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Hello is Is dehydration can cause false positives on drug tests?


AskDocWeb: No. Dehydration has no effect on urine drug tests.

Tested positive for marijuana
I had tested positive today for marijuana on a drug test and have not smoked in almost 2 solid months. The test showed up as I had smoked within the last 2 weeks and I don’t understand it. The lady that did my ua said my medicine Prestiq and Trazodone wouldn’t do that. There has to be a mistake. I KNOW I haven’t smoked. And I cannot figure out why nor find out anything about how I could have tested positive. Can the combination of the 2 if not just 1 of them give a false result?


AskDocWeb: The combination of those drugs would not cause a false positive for marijuana but your test result may be from another cause. A confirmation test would reveal whether or not it was a true false positive.

If I take herbalife products can I be positive on a drug test?


AskDocWeb: Herbalife is a global multi-level marketing firm which sells multiple weight loss products, nutritional supplements, and skin care products. What are the ingredients in the product that concerns you?

Nicole part 2
After I asked my question I read further into this site and found out that the trazodone wouldn’t show for positive thc nor would the prilosec which is a new anti depressant. But as I was reading some more I found the list of drugs that would show positive as thc and Midol and Ibuprophen I had both taken within the last couple of days and with my cramps I did take more of the Midol than I should have by one pill each time.. and I would add a cpl of Ibuprofen in for the migraine I had.. I do believe this is the cause of my false positive test results. Like I have said I KNOW I haven’t smoked anything


False positive for benzos?
What would cause a false positive for benzos? I took Nyquil, Aleave, a Remoran, and Abilify in the past 24 hours.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Deb, none of those would cause a false positive for benzos. If you haven’t used any benzos then we suggest you get a GC/MS confirmation test to clear your record.

Cold meds?
I just took a drug test and it was positive for benzos, for the last 7+ days i have been sick with a bad URI, and just been treating myself with OTC meds such as alka seltzer cold nite time, and have been taking every 2-4 hours around clock on top of two inhalers, and benadryl, tylenol sever sinus congestion, im better but still can tell ive been sick, i also take prozac and estrogen, now i know something in all that cold med showed a false positive rite???


AskDocWeb: Welcome Chrissy! Cold meds are known for causing false positives but not for benzodiazepines. The only possibility in your list is the Benadryl (Diphenhydramine), which according to Reference 45 may cause a urine test to show false positive for benzodiazepines, PCP, and/or tricyclic antidepressants.

Tested positive for meth and oxy something
I suffer from chronic pain and take hydrocodone, sumatriptan for migrains, excedrin, clonazepam, alprazolam, and cyclobenzaprine. I recently took a ua and they reported that my urine showed meth and oxy something, I have never done either of these drugs. can you help?


AskDocWeb: Hi Terri, welcome to the forum. None of the meds you are taking would test positive for meth but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a false positive. Your “oxy something” is likely to be oxycodone. According to the Department of Pathology at the University of Michigan, Hydrocodone may test false positive for oxycodone. In order to completely rule out the false positives we suggest getting a GC/MS confirmation test. You may have to pay for that out of your own pocket but it’s worth it to clear up your record.

Omneprezole also tests positive for thc. I noticed that he had listed it and checked mine and sure enough it has a sticker stating as much, as did my other stomache med. So now I know how too.


AskDocWeb: Thanks Crystal. It’s always good to have additional confirmation. Several of the proton pump inhibitors have been known to test false positive for THC.

Positive for opiates
hello, i am on a methodone clinic and get drug tested every week. ive been sober for 10 months and recently had a positive drug test for opiates. Now here is the weird thing, I had surgery on Oct. 4th and in surgery the gave me opiates and benzos. The drug test that i tested positive for opiates was administered on the 24th. I had 2 other drug test since the time of my surgery that were negitive for all drugs. and then the third drug test came back positive for opiates. is it possible for that to happen? for a drug that was administered to lay doormant and not show up on 2 drug test and to show up out of nowhere on the 3rd… i am clueless because i know i havent taken anything.


AskDocWeb: A drug is either in your system or it is not. It does not lay dormant or undetectable for any period of time and then show up later. However, your test result may still be a false positive as there are over a hundred possible causes for that. Are you able to get a confirmation test?

Random urinalysis tests at methadone clinic
I am a patient at the local methadone clinic, and as my counselor says, I’m a model patient. I also have a primary care physician who prescribes me levothyroxin 75 mcg once daily, Prozac 20mg once daily, triamcinolon 0.1% once daily, trazadone 50mg once at night as needed, and Ativan 1mg/ 3 times daily. Also I take 1,000 mg of fish oil daily, and I’m on a dose of 80 mg of methadone daily from the clinic. The methadone clinic does random urinalysis tests at least once a month and they send them out to the Bendiner & Schlesinger lab in New York. We are in Concord, NH. Now why would I have tests coming back for the last 2 years saying there are no benzodiazepines in my system when I have been taking 3 mg a day for over 2 years. My primary care physician is ready to stop my Ativan prescription because of this, but when she gave me a urinalysis the benzodiazepines showed up, and she uses a lab right here in NH. Please help!


AskDocWeb: Your description of the behavior of those at the methadone clinic seems to be inconsistent with the industry standards for such clinics. With all the pressure put on methadone clinics by the federal government, it is hard to believe that they would continue treatment for two years when drug tests failed to show that you were taking your prescribed medication. That does not sound like a “model patient” or have we misunderstood something here.

Kyle, part 2
After getting the answer that you gave me stating it could not have been from the surgery i thought a bit and i was wondering that maybe it could be a false positive from the eye drops that were used at my post op appt. they were numbing eyes drops but im not sure what the name was. I am also using theswe three eye drops on a dailly basis(ofloxian, prednisolone and ketorolac) but ive been using the three drops for weeks and only got 1 positive. so if anything could it be from the numbing drops given at the eye doctors office… thank you for your help!!!


AskDocWeb: Ah, you may have found it. Check the spelling of your “ofloxian” and see if it is spelled Ofloxacin. That antibiotic has been noted to sometimes cause false positives for opiates on urine drug tests.

That’s it
Yeah thats it! ofloxacin!!


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