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New tests for synthetic spice
Date: 3/11/2012
My wife and I are in a DCS case and are giving random screens twice a week(sometimes more), for the new synthetic spice products. We have not used, or even had any kind of contact with it since mid October. My wife has had 1 positive urine screen and 1 positive on swab, 3 months apart from each other. I have had 1 swab test be positive for the same. The U.A. was from Redwood toxicology and the swabs are from Forensic Labs. We have not touched this drug, but the false positives we are having are preventing our children from coming back home.

There are no known false positives yet for these tests and we feel like Guinea pigs in the process. Now our children are having to suffer. CAN ANY ONE HELP HERE???? Is something going on in our bodies, resulting in these positive screens? Are we touching something like money and its being absorbed in through the skin? What is going on with these tests that would make them keep coming up positive? WE have put ourselves on a strict diet (thinking it was food or drink) and a strict structured daily routine. ANY HELP would be Greatly appreciated.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately until more is published on the new tests about the only thing you can do is to get a confirmation test, either the GC/MS or the newer (and more expensive) high-performance liquid chromatography (LC/MS/MS). You may have to pay for a confirmation test but it would be worth it to get your children back.

Positive for marijuana
Date: 3/12/2012
I’m in a custody battle where I’ve been asked to do random drug testing. I took a hair follicle test in January and passed. However, since then I’ve been peeing in a cup and have had every test come back positive. I drink energy drinks, mostly redbull and the occasional Starbucks coffee drink in a can. I also take melatonin or Valerian root to help me sleep. Is there something in these products that is making my tests positive for marijuana?


AskDocWeb: Valerian root has caused some false positive urine tests for benzodiazepines but not marijuana. Several people have reported getting false positives after consuming energy drinks but so far there is no documentation to confirm that. You might want to compare the ingredient list of your energy drinks to this list of possible causes for false positives.

Can I report the company?
Date: 3/12/2012
I am in treatment and on probation and I have had three urine tests at my treatment center and for some reason amphetamine keeps showing up…it is under the threshold level still but it scares me. I am also 8 months pregnant and I have not abused drugs during the whole pregnancy…I was wondering if there is a way I can report the company to someone about that happening? I am also not the only one it is happening to at this treatment center…


AskDocWeb: A good first step may be to call your State Attorney General’s Office to find out what governing bodies oversee that kind of program. Many states have Department of Drug and Alcohol programs. For example the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS) oversee the functioning of many treatment centers in Ohio. The exact wording would vary with the state but that is where we would start.

Date: 3/12/2012
I am currently on a methadone program due to addiction to morphine during my cancer. Right now I’m taking 80 mgs.per day. I also take 25 mgs of Zoloft each day & 75 mgs of Doxepin. What my problem is that cocaine shows in a good portion of my urine tests. It will stop for a while & then there will be 2 in a row that show. Generally 2 in a row had never happened until these past 2 months. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink & I don’t do drugs. I have been using a 4 Way sinus spray for the past several years. Would you have any idea why this is happening based on the medications I take? If I did use drugs cocaine would be last on my list. I’m on medication for a panic disorder with panic attacks. It’s been under control for a long time now & I would never want to experience them again. Thank you for any help. The doctor at the methadone clinic is giving me a hard time & I am livid at this point. Nobody at this clinic believes a word that I say.


AskDocWeb: It’s not surprising that the people at the clinic don’t believe you. It is common for addicts to lie about their addiction. That is just something you have to learn to put up with if you want to stay with the program.

Doxepin has shown up as LSD and Zoloft as benzodiazepines on urine tests but neither has shown up as cocaine. Likewise 4-Way Nasal Spray sometimes shows as a false positive for amphetamines or morphine but not cocaine. None of the medications you list are known to cause a false positive for cocaine. Are they doing confirmation tests?

Naproxen (Aleve)
Date: 3/12/2012
My son has to take weekly drug test per his school for having his prescription at school out of the bottle. He was recently placed on Naproxen 500 mg for a back injury and tested positive for thc on his weekly test. A positive test result could lead to him being kicked out of school. I had to take him to his family doctor to take another test to back up my claim of Naproxen causing a false positive. I took all of the information I found to the juvenile drug court and was told “You can find anything on the internet” Is there substantial evidence confirmed by the fda or a drug manufacturer to back this up? The information given to my by my pharmacy does in fact state that the medicine may affect certain lab test results but does not state clearly that it will show positive for thc. I need proof, I HATE being called a liar…HELP!


AskDocWeb: Our best source reference for that comes from a Toxicology Lab Technical Brief from Dr. Joseph Graas, Ph.D. published by Medical Assisted Treatment of America, a non-profit organization that provides information about the disease of addiction for patients and medical personnel (See reference 18).

Tested positive for opiates
Date: 3/12/2012
Hello, I am in a drug treatment program for a DUI that I got, I told them that I smoke pot and I have taken 1 percocet in my life, and that I did not like it, I recently tested positive for opiates when I have not taken anything. I told them to do further laboratory research to find out what it could have been because I hear of false positives, they did with the gc/ms and said I tested positive for oxycodone?!? I do not understand and was put into stricter treatment, I take pramipexol, and trazadone? HOW COULD THIS BE?!


AskDocWeb: Sorry Eric, we have no explanation for your test results.

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