and hair alcohol tests? been on it for 30 years, did not know it contained ethonol, also on ventolin for same amount of time.


AskDocWeb: We have no record of beclomethasone causing a false positive for alcohol however, some forms of Beclomethaxome do contain phenylethyl alcohol. Check the ingredients of the brand you use.

High amounts of THC
Date: 2/10/2012
I failed a marijuana drug screen test. I have never used Marijuana in any way, shape or form. I demanded a confirmation lab test. I take high amount of Aleve several times every day and Advil for muscles. About 1200 mgs per both anti-inflam and mucles aches. The confirmation test still tested positive for high amounts of THC. This was the lab test AFTER the original screen both still test positive. I have no idea why other than the high amounts of Naproxy and Ibuprofen daily prescribed by my pain management doctor. Can these over counter medicines cause THC to show up in both a sceening AND an actual confirmation lab test??


AskDocWeb: Although Advil and Aleve have shown up as a false positive for THC on urine drug tests we have not heard of that happening on confirmation tests.

False positives for methadone?
Date: 2/11/2012
I just recently took an at home 12 panel drug test and I tested positive for MTD, PCP, and TCA. I currently take tramadol and nortriptyline. I know the tramadol can provide false positives for PCP, and that nortriptyline tests positve for TCA. I have NEVER taken methadone… and I want to know if either of the medications I take can test positive for MTD.? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Neither nortriptyline nor tramadol have been reported to test positive for methadone. However, that doesn’t mean that your test result is valid. If you believe it is a false positive then a confirmation test could clear your record.

Tested positive for oxycodone and benzodiazepines
Date: 2/12/2012
I take prescribed medication every day, like hydrocodone, zanaflex, topomax, and celexsa ocassionally. Now these are the meds my doctor prescribed to me. I went into the office the other day had a urinal screening done as usual. She comes back and said I tested positive for oxycodone (which I don’t know what it look like), also I tested positive for benzodiazepines…….does anyone knows what benzo….. is? Oh let me say I have been taking alka seltzer night plus because of my cold, but other than that, I only take what is presribed. I will be taking a copy of meds from the site so she is aware of that different types meds gives off false positive reading. Thank you for this site it has helped me tremendously.


AskDocWeb: If you check the big list you will see that hydrocodone may show false positive for oxycodone on urine drug tests. Benzodiazepines are a class of psychoactive drugs that act as central nervous system depressants or tranquilizers. This class of drugs is commonly abused by those who use two or more psychoactive drugs in combination.

Novacaine or lavocaine?
Date: 2/13/2012
I tested positive for cocaine, I had 2 jaw teeth pulled 3 weeks ago, would novacaine or lavocaine make me fail?


AskDocWeb: Neither one is on the list, however, according to the Blue Grass Drug Screen company, Novocain may test positive for opiates.

Date: 2/13/2012
I found this information that bactrim can cause a false positive for benzoes http://www.medtox.com/Resources/Images/4823.pdf (Second Paragraph)


AskDocWeb: Thank you Alisha, good catch! That is now reference 60.

False positive for marijuana
Date: 2/13/2012
Will the drugs prilosec, sulfatrim, doxycline show a false positive for mariguana?


AskDocWeb: Prilosec is on the list as one of the possible causes of a false positive for marijuana on urine drug tests.

Date: 2/13/2012
Can the oral antistetic make u test positive for cocaine?


AskDocWeb: Did you mean antiseptic? If so, which one?

Date: 2/13/2012
Can clonodine give a false positive for benzodiazipines?


AskDocWeb: clonodine is a common misspelling of clonidine. The only false positive this drug has been associated with is in testing for pheochromocytoma, which is a rare tumor of adrenal gland tissue.

Date: 2/13/2012
Dont no what ketamine is and showed up in drug test how what causes that?


AskDocWeb: Ketamine is a Schedule III anesthetic widely used as an animal tranquilizer. Unfortunately it is also abused by teens to get high, causing visual distortions and loss of time, sense and identity. Common street terms for Ketamine are jet, super acid, Special “K”, green, K, and cat Valium. The use of this drug can cause delirium, amnesia, depression, and long-term memory and cognitive difficulties.

In recent years there has been an increase in illicit use and some testing companies have added it to their “Club Drug” category of testing. Ketamine is not one of the drugs on the SAMHSA-5 standard basic drug test, nor is it included in the extended drug tests but it can be tested for if abuse is suspected. If testing for ketamine is specifically requested, its metabolite norketamine is detectable in both blood and urine for 7-14 days and possibly longer in heavy users. There are no reports of other substances testing positive for ketamine.

Date: 2/15/2012
I recently had a false positive on a urine test. I have been taking random drug tests for 3 months and had zero positives. I recently began taking a weight loss pill Fastin-XR. Today I tested positive for amphetamine. Can the Fastin-XR be what is giving me a false positive?


AskDocWeb: The active ingredients in FastinĀ®-XR are Acacia Rigidula, Phenylethylamine, Theobromine, 1,3 trimethylxanthine, Yohimbine, Synephrine, 1,3 Dimethylamine Hcl, Green Tea Extract, and 5-Methoxytryptamine. The acacia rigidula comes from a plant commonly known as blackbrush, which grows mainly in Texas. In 1997 and 1998, two scientific papers were published by researchers at Texas A & M University describing properties of the plant and its effects on cattle. The researchers found trace amounts of amphetamines in the acacia rigidula. It is not clear if the manufacturer takes steps to remove those trace amounts of amphetamines or not.

Positive for morphine
Date: 2/16/2012
I was give a urine drug (test). I take oxycodone, methdone, colonpin, also I had taken the night before butalbital-caff-apap-codine, also I take 81 mg of asprin the doctor said it showed up as morphine they were sending the test off to lab to be confrim. Did the codine and asprin or apap show up as morphine at the lab? Please answer.


AskDocWeb: Codeine is a prodrug of morphine, which means that the body metabolizes codeine into morphine.

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