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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

I took imodium for diarrhea. can it test false poss for opiates?


AskDocWeb: Imodium has not been reported to cause any kind of false positive on drug tests for drugs of abuse.

Alcohol monitoring
I will be undergoing alcohol monitoring via a SCRAM device for the next 30 days, and then UA testing for the next 6 months. I have not had a drink in 8 months, but I am worried about causing false positives on these tests. I currently enjoy eating a fair amount of sugar free candy (containing sorbitol). Will this cause a problem? If I go to a restaurant, and they use wine in the sauce, will I trigger a bad test? I saw on this site that tonic water has caused problem in the past, is this still true with the tests they use?


AskDocWeb: The tests for alcohol are very sensitive and quite likely will show positive if you consume sauce made with wine. Tonic water does not contain alcohol unless you add it. It has caused false positives for cocaine (References: 16 and 18) but not for alcohol.

Chlorphen Tabs (Chlorpheniramine)
I have been on a strict pain management program for over 20 years. My UA’s always came back negative for anything other that what I had been prescribed. I started using Chlorphen Tabs (Chlorpheniramine) for a month and my last UA came back positive for Benzodiazepine. The physician did start using a new lab for testing and I had some tests at the hospital about 13 days prior where they injected with me pain meds, relaxers and antihistimes when I had an allergic reaction on the table. I called the distributor of the chlorphen tabs and was told that every body process medications differently and that some UA lab processing facilities are more sensitive than others. Chlorphen tabs work better for me than Benadryl did. I did find conflicting info on the internet about chlorphen causing false positives.


AskDocWeb: Although we have seen reports of chlorpheniramine (also sold as Chlor-Trimeton) producing false positive results for benzodiazepines we have yet to locate documentation to verify that.

Can Trazadone make you test positive for phenobarbatol?


AskDocWeb: Trazadone is a common misspelling of Trazodone, which is sold under the brand names Desyrel, Oleptro, Beneficat, Deprax, Desirel, Molipaxin, Thombran, Trazorel, Trialodine, Trittico, and Mesyrel. This is a tetracyclic antidepressant thought to increase the activity of serotonin in the brain, which helps elevate mood. It has shown up as false positives for amphetamines and LSD but not for Phenobarbital, which is a barbiturate.

Positive for hydrocodone and hydromorphone
How you doing, I’m currently a pain management patient and currently taking fentanyl, lortab, tramadol and at one point opana. I’m in the marine corps and I took a urinalysis test and came back positive for hydrocodone and hydromorphone, my medical rec


AskDocWeb: It appears that you got cut off there so let’s skip to the bottom line. If your urine test shows positive for anything you haven’t taken, get a GC/MS confirmation test. The reality is that you are considered guilty until proven innocent and that confirmation test could save you a lot of trouble – both now and in the future because your medical records will follow you.

Diabetic tussin?
I had a urine test yesterday because I am on oxycodone and opana. The doc said I tested positive for methamphetamines. He asked if I used Sudafed or some other stuff and I said no. I just realized I have been taking diabetic tussin for congestion and wonder if this was the cause. The doc did say office drug screens often show up false positives and are not reliable. He said not to worry but I am a bit concerned. I wonder if I should go to the office with the bottle and show it to them. This is a great site. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: In the book, Understanding Drugs of Abuse Testing By Dr. Amitava Dasgupta, Diabetic Tussin DM is identified as one of the products that may result in a false positive drug test result. You might save yourself a trip if you just phone the office and tell them about the Diabetic Tussin. You can still offer to bring in the bottle if they want to see it.

Positive for benzo/opiate
I recently had a drug test come up positive for benzo/opiate. I am currently on quetiapine(seroquel), bupropion sr (Wellbutrin sr) and lamotrigine(lamictal). I have also used excedrin migraine heavily for years can any of this have caused my test to show positive?


AskDocWeb: Several of your medications have shown up as false positives but not for benzo or opiates. If you haven’t used any then a GC/MS confirmation test could be your proof of that fact.

My boyfriend took a z pack that was giving to him by the doctors for a sinus infection and he is going to take a drug test Tuesday for work for a promotion. Would the Z pack show up in his drug test?


AskDocWeb: That is unlikely as we have found no reference for Z Pack (Zithromax) causing any false positives on drug tests for drugs of abuse.

Twice weekly drug test
i do weekly drug test twice a week for cps. all my test have been clean and on Jan 10, 2013 my test came back positive for thc. i do not smoke marijuana. my level was a 12/ng and the cut off level is a 10/ng. my next screening was on Jan 16, 2013 and the thc was gone. can anyone help me figure out why i would test positive paid out of pocket today to get a hair foolicle test done to prove my innocence, just waiting on the results. please help me.


AskDocWeb: You may want to review this list as there are more than 70 possible causes of a false positive for THC. Like urine tests, the hair follicle test still has to be confirmed by a more accurate test, usually a GC/MS.

False positive for benzos?
I am a substance abuse counselor, and I have had a client test positive for benzodiazepines. Client has not been prescribed any anxiety meds. However, she was recently diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and was prescribed Prednizone, Azithyromycin, and has a rescue inhaler with Albuterol. Can any of these meds cause a false positive for benzos?


AskDocWeb: Our database lists over 500 substances that may test false positive on urine drug screens but none of those medications are on the list. However, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a false positive caused by other reasons. In order to eliminate any doubt you need to get a confirmation test on the original sample, preferable from an independent certified laboratory.

Prevacid shows up as a positive for THC…


AskDocWeb: Do you have a source reference for that assertion so that it can be verified or is that personal experience?

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