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Date: 6/9/2012
Will Inositol show up in a drug test, either saliva or urine?


AskDocWeb: Inositol does not show up on drug tests for drugs of abuse.

Still testing positive
Date: 6/9/2012
I am on probation and staying away from narcotics. I have spinal stenosis, fibromylagia and endometriosis and am a medical marijuana candidate. However I do not wanna go back to jail so I am drug free. I even stop taking my flexril. It’s been nine weeks and I am still testing positive? My levels are dropping but my case worker says it shouldn’t take this long to get completely clean. I’m still taking my Cymbalta, Neurontin and a lot of ibuprofen. Do you have any suggestions on why it’s taking so long to get a negative result on my drug test?


AskDocWeb: We’ll go out on a limb here and guess that you are testing positive for THC. Several sources say that Ibuprofen may test positive for marijuana including the Lewisburg Prison in PA and the Lectric Law Library. Although the body usually clears out the THC in 15 to 20 days there are reports of some people testing positive for as long as 15 weeks after discontinuing.

I will lose my children over this
Date: 6/10/2012
I have a desperate need for answers asap. I tested positive on hair test for cocaine, am in custody case. Ex was heavy user of cocaine and crack (sp?)…he smoked it… I do NOT use. There was no confirmation of the test done at the lab. Testing site told me, “they messed up” and the original test did not include cocaine tests. When they did the confirmation tests on all the other drugs, which were negative, they tested for cocaine the 1st time…make sense? Therefore, no second test was done on the cocaine to confirm.

Equally as important, the technician that took the sample opened my sample after sealing it, stating she “messed up” on the paperwork, completed new paperwork, then put the sample in a new bag and sealed it. I pointed out to her that sample hair was hanging out of the paper sample bag when she placed it on counter for new paperwork, as this concerned me very much of contamination. She told me “it didn’t matter”. I will lose my children over this. I need very straight answers asap, please!

1. will being with ex 24/7 and intimate up to date of test cause false positive?

2. could I have been “slipped” something since he knew he would be putting me through this test to obtain custody and I, of course, had no idea?

3. Could the lab errors fight the positive results and, if so, how?

4. Should I return to same lab for another test, go to another since I don’t trust them obviously, or would the positive still be in my system if I did in fact ingest it unknowingly? Please, please, please help me. This is the only site that appears credible and the responses are professional/reliable. I really am terrified. My daughters are my world. Thank you.

So scared

AskDocWeb: We are so sorry to hear that you’re in such an awful situation. If your ex slipped you something, and that is possible, then going to another lab is not likely to make any difference in outcome. However, you have to have another test in order to find out if cocaine is really in your system or not. If the lab that did the original test was not certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) then you may want to choose another lab. If you don’t know, check the list of certified laboratories on page 185. Hopefully you will seek out additional support to help you through this. That includes both legal and personal counsel. You may also find some good advice in the post about
What to do if CPS workers are investigating you. Good luck.

Positve for esctasy
Date: 6/10/2012
I recently had to take a urine drug test for my psychiatrist in order to recieve klonipin i tested positve for esctasy and then negative for esctasy the only medicine i had taken before test was the night before trazodone and tenormin and the morning of test tenormin and depakote i have never done drugs


Positives for Marijuana
Date: 6/11/2012
I recently tested positive for Marijuana and I do not smoke or drink. I currently take Phenegran, Ferocet, Ibuprophin 800, Naproxen, and simvastatin. About a year ago I decided to start eating better and a friend turned me on to Hempseed Granola bars. I eat 1-2 every day instead of junk food. Would this be the culprit?


AskDocWeb: It appears that you have a couple of possible causes for a false positive for marijuana. According to Medimpex United Inc., “Hemp seed products, such as hemp burgers or food products containing hemp oil will also cause false positives for THC. Twelve ounces of hemp seed products ingested before a test will cause you to fail your test and has held up as a defense in at least two federal court cases.” Ibuprofen is also known to cause false positives for Marijuana use.

Positive for PCP
Date: 6/11/2012
I have been testing positive for pcp the last two drug tests and I am perscribed zoloft and methadone why is it falsy positive for pcp?


AskDocWeb: Neither Zoloft nor methadone would show up as PCP on urine drug screens. The list of substances that might show up as PCP is relatively short: Diazepam, Diphenhydramine (Benadryl), Doxylamine, Effexor Tablets (venlafaxine hydrochloride), Effexor XL, Ketamine, Lamotrigine (Lamictal®), Theraflu, Tylenol Simply Sleeps, and Venlafaxine hydrochloride (Effexor).

Date: 6/11/2012
I have just came under a positive test result for methylhexanamine but do not consume any dietary supplements at all. I did however take a homeopathy nasal spray with the ingredients: -adrenalinum -allium cepa -ambrosia artemisiaefolia -echinacea angustifolio -gelsemium sempervirens -sanguinaria canadensis -sticta pulmonaria -kali Iodatum. Could this nasal spray the cause of the positive test result?


AskDocWeb: None of the ingredients you listed has shown up in the research on false positives. So far we haven’t identified any substance that might cause a false positive for methylhexanamine (4-methylhexan-2-amine).

If you’re competing in any sports that drug tests according to WADA’s (World Anti-Doping Agency) standards, do NOT take anything containing methylhexanamine (also known as Geranamine, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine and 4-methylhexan-2-amine, and sometimes it’s just listed as Geranium Extract). It’s been on the WADA list of banned substances since 2010.

Positive for Meth?
Date: 6/11/2012
I tested positive for Meth at my P.O. I don’t do it. I take Singulair, Zantac, Januvia, Lisinopril, Flexeril, Ibuprofen, Ulram. Help me to find out.


AskDocWeb: The only one of those that might cause a problem is Zantac, which has shown up as a false positive for methamphetamines. This has been confirmed by Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, one of the nation’s premier forensic drug testing facilities. RTL sells millions of instant urine tests and oral fluid drug tests each year so they should know.

Bioallers sinus and allergy nasal spray
Date: 6/11/2012
Can Bioallers sinus and allergy nasal spray which contains adrenalinum 6x, allium cepa 6x, ambrosia artemisiafolia 12x, echinacea, gelsimium, sanguinaria, sticta pulmonaria, and kali iodatum cause positive test for methylhexaneamine


AskDocWeb: Taking a close look at those ingredients here’s what we found:

  • Adrenalinum appears to be a homeopathic “medicine” derived from epinephrine. Epinephrine (adrenaline) is a hormone and neurotransmitter. The 6X means a dilution of 1 part of starting ingredient per 1 million parts of final solution. If you are lucky you get one molecule of the active ingredient in a 25ml bottle.
  • Allium Cepa is another name for the common garden onion.
  • Ambrosia Artemisiaefolia is made from Rag Weed (Hog Weed).
  • Echinacea Angustifolia is the common purple coneflower.
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens is made from evening trumpetflower, also called Yellow Jessamine.
  • Sanguinaria Canadensis is another name for bloodroot.
  • Sticta Pulminaria is also called Lungwort, Jerusalem Cowslip, Oak Lungs, Lung Moss.
  • Kali Iodatum is also called potassium iodide.

It is amazing what some businesses get away with selling. But let’s not get distracted. Since methylhexaneamine is derived from the oil that comes from geranium flowers (with the addition of synthetic material) and that doesn’t appear in the ingredient list, there shouldn’t be a problem with drug testing.

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