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Date: 3/26/2012
I tested positive for THC, I don’t use any form of drug however, I recently started taking lysine for a cold sore, is there any way this caused my false positive result?


AskDocWeb: Lysine has not been reported to cause any kind of false positive on urine tests for drugs of abuse. Keep in mind that there are over-the-counter products that may show up on a urine test as a false positive for THC.

Positive for marijuana
Date: 3/26/2012
I came out positive for marijuana but I haven’t smoked in 3 yrs how is that possible?


AskDocWeb: There are over 70 substances which could be possible reasons for a positive test for marijuana. These substances are cross-reactive with the chemicals used in cheap urine tests for drug testing, which makes it sometimes appear that drug abuse has taken place even when that is not the case. The only way to get rid of such false positives is to get a confirmation test.

Date: 3/26/2012
I came up positively a urinalysis for cocaine, could amoxicillin have any affect on that and if so approximately how many ng/ml could it show?


AskDocWeb: The sources we have that say Amoxicillin might show up as a false positive for cocaine on urine tests do not go into detail about how many ng/ml show up on the results. That would vary depending on the dosage of amoxicillin taken along with the person’s BMI. (See references: 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 26, and 29)

Date: 3/26/2012
I tested positive for oxymorphone. I have never taken this medication. I have taken ibuprofen, naproxen, L-Arginine, B-12, ferrous sulfate, docusate sodium, ventolin HFA, & vitamin D… Could this give a false reading?


AskDocWeb: Some of those have tested false positive on urine tests but not for Oxymorphone. Are they testing specifically for Oxymorphone?

Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 3/26/2012
I just had surgery and tested positive for cocaine how is that possible? Please help or next time I write it will be via f.b.o.p.


AskDocWeb: There are two possibilities, either you have used cocaine or your test result was a false positive. Some antibiotics have been known to show up on urine tests as a false positive for cocaine. Other possibilities include tonic water, Cola tea, cola leaf, cola flour, cola oil, diabetes, and kidney disease. Whenever a false positive is suspected on a urine test, additional testing is recommended to confirm the results.

Assault Dietary supplement
Date: 3/26/2012
Hi, I’m about to go to MEPS for the military and I am taking Assault Dietary supplement. I was wondering if this could bring up a false positive in my drug screaning for the military.


AskDocWeb: This may be a new product because so little data is available on it. If you will post the ingredients we will check them out.

Date: 3/26/2012
I am taking penicillin and i had one shot of liquor but i was drinking one beer the previous day will i test positive for alcohol if i took the test 15 hours later…


AskDocWeb: That seem likely, alcohol is detectable in urine for 3 to 4 days after consumption.

Rapid Action energy pill
Date: 3/26/2012
I have not done a drug in my life and i get a drug test done and it comes back positive for cociane after tacking “Rapid Action” a energy pill from over the counter can this cause this?


AskDocWeb: For those wondering about energy pills or energy drinks, please check the ingredients in your product against this list to see if any of them might cause a problem on urine drug tests.

GC/MS confirmation test
Date: 3/27/2012
What does GC/MS stand for? You refer to this multiple times in your references, but I don’t see a key showing the abbreviation definition. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Thanks for your question Robin. It was just the motivation we needed to update the menu on the left side of each page. However, we will save you further searching with an explanation. There are two tests used for the majority of confirmations. GC/MS and LC/MS/MS. GC/MS stands for Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry. In this test a portion of the sample is vaporized into a gas, then the components of that gas are analyzed. The spectrum of the substances present are somewhat like fingerprints for each substance. Each substance has a unique spectrum. The results of the GC/MS test specifically list exactly what is found in the sample. This test is time consuming and expensive.

Ths other test is even more expensive. LC/MS/MS stands for Liquid Chromatography with tandem Mass Spectrometry. This is an analytical technique where the sample is vaporized and ions in the spray are analyzed by the mass spectrometer. Typically, LC/MS methods are sensitive enough to detect and identify concentrations as small as 10 parts per billion. According to Acculabs Special Analytical Services (SAS), specificity of the LC/MS/MS method results in data with no false positive results.

False positive for THC
Date: 3/27/2012
I am concern because I tested false positive for thc for two different medication I am now suspended until further information from my thx or the mro what can I do?


AskDocWeb: If you think that your test result was caused by your medications then getting a confirmation test is the only way to prove that. In some circumstances those tests are allowed but a confirmation test not always an option.

False positive for amphetamines
Date: 3/27/2012
I just wrote in and i forgot to include a list of my medications. here you go: baclofen, gabapentin, methocarbamol, trazodone, citalopram, premarin, ranitidine, furosemides, oxycodone, doxycycline hyc. then i was taking the diet pill advantraZ and egcg. could any of this combination be why i failed my drug test for amphetamines.


AskDocWeb: The only medication that you list that might account for your test result is Ranitidine. According to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, Ranitidine may show false positive for amphetamines. We have confirmed this with Blue Grass Drug Screen, which supplies the iCup testing device used for military drug testing.

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