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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

Synthetic cannabinoids
Could Synthetic cannabinoids cause false positive for AMP on a saliva swap screen?


AskDocWeb: That is highly unlikely although you can never be sure what is in a custom drug mix.

CPS case?
Are 6 panel instant urine screens submissive in court, for a CPS case?


AskDocWeb: Because state law varies (sometimes widely), you may want to ask a Lawyer about your particular situation.

Fentanyl patch
Would a Fentanyl patch make a false-positive for methamphetimines?


AskDocWeb: No. The Fentanyl patch has been reported to show false positive for LSD but not methamphetamines.

Fentanyl patches
I have been on ms contin, oxycodone, welbutrin, celexa, flexeril and lipitor for several years. The narcotics since a cervical fusion and problems with nerve damage after lumbar and cervical surgery and continuing, protrusions, extrusions, flatening, stenosis, spurs and other termonology from my MRI’s, since 2009. It really helped with getting my activity back some, but I never liked the stigma or the looks I received when I had to go over my med lists with other clinicians. I’ve often thought i would quit taking this medication.

Last year my husband had to have a liver transplant and I am his caregiver. He is very ill with hepatitis c recurrence in the donor organ and now on interferon treatment. He is on fentanyl 100 mcg patches which must be changed every 48 hrs or his skin reacts to the adhesive. After I noticed my dog was getting in our trash, I began cutting them up to dispose of them, into small pieces. The paper shredder wouldn’t shred them, so I use a sissors. My urine drug screens have been ok and my doctor has never mentioned a problem until this month. My urine drug screen came back positive for fentanyl. I received a letter that he would no longer be able to write my narcotics because of this. I explained to his nurse but she never called me back. It had been 3 months since my last urine screen before this one. Ive been changing these patches and disposing of them this way for about a year. Something has happened to cause me to either absorb the fentanyl or could I have had it on my hands when submitting my urine test and contaminated my own specimen? I know this sounds unsanitary. I use alot of lysol and hand sanitisers but if I didn’t wash my hands good after changing and disposing of his patch the morning of my appoint. could that have happened. Do you have any reports of caregivers testing positive after handeling fentanyl patches? I decided to stop my meds but that was a bad idea so I am now at 1/2 my dose in 10 days. I am so miserable I can barely function. I have an appointment with my Doctor in 9 more days. Your input would be appreciated.


AskDocWeb: You can die from handling Fentanyl patches incorrectly. The medication in Fentanyl patches is readily absorbed through the skin and it takes more than just hand washing to avoid contamination. According to Edward Bottei, Medical Director of the Iowa Statewide Poison Control Center, gloves should be worn when handling fentanyl patches (

Do the Vita-Weets, 9 grains show a positive testing when doing a urine sample? Its the only thing i can think of to fail a urine sample??


AskDocWeb: Sorry Kat, we found nothing in Vita-Weets that would show up on a urine test for drugs of abuse. If you believe that test result was a false positive then it is in your best interest to get a confirmation test. Otherwise the incorrect information may label you as a drug abuser and cause you problems in the future.

how could hydromorphone show up on my drug test at the doctors. i was taking lortab 10-500


AskDocWeb: The enzyme linked immunoassay (EIA) urine test does not check for hydromorphone unless a specific test kit for that drug is used. If you have taken a medication that contains morphine or codeine, that might show up as hydromorphone.

False positive for morphine
I just received a letter from my Dr stating she is discontinuing me as a patient because I tested positive for morphine. I have NOT taken morphine except at the birth of my children and have not taken anything other than my prescribed meds which are lexapro, xanax and allopurinol. I have taken a nasal spray equate brand, multivitamin also equate brand, rite aid brand form of a Clairton, and Kirkland brand ibuprofen.

I’m very upset with this false accusation, and wonder what could cause this reading. Can these combinations cause a false reading? What are the chances of improper testing? What can I do to rectify this issue? Please Help.


AskDocWeb: Welcome Sissy. If your “Clairton” is an allergy medication it may actually be Claritin (loratadine), which has been reported to sometimes show up as a false positive for morphine. Your options for rectifying this vary from state to state as well as one clinic to the next. In general, you would need to get a confirmation test on that original sample to show that the original test is not valid. You would want to find out whether or not the prescribing doctor would be willing to do that. Some will and some won’t do that without the suggestion of legal action. Even those that are willing to do the additional testing may require you to pay for it. If they refuse then you may want to ask a Lawyer about how best to proceed. Good luck!

Alcohol in my urine?
Please Help Me!!!!!
I go to a methadone clinic EVERYDAY and get a urine test every month, plus blow into a DUI tester every day. My last 2 urines have come back positive for Alcohol. How is this possible?? I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in over 5 years. I take Effexor XR for depression; Zocor for cholesterol; synthyroid for hypo-thyroidism and Trazadone for sleep and of course Methadone. Please someone tell me how this can possibly show up as alcohol in my urine?????? Thank You!!!! My email is (email address are not published).


AskDocWeb: Please see the answer to the post by Miriam.

Poppy seeds
I failed a drug test for opiets, I am 1,000 percent sure I’m clean and HAVE NOT used. The place I go to is 99.9% accurate but I still sent off to lab I believe it’s positive but for poppy seeds will the lab be able 2 detect exactly what’s going on? Be able to say why I’m positive or just say yeah she’s positive?


AskDocWeb: Poppy seeds can be distinguished from illicit drugs if the lab uses a GC/MS test. Although poppy seeds have the same metabolites as opium, these metabolites are shown to have different patterns when viewed with the GC/MS.

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