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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

False positives on alcohol tests
I recently tested postive for an etg the score was 2,490 is that high? i quit drinking 9mos ago. i do bleach my hair and clean homes, as well as work in a metal factory. i recently found out that i am hypoglycemic and take glucose! will any of these make a false positive on the test? what usually does? my probation officer dosent think that fermantation would make me blow dirty right after dinner either! help please?


AskDocWeb: Okay, here is a little gem that you might want to print out, both for you and your probation officer. It’s only 8 pages and has examples of possible sources of false positives on alcohol tests:

Please note: Any person that is subjected to or relies on EtG testing should read the Advisory issued by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Although it is dated September 2006 it remains in effect today.

Yes, methyldopa will test positive for amphetimines…..i just lost a job opportunity due to testing positive for this. I do not use drugs…at all.


Cherry pomegranate?
When I took the oral drug test I had drank a bottle of water with cherry pomegranate in it. And when the employer took ti out of my mouth the swab was red. Could that cause a pos. result for thc and marijuana? I eat english muffins every day which has Riboflavin in it. I know Ibeprofan can cause this which I take sometimes. I am at a loss here. I do not do drugs and want to find out why it came up positive for this.


AskDocWeb: Cherry pomegranate would not affect the results of a drug test for drugs of abuse. Although riboflavin, also known as vitamin B2, has been reported to show up as THC, those involved unusually large doses of the vitamin. The typical daily amounts you get from food do not cause problems with drug tests. If you haven’t used marijuana then your test result is more likely to result from using Ibuprofen but additional testing would be required to show that. In many cases the person being tested is required to pay for the confirmation test in advance. In some cases, such as DOT, the employee must be reimbursed for such expense if the additional test is negative.

Refused employment
I have never used any illegal drugs. I recently tested positive for cocaine and was refused employment. What can I do to clear this up? I paid a local for a 10 panel test that came out negative.


AskDocWeb: Do you know if they confirmed the test results? If not then you may have grounds for a lawsuit. That happened to a woman in Florida and she came away with several hundred thousand dollars because her test result was not confirmed. Your legal options depend on where you live. The state laws of California are different from say New York or some other state. If you don’t have a local attorney you can ask a Lawyer online.

Does lipitor show cocain in a urine analysis


AskDocWeb: No.

Avelox (Fluoroquinolone)
Can the antibiotic avelox cause false possative for opiates or morphine?


AskDocWeb: According to The Annals of Pharmacotherapy published by Harvey Whitney Books, Avelox (Fluoroquinolone) may test false positive for opiates on urine drug screens for drugs of abuse.

He took pills by mistake
My boyfriend is on parole for the next 5yrs in AZ for a federal drug charge, he did 6yrs in federal prison. He has always tested negative for the random drug test for TASC and this last time the drug test result was positive for methamphetamines or amphetamines. I asked him if he took any medications or anything that can cause this. He told me he took some pills i had left in his house because he thought they were benedryl or sudafed m, but turns out to be some diet pills i had gotten from a doctor across the border in Mexico called Redotex. Can this have caused him a positive drug test. His PO is waiting for the results bcuz his urine sample was send out to be tested. Should he report it to his PO and give him the pills he took by mistake?


AskDocWeb: Redotex is made by the Medix pharmaceutical company in Mexico. The US government and the FDA have banned the import of this diet medication because it is a blend of drugs associated with the occurrence of psychiatric troubles and even death. Redotex contains amphetamines, tranquilizers (Valium), laxatives, depressants, diuretics, and thyroid hormones. Of course it will test positive for amphetamine. Using any illegal drug is most likely a violation of his parole.

Positive for marijuana
My son just tested positive for marijuana for an at home test that was sent off to an outside lab. Our upstairs neighbor smokes so much pot that the smoke floods our kids rooms (sometimes all night long while they are sleeping) – this happens multiple times a week for hours. He also has been taking a lot of Aleve for migraines and regularly takes prilosec. Could all of these instances increase the likelihood of a false positive? Interestingly, he takes .25 mg of ativan and 60 mg Ritalin LA daily but tested negative for anything else.


AskDocWeb: We found three sources that say taking Aleve (Naproxen) may test false positive for marijuana (References: 3, 16, and 18) and one source that says PPIs, which includes Prilosec, may test positive for marijuana (Reference: 37). If his test result is a false positive the outside lab will identify that.

I was wondering if Zoloft will show up on a CDL pre employment or random drug screening, or if will cause a false positive for something else. CDL drug screens are only allowed to test for (a) Marijuana metabolites. (b) Cocaine metabolites. (c) Amphetamines. (d) Opiate metabolites. (e) Phencyclidine (PCP)as far as I can tell from doing research. I don’t want to inform a possible employer that I take Zoloft unless I absolutely have to. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: As long as they are testing only for those substances then you should be okay. Zoloft may test false positive for benzodiazepines.

Tested negative for Soma
I take many medications. My pain management doctor tests my urine periodically. Soma is one drug I take but I tested negative for it. Why would this happen? He was upset with me. Thank you for any help.


AskDocWeb: Some people who don’t take their medication are selling them on the street. Doctors who prescribe drugs to those people can lose their license as well as face prison time. Is it any wonder that he was upset? You are lucky that he continues to treat you because in many cases patients are immediately dismissed when that happens. It’s one of the unintended consequences of the “War on Drugs.”

Your drug test could have been a false negative. This may occur from any of the following:

  • if the drug is masked by diluted urine (drinking too much liquid)
  • too long a time passed since ingestion
  • your body metabolizes the drug faster than expected
  • too low a quantity ingested
  • the laboratory’s established threshold limits may be too low.

Each of these possibilities has such a low probability that they are typically not considered. However, even if only one percent of the tests turn out false negative results, that means that it is happening to someone – maybe you are one of the unlucky ones.

I am taking Naltraxone and received a Positive drug screen result. Not sure what i tested positive for yet. Can Naltraxone cause a positive result? Its an opioid antagonist. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Naltrexone is technically an opioid, that is a synthetic opiate. It does not produce the same metabolites as the opiate class of drugs. It has not been reported to show up on tests for drugs of abuse and should not be detected unless they test specifically for it.

I take oxycodone and oxycotin for severe back pain. I was taking chantix to stop smoking and on my annual urine test, I tested positive for a high level of morphine. I had my local doctor retest me and tested positive a second time. I then stopped the chantix and tested a third time several days later and tested clean. Draw your own conclusions, but I do NOT abuse drugs. I would highly advise more tests on chantix as it does have other side effects.


Concreta with celebrex?
Will concreta combined with celebrex either one as well alone show up as methamphetmine in urine tests as a false positive?


AskDocWeb: Celebrex does not show up on drug screens for drugs of abuse. Concerta (Methylphenidate) is derived from amphetamine so that may show up but it would depend on what test is used. If it is a simple 5 panel test then you may be okay but make sure you have your prescriptions readily available.

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