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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

Railroaded by DS
HELLO, I HAVE been railroaded by ds, went to an appeal, this week i have 5 years of drug screens to back me 4 screens from the dss, and in court the GAL asked for another 10 panel hair strand test. Note I have tested negative for all, im on suboxone and valium also soma from a muscle disorder, its been 3 days i have not recieved a thing in mail about my screen yet, but omethings way off! I just went a week before and submitted a screen they hear suboxone and they automatically think junkie heroine addict thats not the case at all! i was on oxycotin for a year precribed by a doctor because of MRSA staff infection multiple surgeries, i made it out alive depite the awful cars it left! I had to get help i was dependant upon these medications and i wanted off, so a doctor prescribed, me suboxone firt methadone i could not drive for a week i went off that tried the suboxone, now im a bad bad person and am looking, at my family being ripped apart over something that was totally out of my hands.


Could this be a mistake?
We went to ER yesterday and my husband took norco about 15 pills. his urine showed positive for PCP. He denies taking any other drugs except for drinking muscle milk, rockstar that day. Could this be a mistake?


AskDocWeb: If the people performing the test do not follow proper procedures then the test is invalid. That doesn’t happen very often but it does happen so it is a possibility. Norco is not known to show up as a false positive for PCP nor does Muscle Milk. If you believe your test result is incorrect, it is almost always a good idea to get the additional testing of a GC/MS confirmation.

I’m freaking out
I just got a call from my P.O. stating that I tested positive for methamphetamine. The test was from 2 1/2 wks ago. I haven’t used any meth in over 10yrs. Also, I have not taken ANY kind of sinus meds b/c I know they can come up as amphetamines too. As far as I can remember, I have not taken anything that could resemble an amphetamine, ESPECIALLY meth. What could have happened? They are threatening to violate my probation and I’m freaking out b/c I haven’t done anything. I can go pay $75 to do a hair follicle test. The only medication I am on is methadone, which should only come up as an opioid.


AskDocWeb: Getting a hair follicle test may produce results that contradict the urine test but it does not invalidate the urine test. To do that the original sample must undergo additional testing to confirm or deny the presence of methamphetamine in your sample.

GC/MS confirmation test
Thank you for answering my question about the problem I’m having with my urine testing positive for amphetamines simply from taking methyldopa. I asked which test proved this and you stated gc/ms. So my question now is will this test without a doubt show methyldopa or will it show amphetamine like the 1st test. I dont do drugs and never will. Its so ironic how reluctant I was to taking the methyldopa because of fear of it harming my baby!


AskDocWeb: The GC/MS confirmation test is much more accurate than a urine test. It will show amphetamine only if that is actually in your test sample. If there is no amphetamine then the result will come back negative. There is no doubt about the answer this test provides. It can be used as evidence in a court of law.

False positive for Prednisone?
I have many medical problems/conditions. After going to the endocrinologist for an elevated PTH hormone (which then came back normal on re-test) he said that I was showing Prednisone in my system. I do not take Prednisone and have not since 2002 for an URI. Are there any drugs rx’d or otc that can cause a false positive for Prednisone? The dr said no and put in notes that I was lying and was taking Prednisone. Would appreciate any thoughts. I do not take Prednisone, how can this show up in blood test? A nursing friend told me your liver can sometimes improperly break down enzymes and this may show up as Prednisone. Any truth to this? Thank you for your comments.


AskDocWeb: If your nursing friend can come up with a source reference for that assertion, great, otherwise we don’t believe it. Prednisone is metabolized by the liver to the active metabolite prednisolone.

Note for Kaylee:Your question about birth control was moved to that forum.

I used xtc on saturday how can i be clean n monday pls help


AskDocWeb: Ecstasy is usually detectable in urine for 24 to 72 hours after use. The only way to be clean is to avoid using it.

False positive for morphine
I recently took a urine test for I am on and have a prescription for tylenol 3 with codien and vicodin 750 along with flexeril. I was in the hospital over a month ago and they gave me an injection of morphine for pain. everything I read said that morphine should only remain for three days or so. However it still showed on the drug test. While researching why this might have happened I read in a lot of medical terms that codien may give a false positive as morphine is that possible?


AskDocWeb: Yes, adding codeine to any product seems to increase the risk of that product to show a false positive for morphine. Here are some known examples:

  • Acetaminoph w/codeine
  • A.P.C. w/codeine
  • Actifed with Codeine Cough Syrup®
  • Ascriptin w/codeine
  • Broncholate CS
  • Empirin w/codeine
  • Fiorinal w/codeine

The use of these products has produced false positives for morphine on urine drug screens for drugs of abuse.

Note that the elimination half-life of morphine is reported to vary from 2 to 4 hours. After a month it is long gone from your system.

Urine test came up as cocaine
I failed a urine test at my job and it came up as cocaine. The day before the random drug test i drank alot of codene/phermenthazine. Would that cause cocaine to show up? I also have been using lmx (lidocaine) topical cream for 4 years. And ive been taking nyquil and robotussin and nasal spray alot. Like 2weeks prior of the test


AskDocWeb: Hi Chris, welcome. None of the meds you list would show up as cocaine on a urine drug test. However, there are a couple of medical conditions that might cause that; diabetes and kidney disease. If you have no other explanation you might consider getting a complete medical examination.

False positive for Adderall?
Hello, my question is my girlfriend drugtest come back positive for adderrall. she does not take this she been taking asprian b-12 and benadryl. I work for EMS we both on the fire dept and we have a random drug test. just had 1 the 5th of Sept and it was clean. Now her work give her one and it was oct 2. Is there any thing that can make this be positive she drink alot of monster energy drinks please help us to answer this. She lost her job because of this. Thank u.


AskDocWeb: Our database does not have a listing for anything that would cause a false positive for Adderall. However, it is possible that human error was involved or a defective test. If that is the case then it may be beneficial to demand to see their proof. That would be in the form of a confirmation test result. If they can’t or will not produce the proof then you may want to check with
a Lawyer or get an attorney that specializes in employment law. Some businesses have discharged employees, or failed to hire them, solely because of the results of a urine drug test. In some such cases, employees have won large settlements because the employer did not get a confirmation test. Good luck.

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