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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

Taking an expired prescription – then drug tested
My dr wrote me a 30 day prescription of adipex that I had filled over a year but did not take all of them within the 30 days. 6 days ago I began taking what was remaining of that prescrip. again due to a recent change of job to help keep me awake and alert on long nights. The last 2 I had were taken 2 days prior to being given a urine dip test on a new job and tested positive for amphetamines. When the nurse asked if I was on medication I said yes. She asked was it an amphetamine, I replied, yes. I was directed to the head nurse that informed me I would be receiving a call from the lab testing place for more information on the medications I was on. Also said I would need to have available my dr’s information and pharmacy contact number with dates on which I received the medications. The bottle was disposed of when I took the last pill yesterday, getting the dr note with validation for prescription no problem!

Here is my consern… Although I DO have a legal prescription to have the pills, the dr’s nurse did confirm the date they were prescribed but will also have to indicate that the dr prescribed them for 1 time a day for 30 days… so after reading lots of info about how the expiration dates on bottles DONT reflect the discontinuance of any given prescribed drug am convinced that I have no violated any laws for taking them at my discretion. The nurse did tell me when I initially received them that If I couldn’t take a whole pill that I could take half of a dose or alternate days and help manipulate my metabolism into working faster! HELP…can I get fired for this?


AskDocWeb: We would call both the prescribing doctor and the pharmacy that filled the order. The pharmacy will be able to tell you if your prescription had an expiration date or not, some don’t have one and that could help. Whether or not it had an expiration date, discussing this with your doctor will give you an idea about how supportive your doctor be and what he or she will tell the lab when they call. Be warned that the “War on Drugs” has made many doctors reluctant to help in such situations because they want to avoid the appearance of giving aid to drug abusers. Good luck!

False positive from deodorant?
I just got a positive drug test from a hair sample taken last week from my arm pit for cocaine what I want to know is is there anuway I can gwt a false positive from the deodorant on the hair because I don’t use drugs at all.


AskDocWeb: You can check the ingredients in your deodorant against the big list but we haven’t found anything in deodorant that would cause a false positive for cocaine. Did they do a confirmation test?

Tested positive for benzodiazepines
On June 6, 2012 I tested positive for benzodiazapines. This is a list of all the medications and or supplements I was or had taken within 45 days of the test: NuMedica Corti-B Plex (2 Capsules) NuMedica AdrenaMed (1 Cap) Spring Valley Vitamin D-3 (5000 IU) GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil (1 tsp) Equate Complete Ultra Women’s Health Senior Abilify (2mg) Prometrium (200mg) Progesterone (35mg/ml) (4 Clicks of cream) Fluoxetine HCL (60mg) Vivelle-Dot (.05mg patch) Trazadone (75mg) Buspirone (45mg) Lipovite (350mg) (for weight loss) supposed to be all natural. 3-4 Beers within 12 hrs of test. Can any of these or any combination of these cause a false positive? I was told to take these by Doctors. I have never taken any illegal drugs. Please Help.


AskDocWeb: Welcome Debra. None of your medications are on the list of known causes of false positives for benzodiazepines. However, there are other possible causes but you need a confirmation test to establish the fact that your test result is really a false positive. Until you get that confirmation test (GC/MS) you are presumed guilty of drug abuse until proven innocent.

Does clonazepam cause a false positive for valium?
Hello, I am on house arrest and taking random drug screens as part of the conditions. I am prescribed clonazepam and lisinopril. I have had two drugs tests which came back positive for 3 substances, which I told indicated that I have taken Valium. The tests did not indicate that I had take clonazepam. My probation officer informed me that if this occurs again, my house arrest will be violated and I will be incarcerated. Is it possible that I am getting a false positive for valium due to the clonazepam that I am prescribed? I would greatly appreciate information regarding this as it is a matter of possible incarceration if this issue is not resolved. Thank you and have a good day.


AskDocWeb: Clonazepam and Valium are both benzodiazepines but if you tested positive for 3 substances that doesn’t explain the other two substances. It is in your best interest to fully disclose everything you are taking.

False positive for meth
I have a brain injury (mis-spellings)and take Aderall, Clono, Zoloft, and Lamctol. I got whiplash this week in a car accident and was very loopy from the whiplash. They kept asking if I was drunk or had taken anything. I kept saying ‘no”, that I have a previous head injury. After all the testing, the Dr. came in and said I tested positive for Meth. I didn’t give it a thought, I figured it was my Adderall. I asked, do I have a concussion? He said maybe and stayed focused on the Meth. He said, didn’t I want to find out who drugged me. Could the medications I take test positive for meth rather then just amphetamine? What can I do to fight the results?


AskDocWeb: According to Blue Grass Drug Screen, Adderall may test false positive for meth (Refererce 52). You have to let the doctor know that you are contesting the results because you believe it to be a false positive caused by your medication. In order to prove that, you need a confirmation test, typically a GC/MS test performed by an independent laboratory on the original sample. Hopefully you have a lab near by that is certified by the government to do the confirmation. For a list of SAMHSA certified laboratories see page 185. Good luck Harry.

Mandy, second try
I recently tested positive for pcp at probation. That was a complete shock to me for several reasons: I have never even used pcp, and in a 1-1/2yrs I havent used any others types of drugs or alcohol nor have I ever tested positive for anything else while on probabtion. My p.o. insists that due to the specific nature of this drug it cant be a false-positive and I must have used. Here is a list of all my current meds, please let me know if any of these or combinations of these can cause a false-positive for pcp, thank you.

Topamax 200mg qd, loryna qd, vistaril 25mg prn, for sleep I alternate between clonidine 2mg and melotonin 10mg, and I do have a Ventolin Hfa inhaler used prn. I take daily suppliments from gnc, a women’s energy & metabolizing suppliment, potassium, and l-tyrosine. I also take 400mg of Sam-e. I do take ibupfopen regularly, otc antiacids, antigas, and stoolsoftners. Also I take 20 mg feldene prn, and occasionally I take aguagels diuretics. I’m taking 2mg of suboxone qd as well. Thank you again for any help you can offer me.


AskDocWeb: The list of drugs you use seems to have grown since we answered your question yesterday. We suggest getting a confirmation test to find out if it really is a false positive.

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