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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

Focalin XR
I took this by accident and I’m wondering will a one time 10mg dose of Focalin XR show up on a hair follicle test? If so, after taking the 10 mg dose, how many days must pass before it begins to take up into the follicles.


AskDocWeb: You should be aware that, in the USA, Focalin XR is a controlled substance and that using it without a valid prescription is illegal. Do you have a prescription?

K2 test
Yeah so I’m on probation and got 10 years I’m facing if I mess up well I’m on lamictal 200mg started it about a month and half ago and they gave me a k2 test last week and fail for k2 I never even done k2 before then today they tested me again and boom positive for k2 I’m so scared right now cause I haven’t done anything I’ve been clean for 6 months they sent it to the lab but I don’t get why this is happening to me ? Please someone help


AskDocWeb: To date there are no known substances that would cause a false positive for K2 spice.

One Source the ultimate women’s multi-vitamin
I have bought a new complete multivitamin that supports Energy metabolism heart and bone health called one source the ultimate womens multi. I am random drug tested and want to make sure that it will not show a false positive as i could go to jail and lose my rights to my children if that were to happen. Can that cause a false positive?

S. W.

AskDocWeb: Since a half-hour of searching online didn’t turn up a list of the ingredients in it, you’ll have to provide a that or check them against this list.

I need your help. I had a horrible toothache and used some Oragel for a few days. I recently received a false positive for cocaine. I am in drug court and need help proving my innocence. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

AskDocWeb: The benzocaine in Orajel is chemically quite different from cocaine and should not cause a false positive test for it. If you haven’t used cocaine and still test positive, you can appeal for a GC/MS confirmation test (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry), preferably from an independent laboratory. This test identifies the specific molecules of any drugs present in the sample and will come back negative if you have a false positive.

Adderall tested positive for meth
I am prescribed to adderall and had to take a urine test for the court. They said it tested positive for meth. I told them about my adderall prescription and they said meth is different then amphetamines. I have never touched meth in my life. Could this be a false positive result and if so would sending it off to the lab prove its amphetamines and not meth?


AskDocWeb: According to Blue Grass Drug Screen, Adderall may test positive for Meth. Their iCup testing device is used by:

  • Military – Drug testing
  • Manufacturers – Pre-employment drug test, random drug test, and post-accident drug testing.
  • Businesses – Drug Free Workplace testing programs.
  • Occupational Medical Facilities
  • Drug treatment facilities and Rehabilitation
  • Probation and Parole drug testing
  • Correctional Facility drug testing
  • High Schools – Drug testing high school athletes.

Sending it off to a lab for confirmation will show if it is a false positive or not.

Another false positive for meth?
I’m 46 and I’m ADHD. I take 60mg of Adderall XR daily. I also take Spironolactone 50mg, 2 daily for breakouts and Monodox 75mg, 2 daily for breakouts. Last week, 7/10-14/2012, we were playing in the Youth Baseball World Series and enjoying time with our kids and friends. My regularly scheduled 3 month Psychiatry appointment was during the week we were staying 10 minutes from the office. I went to my appointment and was told because I take Adderall XR, I am now required to take a urine drug test. I HAVE NEVER, IN 46 YEARS, USED DRUGS, so I gladly agreed to the test.

The last two or three days prior to my appointment, I had two Cape Cods (vodka & cranberry juice) and one Bloody Mary. I may have alcoholic drinks 3-4 every 6 months. It is rare, but we were on vacation. I took the urine test with no problem, got my new prescriptions and left.
Yesterday, 7/23/2012, I received a phone call from the Psychiatrist’s office wanting to schedule an appointment. I live over an hour from the office, so I asked why. I was told it was to discuss labwork. So, I asked the doctor to call me to discuss. I just assumed, something was in my urine and they were concerned because it was a health issue. I had no idea the next words I would hear were that I had tested positive for Meth. I WAS SHOCKED, HURT AND EMBARRASSED.

My allergies had been acting up all week since we were outside. We were near a lake and around a wooded area and it was windy. So, with baseball field dust flying and the woods and the wind, I was miserable. I took Mucinex D to help thin the mucus and I also took Zyrtec or Zyrtec D. I’m not sure which one, because I got it from one of the other mothers.

Regardless, I’m not a drug user and never have been. I’m a responsible, wife, mother of 2, business woman, etc. I stand up against drugs! I was told the drug test covered the last 80 hours. So, within that time, I had Adderall XR, Monodox, Spironolactone, my normal hair/skin/nails daily vitamin, 3 alcoholic beverages, Mucinex D and Zyrtec or Zyrtec D. Could any/all of these combined, cause a False Positive for Methamphetamines on my urine drug test?

They never asked me to list anything I was taking. I am furious though, because of the way I was treated over the phone, and I’ve cried off and on today when I stop to think about how I was mistreated and how I was wrongly accused of something I am adamantly against.


AskDocWeb: Please read the answer to Tyler above. If the company that manufacturers the drug tests says that Adderall might test false positive for meth on urine tests, we are inclined to believe them. Of course you need a confirmation test in order to clear your medical record. Try not to take their behavior personally. It appears that you may have become one of the unintended consequences of the War on Drugs.

Can stackers give you a false positive for opiates?


AskDocWeb: That depends on which Stackers you are using. Some have ephedra or ephedrine in the ingredients, which could cause problems with urine drug tests.

Can taking high doses of loperamide make you test positive for opiates?


AskDocWeb: Loperamide, the chief ingredient in Imodium, is an opioid-receptor agonist, not an opiate. It does not test positive for opiates.

Seminal fluid?
My boyfriend takes prescription clonazepam and phentermine. I take random drug tests and we had sexual intercourse the morning of one of the said tests (urine testing to be specific). I did not urinate between the intercourse and the drug testing, and worry that some seminal fluid may have entered my urethra. I do not take any medications whatsoever; not even OTC medications. Would there be any way possible for his semen to cause my urine to falsely test positive for one of his medications?


AskDocWeb: It takes from 7 to 12 days for the female genital tract to clear seminal fluid and this is known to cause false positive test results on other types of tests, so it appears possible. See article by Mazouz B, Almagor M. False-positive microhematuria in dipsticks urinalysis caused by the presence of semen in urine. Published in Clinical Biochemistry 2003;36:229?231.

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