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Discharged from pain management clinic
Date: 3/30/2012
I just failed a urine drug test at a pain mgmt place. All meds I take have been prescribed to me, cept the antibiotics. Figured I had them, why go to the doctor and pay for a script when I had a full bottle of them. Anyway, for benzo’s (which I have been prescribed for the last 9 yrs) and opiods (which was prescribed by the ortho) the ortho that sent me to this pain place and the pain dr said he had the records from there. And I listed all the meds I currently take. I dont need to lie…because I dont use illegal drugs so tramadol is documented, and for cocaine which I do not use. I do not use any illegal drugs.

Everything I take is as follows: asthma inhalers ie: xopenex and albuterol and symbicort..fosomax for osteopenia, restoril and valium. Just prior to seeing the pain dr I had been sick and had taken a few days of amoxicillian (my ex husbands rx that he never finished from a yr ago) I also have problems with my pancreas. Had stents put in 5 yrs ago (and removed).

This doctor just sent me a letter stating my nerve block procedure is cancelled due to this and he discharged me from his practice! I’m so upset. If I did illegal drugs why would I pee in a cup!! I’m so in shock right now. Can anyone help me understand..and he wont re test me!! I really hurt my back in January and have even put on almost 15 lbs because I’m inactive. I used to be hiking, riding 4 wheelers, camping and used to dance til dawn. Now I cant even push a shopping cart. My 9 yr old pushes it and I guide it so she doesnt plow into ppl. lol What can I do?? Anyone have any advise for me??


Drug test after incident on the job
Date: 3/31/2012
I just recently took a drug test for my job but they sent me there a month after the incident. But ok I went, but I brought all my medication that I take along with me. I see a back doctor for pain management, please my PCP has bee on some meds. Can you please tell me if any of these meds come back a false postive and what will they do?

I take Atripla. I take HYDOCODONE/APAP/ 5/500/MGI take Zolpidfem 10 mg tab. These are the main thing, my other stuff is vitamins, like b12 Iron MultiVitamins, daily womans vitamins, SO I’m worried that my medication is going to stop me from moving past this point. But everything I take is under a doctors care… Please help to set me mind at ease.


AskDocWeb: We can tell you that none of what you list has been reported to cause a false positive on urine drug tests. However that doesn’t mean that you have no risk of getting one. Did you ask what their procedure is for eliminating false positives or if they do confirmation testing? Insurance companies save millions of dollars a year by denying claims on the basis of urine tests (Source: Ur-Ine Trouble).

Concerned about possible false positive
Date: 3/31/2012
I’m taking thermo burst and Gamma o is there anything that would cause a fales positive in there ingredients: Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 120 mg 200% Niacin 20 mg 100% Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 2 mg 100% Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium dPantothenate) 10 mg 100% Yerba Mate Extract (Ilex paraguariensis)(8% Caffeine = 40 mg) 500 mg ** Guarana Seed Extract (Paullinia cupana)(36% Caffeine = 152 mg) 422 mg ** Black Tea Leaves Extract (Camellia sinensis)(9% Caffeine = 9 mg) 100 mg ** Ginger Root Extract (Zingiber officinale) 500 mg ** Schisandra chinensis Fruit Extract 100 mg ** Dill Weed Extract (Anethum graveolens) 5 mg ** Grape Seed Extract (Vitis vinifera) 1 mg Gaba. Gamma Oryzanol 1000.00 mg ** Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) (80%) 1250.00 mg **


AskDocWeb: None of those ingredients appear to cause any problems with drug testing however, several of the herbs do have health warnings: Guarana Seed Extract, Ginger, Yerba Mate, Grape Seed Extract, etc.

I can not afford a failed urinalysis
Date: 3/31/2012
I have renal failure and unfortunately I’m on parole, cannot afford failed urinalysis. I’m taking Ubiquinol CoQ10 and Alkaline drops. Would either result in a failed urinalysis?


AskDocWeb: You may have read that Ubiquinol is a benzoquinol. Despite the “benzo” part of that name benzoquinol is a natural substance found in all cellular systems and in nearly every cell, tissue and organ in mammals. It does not show up on drug tests for drugs of abuse. Alkaline drops have not been reported to cause any problems with this type of drug testing.

Kratom on US military drug tests
Date: 3/31/2012
Hi, I was wondering if the US military test for Kratom on a gc/ms drug test. Also, what would the half life for kratom be? Is a gc/ms drug test very sensitive and can pick up use months ago? 2 weeks ago? Or whats currently in you? Would an Immuno-analysis pick that up as well?


AskDocWeb: Unless they are specifically testing for Kratom it will not show up on a drug test for drugs of abuse. To our knowledge the military does not test for Kratom.

Son facing prison charges
Date: 4/1/2012
My son 37yrs old was given loratabs on feb 24 for dental pain 7.5 he took them more frequently that he was suppose to, lots of pain, informed his Probation officer and did everything he was suppose to do. On the 28 she pissed tested him showed up possitive was sent for a gc/ms psoitive for loratabs and oxycodone (he didnt take it) he also was taking b c powders, and went through a hole bottle of anitseptic mouth wash. The chain of custody composed of 1. paper sent in 2 results recieved no medical report no call from the doc not even any details of the test done he’s facing prison charges and I cant get any info about the lab and what I can do any help would be great. I dont have time the lab is Alere in Richmond, VA thanks,


AskDocWeb: Alere is a federally certified lab. We found two phone numbers for Alere Toxicology Services: 804-378-9130 and 800-977-9130. They also have a website:

As for what you can do, it sounds like he needs an attorney. Alere uses a POCT System to ensure that the point of collection testing program is legally defensible however, that system is optional. Do you know if the POCT system was used in your son’s case? If you don’t know then that is something to check on. Without that POCT System the test results may not be legally defensible but you would have to consult with an attorney about that.

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