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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

Miracle herb pills
Date: 7/12/2012
Miracle herb pills (Chinese herb) contain benzodiazepines, ill be starting a new job and ima have to take a drug test i take the pills they give me energy. What do i tell the people that are doing the drug test?


AskDocWeb: They need to note on the form anything you are taking that would affect the test, which includes herbal supplements. When getting tested, be sure to have your questions ready to ask about the testing procedure. It may be too late to ask them later.

Date: 7/12/2012
Hello. I am currently on house arrest and formal probation, which Menes drug (urine) screaming once a week. I have been depressed latley but can not leave my house to see a doc. My mother gave my some lexapro. Will taking lexapro make me test positive on a drug test?


AskDocWeb: Although Lexapro is commonly used for treating depression, it is a prescription drug and taking it without a prescription is against the law in most countries, which would be a violation of your probation. If you have any doubt about this, ask your probation officer.

High THC
Date: 7/12/2012
Ok I just took a drug and hair test for a job and it came back with high thc I take ibuprofen 800mg take 2 a day also take prochlorperazine 5mg also zoloft 50mg and also codeine 30mg as needed


AskDocWeb: A high THC level typically indicates recent use. Did you?

Please help!
Date: 7/13/2012
I’ve been clean since 2005 and I’m always testing positive for meth. And even extasy. I currently take albuteral, advair, naproxen, oxycontin, lortab, xanax, detrol la, albilify, prozac, trazodone, prilosec, zofran, flexeril, and dream cream. Does anyone know if they cause false positives? My Dr has quit treating me again. Also some don’t even show up that i do take! He said a chronic lortab user Will show up as long as 3 mo. Mine don’t always show up even though i take them everyday. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Failed a hair follicle test
Date: 7/13/2012
Hi am wondering if you can help? I was just terminated from my place of employemnt failing a hair follicle test. I was perscribed percocet 10/325 and also oxycotin 10 mgs for years and i have had Pennsaid cream diclofenac SOD Dr T75 mg Etodolac 400 mg tablets cymbalta 60 mg and currently oxycodone ir 15 mg and OTC allergy meds is there any explanation you can offer maybe on why and how i failed please thank you


AskDocWeb: What did they say was in your sample? Was the test result confirmed by additional testing?

Failed for amphetamines and benzos
Date: 7/13/2012
I just took a ua for a sober living house. i failed for amphpetamines and benzos. I know that i am clean. i had a neuro energy drink a monster and some yerba mate. could they be linked to my failed ua? the only meds i take are mirtazapine 45mg and haven’t popped dirty til now.


AskDocWeb: There are antidotal reports of energy drinks causing false positives but so far we have been unable to locate any documentation to back up those claims. yerba mate has not been reported to show up as anything on drug screens for drugs of abuse. Unless they are testing specifically for antidepressants Mirtazapine is unlikely to show up because it is not a tricyclic antidepressant.

Date: 7/14/2012
For employment purposes (with this job, 2.5 years) I am randomly screened 2-3 times a month for panel 5 (urine screens) and have never tested positive for anything. A new client requested that all project members have a hair test. Mine came back positive for amphetamine-methamphetamine, I do not use drugs. Although I am on multiple drug regime for HIV, including, Atripla, Seroqeul, albuterol inhaler (rescue) symbicort, and take generic pseudoephedrine HCL, I recently began taking Chantix for smoking cessation.

I noted your post that the Methyl component of the inhaler might be the cause of the positive meth test. your post stated: The chemical name for albuterol sulfate is (alpha) 1 [(tert-butylamino) methyl]-4-hydroxy-m-xylene-(alpha), (alpha)’-diol sulfate (2:1) (salt). It may be possible that the meth part of that is showing up in your drug test. Could that also apply to the CHANTIX? Tablets contain varenicline (as the tartrate salt), which is a partial agonist selective for ?4?2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subtypes. Varenicline, as the tartrate salt, is a powder which is a white to off-white to slightly yellow solid with the following chemical name: 7,8,9,10-tetrahydro- 6,10-methano-6H-pyrazino[2,3- h][3]benzazepine, (2R,3R)-2,3-dihydroxybutanedioate (1:1).

I am at a lost for why I am testing positive for amphet/meth, the MRO was not responsive to any of my questions in regards to the positive test, stating that his job was only to rule out or in any known reasons based on my current drug profile I fax’d to him. I dont want to lose my position because of this positive test, he (MRO) would not inform me if the hair test indicated chronic or episodic meth/amphetamine use. thank you for any info you might be able to provide.


AskDocWeb: We’ve seen a few websites that claim Chantix can cause a false positive on a drug screen but none of them provide a source to document that assertion. We could speculate on possible causes of your test result but it sounds like you need more than that. Hopefully you contested the results (if you honestly believe it is a false positive) and are getting a confirmation test from an independent certified laboratory.

Tested positive for methadone and morphine
I recently tested positive for methadone and moriphine I do not take these drugs I do take hydrmorophone 8mg, Norco 10mg, clonipin, ranidine, alkaselser plus, loratadine tablets, Nyquil nighttime cold medicine, zanzflex hcl 2mg, mobic 15 mg, nexuem, could any of these drugs make me come up positive for methadone or morophine?


AskDocWeb: According to a Legal Bulletin from the Lewisburg Prison (PA), Alka-Seltzer Plus may show a false positive for morphine on a urine drug test. They discovered this while conducting drug screens on prisoners. Several sources say that Nyquil may test false positive for Morphine and/or Methadone (References: 1, 3, 11, 14, 16, 18,20, 26, 29, and 43). Additional testing from a certified independent laboratory should rule out any such false positives.

Tyna again?
I recently got a false positive for methadone and moriphine, I do not take these drygs but here is what I do take , I ve been fighting a cold an the flu for 3 weeks, Ive takeken nyqui night time cold meicine, loratadine tabletsI tries a few other antihistimines before I found one that worked I also take Norco 10 mg, Hydromorophone *mg, zanaflex 2mg hcl, mobic, raniditine, nexuem, klonipin, potassuim, lassix, could any of these of caused this false positive?


AskDocWeb: The previous post has your answer. Posting twice will not get you an answer any faster.

Can citroprolam test positive for alcohol?


AskDocWeb: No.

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