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Tramadol and solpadol
Date: 2/12/2013
I have just tested for opiates but all I have taken is tramadol and solpadol as I have cartilage damage in my knee and now my marriage is about to end as my wife thinks I have been using heroin. Can you help please


AskDocWeb: Solpadol is a combination of codeine and acetaminophen. Codeine will test positive (not false) for opiates because it is an opiate. (Reference: 20).

Strange results on urine test
Date: 2/12/2013
Why would a test come up postivie for methamphetamine and negative for amphetamine on a 10 panel strip?


AskDocWeb: It could be a technical error. It depends on which test was used. Your post doesn’t specify the name of the 10-panel test used but these tests all have an error rate. For example, the rapid drug tests with the testers built into the side of the cup have a 3% error rate, which means 3 out of every 100 tests produce false results. (source: Your test may have been one of the errors.

Shocking drug test results
Date: 2/12/2013
Hi, I have been going to a pain clinic for a few months now for chronic headache pain control. I took a urine test last week and the doctor discontinued service to me when the test showed positive for Morphine! I am in complete shock. I am on Depakote, Zoloft, Remeron, and Seroquel for panic disorder. Occasionally I also have Hydrocodone which is what I take to try and help the pain before I take a heavier pain killer. Can any of those make it look like I used 4X the cutoff for Morphine???


AskDocWeb: According to the Blue Grass Drug Screen, hydrocodone may test positive for opiates (References: 52). They should know since they manufacture drug testing kits used by law enforcement and our military. Note that morphine is an opiate.

Cocoa seed butter?
Date: 2/13/2013
I’m 7months pregnant and I rub vaseline cocoa radiant body oil on my stomach. Will it make me test dirty for drugs? It’s made with cocoa seed butter.


AskDocWeb: It’s coca oil that shows positive for cocaine (References: 41 and 42), not cocoa. The spelling is close but cocoa is a different product and has not caused any problems on urine tests.

I don’t understand
Date: 2/14/2013
I’ve been goin to this practical dr. for bout year he just gave me urine text n he said I texted positive for cocaine there’s no way I dnt do any drugs im so confused my meds are oxycodone10/325 opana 20 mg I was takin ambeim to help me sleep doxycycline 100mg they hav discharged me i dont uhhnderstand ive never took cocaine please help me uunderstand what could of happened. I visited tha hospital prior to goin to my dr. office I was givin morphine n if spelling it right dilaudid please respond to my issue itz really urgent


AskDocWeb: A certain percentage of the quick urine tests produce false positives. Once you know that is possible you then have the option of contesting the results by requesting (or demanding) a confirmation test. In some cases you may be required to pay for the additional testing but if you are convinced that your test result was a false positive it may be worth it to clear your record.

Date: 2/15/2013
My son is taking strattera and ever since he has been taking it he is now failing drug test for mtd methadone is it possible that its giving a faults positive. I use first check 12 panel test and I’m mailing the results out for more testing on it.


AskDocWeb: Strattera (atomoxetine hydrochloride) should not give a false positive result for anything on a urine drug test.

Looking for a job
Date: 2/15/2013
Hello, I was recently diagnosed with RA and was tested positive for TB right after then after some more studies I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. I am currently taking tramadol (2 pills daily) and diclofenac (1 pill daily) 50 mg temazapam (1 pill but only at night to sleep and I don’t take it every night depending on how I feel), INH, prednisone 8 mg, methotextrate (only once a week) 10 mg and stomach antiacids cetrizine and another (I forgot the name but it is a less effective one then cetrizine), vitamin B6, a multi-vitamin, calcium w/ vitamin D, and folic acid and I am looking for a job. If I am tested will any of these pills cause me to test positive on a drug test? And if so as long as I show them my prescriptions will this clear me? Please help?


AskDocWeb: The only one of those that might be a problem with drug screening for employment is the tramadol, which may test false positive for phencyclidine (PCP) and/or methadone (References: 62, 63), and 64). As long as you show them your prescriptions you should be fine.

Failed for methadone
Date: 2/15/2013
My son has failed for methadone as well on strattera


AskDocWeb: He may have failed for methadone but it was not because of the Strattera. Was his test confirmed by GC/MS testing?

False positive for marijuana?
Date: 2/15/2013
I tested positive for marijuana but haven’t smoked in 30 years. i do take naprosen and ibuporfen and black kohosh can they produce false positive? also can a test be done just to isolated tch?


AskDocWeb: Ibuprofen is well known to show up as a false positive for Marijuana (THC) on urine drug screens (References: 1, 3, 16, 18, 29, and 48). And yes, there is a one panel test kit is just for marijuana. It costs about $3.00 on

Date: 2/15/2013
Hi, I’m Lorenzo, if taken RIFAMPIN i will fail the screen test that my employer make on mi job?


AskDocWeb: Rifampin is a semisynthetic antibiotic which sometimes tests false positive for Opiates (References: 25 and 32 and 57). Be sure to tell them you have a prescription for it when getting tested.

VA hospital in Kansas City
Date: 2/17/2013
First for post 1/19/2009 Anna, this happened to me as well at the VA hospital in Kansas City, MO and I was definately taking my meds. They cut me off with no warning, which caused me to go into severe withdrawl symptoms, and major pain issues. Luckily I was able to find a very good private doctor who reviewed my MRI and was appalled at what had happened.

I did my own research. I was 100% disabled, but I was not an idiot, I had a master’s in Phyical Therapy, and I had heard many other patients had the same thing happened to them. The same UA also came back positive for amphetimines, I wouldn’t have even know where to get these drugs. Funny thing is all this happened around the same time you posted your negative results. In doing my reseach I found out the test they were using did test for synthetic opiates but in order for them to show up I would have had to take so many i would have taken enough to kill myself. I had the company send me the specs, I also found out that Wellbutrin one of the meds I was taking caused a false positive for anmphetimines. However, by this time I had been red flagged and I didn’t want to deal with the VA, even though my meds on the outsider were very expensive.

I did this for a year, I also made a formal complaint, and then one day the secertary of the VA called and asked me to give the VA another try so I did, it was a mistake, retribution by the VA sucks. Monthly pill counts, and UA, I always, tested positive and had the right amount of pills, but aparently the test didn’t test high enough in opiate content, so once again they called me a drug pusher, and red flagged me within three months.

I decided the VA sucks and being 100% disable after serving my country doesn’t mean anything when you have people like that making descion. I was told they can’t even accurately measure the amount of opiates in your urine sometime later but it was too late then. so can they tell how much opiates you are taking or not with an UA or not?


AskDocWeb: A UA typically refers to the initial urine drug screen using an inexpensive (cheap) test that gives quick results. It detects the presence or absence of opiates but does not give quantified answer as to how much is in your system. That requires a more expensive test.

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