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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

Date: 2/18/2013
Thank you so much for this information. I feel as if I have read an intelligent and honest report. And of course factual. Again, thanks for your time and research efforts.


AskDocWeb: You are welcome Sandy. Hopefully you have the information you need to protect yourself from being falsely accused of drug abuse.

Date: 2/18/2013
I had an initial positive for benzos on an 8 panel, I didnt take anything so I asked for it to be sent in for a gs/ms test with the chemist. It came back positive for Oxazepam which I never took, could you explain to me how this happened please?


AskDocWeb: Oxazepam is a common urinary metabolite of several benzodiazepines. That would not show up on the GC/MS test unless you took some form of benzodiazepine.

CPS involvement
Date: 2/19/2013
I’m pregnant and have been testing positive for amphetamines. The only drugs I take are the medications prescribed to me by the doctor which are Methyldopa for my blood pressure and my prenatal vitamins. I searched the web and found cases where other woman reported this same problem. Is there any test that I can request to prove my innocence before CPS gets involved?


AskDocWeb: Because of mandatory reporting laws CPS is likely already involved. We recommend that any urine test that shows positive results be sent out to an independent laboratory for GC/MS testing to eliminate false positives.

False positive for cocaine?
Date: 2/19/2013
My brother tested positive for cocaine in urine after taking doxcyline hyclate, prednisone and aleve. Is that possible?


AskDocWeb: While there is a small possibility that his urine test result was a false positive, it would not be caused by those medications. The only way to know for sure is to get a confirmation test on the original sample.

ACE diet pill
Date: 2/19/2013
I am wanting to start a diet pill called ACE I am not sure if it will show a postitve in a drug screen adn can not risk it! Please help!!


AskDocWeb: ACE stands for Appetite Control and Energy. It contains 1,3-dimethypentylamine HCI from Geranium flowers. Geranium Oil and Geranium Oil Extract is suspected of causing false positives for methamphetamine but we have yet to see any documentation on that.

Date: 2/19/2013
I just recently lost a position because of Tramadol showing on my drug test in which I do’not have a prescription for. But I’am on Lortab. I have notified the MRO, but he says no this is not true it is Tramadol. Can any one supply me what I need to send to the MRO or to prove this.


AskDocWeb: Tramadol (Ultram) may test false positive for phencyclidine (PCP) and in high doses for methadone (Reference: 62, 63), and 64). Fortunately a confirmation test will rule out these types of false positives.

False positive for spice?
Date: 2/21/2013
I had a false positive for spice I never smoked that before and only heard about it from the news. I havn’t smoked weed since I was 19 years old. I’m 49 now what could of caused this I really need to know. I’m on parole and I don’t want to go back to prison for something I did not do. thank god my parole officer took my word for it.


AskDocWeb: It is important to establish that your test result really was a false positive in order to eliminate any doubt. To do that the original sample would need to be sent out for GC/MS testing. So far there is a lack of data on what might test positive for spice.

Tested positive for opiates
Date: 2/22/2013
My daughter is a reformed user of opiates. She went into a rehab and is now at a sober living environment. She is on naltrexone 50mg, mirtazapine 45mg, baclofen 20mg, and synthroid 50 mcg. she is also OTC meds like Centrum, iron and stacker 3 w/o effedra. Today she went to donate blood and tested positive for opiates. Is it possible that any of the aforementioned meds could give a false positive?


AskDocWeb: None of those medications are on our list of possible causes for a false positive but there could be other causes. Those quick urine tests are NOT 100% accurate.

Date: 2/22/2013
I work in the medical field with many years in the substance abuse / recovery area. This site is the best! Thank you!!


AskDocWeb: You are welcome Terrie. Feel free to add what you have learned from your experience.

False positive for Barbiturates
Date: 2/24/2013
Need help understanding what over the counter medicine could have caused a false positive for Barbiturates on a urine test. I have taken Aleve, Zantac and some generic cold medicine. Could this have caused it? What ingredient should I look for?


AskDocWeb: There isn’t a particular ingredient to watch for that might show up as a barbiturate and the meds you listed are not known to cause a false positive for barbiturates. You might want to make a list of everything else you take and then see if any of that is on this list.

False positive for phenobarbital
Date: 2/27/2013
I did a drug screen at pain management today. The nurse ask me if I was still taking my phenobarbital, I stated I do not take phenobarbital. She took me in her office and shoed me my tox screen and it was positive. She says its been positive since 2011. I have never taken phenobarbital. Are their any medication that would cause this false positive?


AskDocWeb: There is only one possibility that we have documentation for and that is Fiorinal. According to Encyclopedia of Addictive Drugs, Fiorinal is known to sometimes produce a false positive for phenobarbital (Reference 61). In the U.S.A., Fiorinal is a combination analgesic medication consisting of aspirin, the barbiturate butalbital and caffeine.

Date: 2/28/2013
Can tamiflu make you test positive for benzo on a ua?


AskDocWeb: There are no reports of Tamiflu causing any kind of false positives.

DCS drug testing
Date: 2/28/2013
I have been dealing with DCS drug testing me for 2 months, and telling me that I am positive for benzos. I do not take pills. I haven’t taken ANY pills (unless they are doctor prescribed antibiotics – which I am currently not taking) The last time I was drug tested, the first test showed I was positive for everything. I found that a bit suspicious. The second test showed I was positive for marijuana and benzos. The marijuana, I’m not contesting…but I don’t take pills. How would I show a false positive for benzos when I don’t even take headache medicine?


AskDocWeb: If you are not contesting the marijuana then you have already lost. When dealing with DCS drug testing we recommend getting a GC/MS confirmation test to remove any doubt about the results of a urine test.

Date: 2/28/2013
Can naproxen show a false positive ua


AskDocWeb: Yes, we have four sources that say Naproxen (Aleve) may test false positive for THC, Marijuana (References: 1, 3, 16, 21).

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