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Date: 6/15/2012
Does Biotin cause any false positives?


AskDocWeb: No.

Combination of meds?
Date: 6/17/2012
Can a combination of meds cause a positive for PCP? Employee returned to work from surgery and took a random drug test when he was taking the following: Ibuprofen 800 mg Vicodin 500 mg Tylenol w. Codeine #3 Percocet 325 mg Alka Seltzer Cold and Flue Medication 10mL injection of Lidocain 2% 50mL reconsituted 100 mg Doxy 100 w/ 50 mL Marcaine .5%


AskDocWeb: It is not the combination but rather the specific ingredients in the drugs that might result in a false positive test result. For example, medications containing diphenhydramine are a possible cause for a false positive for PCP. (Theraflu, Tylenol Simply Sleeps) If a test result is questionable then additional testing is recommended for confirmation.

Documentation for liver disease
Date: 6/18/2012
how do you ask questions on this site?

I guess you ask questions here. I have advanced liver desease. I came up positive for marajuana on a drug screen. I need to produce documentation to my doctor about this as I dont use Marajuana so I need to show the doc in a medical report that this can cause false positives


AskDocWeb: If you want a publication there is a book titled “Ur-Ine Trouble” written by Dr. Kent Holtorf, an internationally recognized drug testing expert. It’s backed up by 237 medical studies. It may or may not be in your local library. The other sources are online. See numbers 16, 20, and 21.

False positive for methadone
Date: 6/18/2012
I have rescently tested positive for methadone at my probation office and almost went to jail, I have never in my life used methadone or anything like it, luckly I went to the dr 2 weeks earlier and my urnalysis came back as positive for methadone and I demanded a blood test. Thank god I went strait to have the blood wrk taken it came back as negative for methadone the same day, so I had them fax a copy of my blood work to my probation afficer and she let me go, I about died. Could Tramadol50 mg or over the counter unisom have anything to do with this positive reading of methadone? I still dont know what caused it??


AskDocWeb: That was good thinking on your part Nikki. Neither Tramadol nor Unisom have been connected to false positives on urine drug tests. However, antihistamines in general have been reported to show up as methadone. The only specific products identified were Nyquil, Bentyl®, Elavil, Methadose, Phenergan®, Physetone, and Vicks Formula 44M.

Muscle Spike
Date: 6/18/2012
Tested positive after using muscle spike, how long will this stay in system?


AskDocWeb: Was that a drug test for drugs of abuse or a sports test for stimulants? If the test was for drugs of abuse, what did they say was in your system?

Checking the ingredients in Muscle Spike produced one red flag regarding drug testing. The stimulant Methylhexaneamine, also known as 1,3 Dimethylamylamine or DMAA, is known to cause a positive drug test for banned stimulants in sports testing and sometimes tests false positive for amphetamines. It has a half-life that ranges from 4 to 12 hours so it should be out of your system within 3 days.

Methylhexaneamine is an ingredient in many supplements:

  • Applied Nutriceuticals – Black Cats
  • Beast Sports Nutrition – AmphetaLean Extreme
  • BioRhythm – SSIN Juice
  • BPI – 1M.R. (both capsule and powder)
  • Cellucor – M5 Extreme
  • CTD Labs – Noxipro
  • MAN – Swagger
  • Muscle Fortress – Muscle Spike
  • Muscle Gauge Nutrition – Trim Down
  • MuscleMeds – Code Red
  • Neogenix – Velocity
  • No Limit Labs – NL-Octrain
  • Nutrabolics – Hemodrene
  • Nutrex – Hemo Rage Black
  • Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Hers
  • PharmaFreak Technologies – Ripped Freak
  • PrimaForce – 1,3 Dimethylamylamine
  • SciVation – Quake 10.0
  • Serious Nutrition Solutions – Adrena-G
  • USPLabs OxyElite Pro
  • VPX – Anarchy Covalex
  • And many more

Prednisone and plaquenil
Date: 6/19/2012
Please help I have been taking prednisone 20 mg and plaquenil 200mg and I took a drug test and fail I don’t use drugs and was really embarrassed because I fail so now I’m scared to take another test!


AskDocWeb: Neither Prednisone nor Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) have been reported to cause a false positive drug test for drugs of abuse. However, there are other possible causes so whenever possible a positive urine drug test should be subjected to additional testing to confirm the results. If your original test result was a false positive then the confirmation test will come back negative.

Diabetes and Hepatitis C
Date: 6/19/2012
Hi, I use heroine for one year in the 70s at the age of 20 and join a Methadone clinic which I have been addicted to ever since have had a good record in all my Methadone clinics since the 80, I relocted to this Methadone clinic which I have been clean for the past 7 years. I had one of my urine come back for Alcohol & the following week one for Opiate, I have not done any type of Street drugs since my first son was born 1980, I only take my Prescribe Medications which I have check out and none show they would come back as false urines, My health is not well as I do have Diabetes and Hepatitis C which I read that both of these conditions could cause false urines for Alcohol & Opiate Can you confirm this, Thank you for your great site.


You are welcome Liz. Hepatitis C is unlikely to make any difference on a drug test for drugs of abuse. However, several sources say that diabetes may make you test false positive for a number of things; amphetamines, cocaine, THC, ecstasy, meth and opiates (References: 3, 16, 20, and 21).

If a diabetic does not get enough insulin, the cells aren’t able to use the blood glucose and the system will start breaking down body fat for energy. When that happens, it produces ketones, which can cross-react in tests for alcohol. Therefore a diabetic who is making ketones may produce a positive result for alcohol, even though they haven’t consumed any alcohol. This may also indicate a need for medical attention to get the diabetes under control.

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