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No doctor wants to touch me
Date: 3/11/2013
At my last doctor visit (for pain management) I was dismissed from my doctor for me “failing” a urine drug test for morhphine. I know that I did not take it though! I am now stuck without a doc & in extreme pain with only days left of medicine & no doctor wanting to touch me now.

I’ve been on meds for almost 12years now after a severe accident that has left me handicap that worsens by the months. When I took the test the assitent marked things wrong then “corrected it”. I noticed that there still where “x”s on areas that shouldn’t have a positive so as leaving I asked her about it. She said “she fixed all the mistakes that the lines sometimes blur together”, but I continued to ask “Well it looks like it says I’m positive for this stuff, could my cold & sinus medicines of caused this?”. The phone rang & she quickly replied that I didn’t fail for anything I shouldn’t of & sent me down the hall in a rush.

It was 4wks later when I came in again only to be dismissed for my “failed” drug test. It’s now been almost 2months since that appt (& nearing months since the time I took the drug test), I got a prescription from my other doctor but only have a couple days left of it & now no doctor wants to touch me to help me. I’m in need of epidurals & things but can’t get without pain medicine since I have a bad reaction to it at first making it very painful.

I just need to know what I can do to prove my innocence or what steps I need to take. I don’t have much money to spend to prove my innocence either. I’m stressing out really bad. The weeks prior to my drug test I was taking tremendous amounts of over the counter medications for a bad cold that turned into an upper respiratory infection. I was taking mucinex D, regular mucinex, sudaphed, nose sprays, advil cold stuff etc, & all kinds of OTC meds trying to help ease the cold & found the best medicine to be cough suppressants with DXM in it to work the best & continued to take up til the day of the test. I also was on my 2nd month of my dose of oxycodone being doubled. And might have taken Stacker2 energy shot, but don’t remember if I did since I was feeling so good, but it’s a possibility.

I not only need to know if this could of caused my “fail” for morphine, but if so then what about it being sent to a lab “tested 3x & certified” as the doctor claims it did. But most importantly, I need to know what I can do about this to get it off my record & be able to get a new doctor that will accept me.

I’ve gone through every possibility, but I KNOW I didn’t take morphine. I was recently prescribed it a couple of months before, but had taken all of them waiting on my new prescription & refused to take it again because found out it was causing me bad stomach pains. I did however come across one more, & I disposed of it & then rinsed out all my bottles before I threw them away sometime in the week prior to my drug test (I do this because of being parinoid & not wanting any evidence of my prescriptions in fear that people will try to still them), so the only thought i have to fail my test is if it could of been absorbed in the skin while I rinsed the bottles & touched the pill I disposed of. I’m just clueless & just trying to wrap my head around all this & how this could of happened to me & in desperate need of a doctor right now. Thanks


AskDocWeb: If your State has patient advocates, they may or may not be able to help. Aside from that you may have to Adask a Lawyer what your options are because laws vary from one State to another.

Starters or Prozac?
Date: 3/12/2013
Will starters or prozac show up on a hair follicle test?


AskDocWeb: There is at least one antidotal report that the Fluoxetine in Prozac has caused false positives for LSD and Amphetamines but so far there is no documentation to back that up. You will have to give us a detail description of what you mean by “starters” in order to do any research on that product.

Date: 3/13/2013
Can Minocycline cause a false positive on a drug test? My husband is in the Military and is taking this medication. He forgot to ask his doctor about it like he always does with his medications, and now he thinks he is doing a pee test with the Military.


AskDocWeb: According to, Minocycline can cause false results with certain urine tests (Reference: 69). As long as he has a legitimate prescription for it he should be okay.

Note that Minocycline is also sold under the brand names Dynacin, Minocin, Minocin PAC, Myrac, Solodyn, and Vectrin.

Is this possible?
Date: 3/13/2013
I have been prescribed trazodone, campral, and mirtazapine. I recently took a drug test and tested positive for benzodiazepines. Is this possible?


AskDocWeb: Although none of those medications are known to show up as benzodiazepine, it is possible no matter what you take when talking about urine tests because they are not 100% accurate. That is why any positive test result should be confirmed by more accurate methods. Currently the “Gold Standard” for doing that is the GC/MS test.

Drug test for employment
Date: 3/14/2013
My son in law applied for a position for a job where I work. He was told he would need to take a drug test. They told him to try and get it done that day if possible, the next day at the latest. He does not use drugs and knew there was no question of failing. He went the same day and failed the test for marijuana. They turned him down for the job. This job was a once in a lifetime opportunity as he has a hearing disability and it would have given him the opportunity to have health insurance for him and his children as well as steady employment. He has been exposed to passive smoke when he takes on freelance contractor jobs, but he never has used himself.

The testing facility says they only did one test, the gc/ms and his level was 40. When they called to tell him he failed, they asked him repeatedly if there was a reason he would have failed he said no, he didnt use drugs, but sometimes people have used on job locations where he worked. She said there was nothing he could do, but contact the employer. I know 100% he doesn’t use drugs. How could this come back positive….should he have been offered a second test when he denied to ensure there was no error?


AskDocWeb: If they used the GC/MS test then a second test would likely be a waste of time and money. There is a very small chance that the lab made an error or someone else’s test sample was submitted as his. Do you know if the laboratory that did the testing was certified by SAMHSA? If not, that raises the chances of a testing error. For a list of SAMHSA certified laboratories see page 185.

Zebeta (Bisoprolol)
Date: 3/14/2013
Hello. I have a question about the drug called Zebeta (Bisoprolol). Is this drug tested for in an standard 12 panel drug test and if not has it been know to cause any false positive with any drugs tested for in an 12 panel urine drug test. Thanks!!


AskDocWeb: Zebeta does not show up on any of the common urine drug tests for drugs of abuse. Those tests do not look for Zebeta.

Note: Zebeta belongs to a class of drugs known as beta blockers, which are prescribed for the treatment of high blood pressure, angina, and congestive heart failure.

Date: 3/14/2013
what about hydroxyzine hcl 100 mg, trazadone 150 mg, celexa 30 mg… havent smoked thc for 13 months, unitaded for dr. and falsfly neg?


AskDocWeb: None of those are known to cause a false positive for THC. If you believe that your test result is a false positive then we suggest getting a GC/MS confirmation test.

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