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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that this forum is not for medical or legal advice.

What can I do?
Date: 4/19/2006
I have had 6 differnt back surgeries have had pain mgmt for 9 years. I take methodone, perocet, valium. The last to report from alere say i am not taking them, which i am, what can i do?


AskDocWeb: The two most common tests used when drugs don’t show up as expected are a blood test and the GC/MS confirmation test. The latter of which can quantify the exact levels of the drugs in your system. Hopefully they will allow you to get additional testing rather than just dismissing you. Good luck.

Tested positive for coke
Date: 4/19/2006
I recently tested positive for coke but I don’t use coke is there any other way this can happen?


AskDocWeb: Yes, please see this article.

Nanograms of coke
Date: 4/19/2006
Is 120nanograms of coke a lot for a 210 lbs person?


AskDocWeb: That is an illegal amount of coke. Remember, this forum is for those who do NOT abuse drugs.

Red Bull and cocaine
Date: 4/20/2006
I lately have been drinking 2 x 473ml red bull drinks daily for the past 2 weeks. I just did a drug test and was told that I had a faint amount of cocaine in my system. Not enough for a positive though. Doctors exact words were “faint line”. Is this normal or has anyone else had this issue?


AskDocWeb: In May 2009, food regulators from Germany discovered trace amounts of cocaine from coca leaf extracts in Red Bull Cola. Red Bull GmbH responded by insisting that only de-cocainised coca leaf extracts are used the production of Red Bull Cola. The amounts in question were minute but they were acknowledged by the manufacturer. (See article for details)

Kicked out of a pain clinic
Date: 4/20/2006
I take neurotins, proxac sybalta, plaxic, norvac, limotrigine and the svetol green coffee bran extract ultra pure with GCA. i failed two test now for meth. one of them kicked me out of a pain clinic that i need really bad. I have NEVER or will never do street drugs, i have to stints in my heart that would be a little foolish on my part….thanks,


AskDocWeb: We can only say it again, if you are subject to drug testing then it is your responsibility to learn what might cause a false positive and decide if it is worth continuing the use of those substances. It is also helpful to figure out what you will do if a test comes back false positive.

Date: 4/21/2006
can l-leucine test positive for steroid


AskDocWeb: We’ve read that l-leucine is an amino acid utilized in muscle tissue where it is used to form sterols, which is a kind of steroid but as far as we know, it is not the kind that shows up on drug tests for Steroids.

Positive for marijuana
Date: 4/22/2006
My brother has not used marijuana in over a year, but a drug test showed it in his system. He is taking lisinopril, metformin, and depakote. Could any of these cause a false positive result?


AskDocWeb: None of those have been known to cause a false positive for marijuana. However, additional testing by more accurate means is always recommended upon getting a positive urine test result.

Isagenix supplements
Date: 4/22/2006
Isagenix weight loss and nutritional supplements. I am monitored for my license to practice. I’m told even the slightest bit of alcohol or even some of the sugar free ingredients in sugarless gum may show up as alcohol. I also have to be cautious of my creatinine. Do you think this is a safe product in regards to my drug screens? Thank you in advance.


AskDocWeb: Your best answer may come from the manufacturer. You can call them at 1-877-877-8111 (toll-free). Monday – Friday: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. We would call them but it’s after hours right now.

Tested positive for cannibinoids
Date: 4/22/2006
I was recently given a 10 day cycle of cefuroxime axetil 500mg to treat bacterial sinusitis; I also take 500 mg of Naproxen twice a day for herniated discs in my back. I’m in a program as part of a DWI conviction in which I have to give urine on demand. All of my urines reflected abstinence until I started the antibiotic. I tested positive for cannibinoids; a level of 54. How is that possible? I requested that a GC/MS be run on the results but they insisted on retesting me and waiting a week which is basically assuming that I’m using marijuana. Any insight on this?


AskDocWeb: If your test result was a false positive then it was likely caused by the Naproxen, which is known to sometimes test false positive for THC, Marijuana (References: 3, 16, and 18).

Tested positive for THC
Date: 4/23/2006
My father tested positive for Thc. He lives with me and does not smoke weed. He has hepatic encepholpaty HE, cirrhosis, hep c, copd, cardiac septal defect and chronic pain. He takes oxycodone, zantac, protonix, lasix, propanolol, aldactone, xifaxin, and lactose. Could any of those test positive for THC?


AskDocWeb: The only one of his meds that show up on our list is Protonix (Pantoprazole). That may test false positive for THC (Reference: 37 and 57). A GC/MS confirmation test eliminates false positives caused by Protonix.

Date: 4/23/2006
Yes I recently tested positive for cocaine but have never used I am taking amoxicilin for an infection and was doing some research is it true that it can create false positives for cocaine please reply ASAP it would be appreciated Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Several sources say that the antibiotic Amoxicillin may test false positive for cocaine (References: 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 26, and 29).

Date: 4/23/2006
I took 10m of methadone on Saturday and had to take an saliva test on the spot for cps today (tues) will this show up on the test?


AskDocWeb: It is our understanding that methadone will show up as methadone but not opiates, if that is what you are concerned about. That is, if they are specifically looking for methadone because that is usually a separate test.

Acacia rigidula
Date: 4/23/2006
Does acacia rigidula cause a positive drug test?


AskDocWeb: In 1997 and 1998, two scientific papers were published by researchers at Texas A & M University describing properties of the plant and its effects on cattle. The researchers found trace amounts of amphetamines in the acacia rigidula. If you are taking a supplement that contains acacia rigidula, it is important to note whether or not the manufacturer takes steps to remove the amphetamine before selling their product.

Date: 4/23/2006
My roommate has tested positive for meth and is currently in jail due to a failed UIs. The medications he was prescribed and was taking before incarceration include:

-Prednisone- 5 Mg (1/M)

-Allopurinol – 300 Mg (1/M)

-Lisinopril – 20 Mg (1/M)

-Loratadine – 10 Mg (1/M)

-Aspirin 81 Mg (1/M)

-Fluticasone Prop 50 MCG Spray (1 spray each nostril/M)

-Cymbalta- 60 Mg (1/M)

-Cymbalta- 30 Mg (1/E)

-Crestor- 50 Mg (1/E)

-Trazadone 150 Mg (1/E (to 2/E if needed))

-Omeprazole- 20 Mg (1/E)

-Tamsulosin HCL- .4 MG (1/E)

-Carvedilol 3.135 Mg (1/M, 1/E)

-Brilinta 90 Mg (1/M, 1/E)

-Nitrostat 0.4Mg(1/150GR) SUBLT 25’S – (Take only for chest pain)

-oxyCODONE HCL 5Mg – (Take as needed for pain)

-Medical marijuana.

The oxyCODONE was prescribed after he was released from the hospital (stint implant surgery). His PO is stating he had multiple dirty UIs for Meth even before his surgery. Does any of the meds, or combination of meds, cause a false positive for Meth? I support his claim that he did not take Meth. His behavior and outlook, prior to his arrest, has been exemplary and I saw no sign he was back on Meth. Thank you so much for this help. I do not want my roommate to be unjustly incarcerated.

Worried for roommate

AskDocWeb: The generic drug loratadine has been known to cause a false positive for meth. (References: 1, 11, 16, and 18). Loratadine is also sold under the brand names Claritin, Alavert, Claritin Reditab, Claritin Hives Relief, Clear-Atadine, Clear-Atadine Children’s, Dimetapp, Reditab, Ohm Allergy Relief, Tavist ND, Wal-itin, and Dimetapp ND. A GC/MS confirmation test would clear him of any false positives. Getting them to do the additional testing is another matter.

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