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Subj: Zoloft?
Date: 2/25/2008
Need to know what drugs can cause a false positive for benzos. I take Zoloft and I need to know if zoloft can produce a false positive.


AskDocWeb: It may be last on the list but it is there. Here is our current list of products that have caused problems related to benzodiazepines on drug screening tests.

Alprazolam contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Anti Anxiety medication – most can cause false positive (Ref: 3)

Ativan® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Black Pearls (Tung Sheuh pills) contain benzodiazepines (ref: 32)

Chinese herb pills contain benzodiazepines (Ref: 32)

Chlordiazepoxide contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Clonazepam contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Cows head pills (Chinese herb) contain benzodiazepines (ref: 32)

Dalmane® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Daypro (Ref: 34)

Diazepam (generic Valium) – contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18, 20, 26)

Dormonocet® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Flurazepam contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Klonopin® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Libritab® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Librium® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Limbitrol® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Loprazolam contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Lorazepam contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Miracle herb pills (Chinese herb) contain benzodiazepines (ref: 32)

Oxaprozin (Ref: 3, 18, 34)

Oxazepam contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Oxycodone contains synthetic opiates (Ref: 18)

Potentsex pills (Chinese herb) contain benzodiazepines (ref: 32)

Prescription sleeping pills (Ref: 3, 20)

Rivotril® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Serax® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

TriazolamHalcion® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Valium® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18, 20)

Valrelease® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Xanax® contains benzodiazepines (Ref: 18)

Zoloft (Ref: 31)

For an up to date list, check this page.

Subj: Prevacid, gabapentin and lamictal
Date: 2/25/2008
Any idea if a client taking prevacid, gabapentin and lamictal could test positive for PCP?


AskDocWeb: (answer revised 6/30/2011) A hospital in Florida has reported that lamotrigine (Lamictal®) has shown up as a false positive for Phencyclidine (PCP) on a rapid urine toxicology screen.

Subj: Disabled and takes many meds
Date: 2/26/2008
I am an addictions counselor and I have a client that swears that he has never taken cocaine come up borderline positive for caocaine 4 times in a row. He is disabled and takes many meds. Is it possible for a combination of meds to give a false positive?


AskDocWeb: Yes it is possible. You might want to have him provide a list of what he takes so that you can compare it to this list.

Subj: Tested positive to THC
Date: 2/26/2008
My son tested positive to THC he was taken some of the false positives drugs on the list. The testing com said they screened further to see that it was only thc and these drugs he was taken would not cause a positive on THC, is this true?


AskDocWeb: You might ask what “screened further” means. If they simply repeated the urine test then that is not conclusive. On the other hand, if a government certified lab performed a GC/MS confirmation test (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer) then it is probably true. Is the lab they used is government certified? Note that the drugs on our list do not show up as false positives when a GC/MS test is used, only on EMIT (Enzyme Multiple Immunoassay Test) urine tests.

Subj: Might lose my SSI
Date: 2/26/2008
I tested positive for marijuana and now my doctor will no longer prescribe me any pain meds. I do not smoke marijuana (I am 53 years old) so I am perplexed by this finding thru urine testing. I do however have Hepatits C along with Krohns Disease. I also was taking advil and motrine along with my oxycodone for my severe back pain. I have had 6 back surguries and living in constant pain. Now the Nurse Practicioner told me these urine tests do not lie and that I surely must be smoking marijuana, pure nonsense IMO. She was rude, unprofessional and quite a sarcastic person. I do not care at this point if they ever prescribe me anymore pain meds, however I am on SSI (disabled) and I could lose my SSI if they ever get my medical records. I politely asked the Nurse Practitioner to remove that from my medical records and she said, “NO it’s against the law to do that” what can I do about this mess so I do not lose my SSI? I need help here. Thanks in advance,


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately when it comes to drug testing, you are guilty until proven innocent. At the very least you should demand a GC/MS confirmation test. If you let them keep it in your records the way it is then you may have to resort to an attorney to fight for your SSI benefits. There are attorneys that specialize in Social Security claims although if you loose your SSI benefits then you may want one that specializes in medical malpractice.

Subj: Prednisone
Date: 2/28/2008
Will prednisone cause a false positive on drug test?


AskDocWeb: Since Prednisone is a steroid, it may show up on a drug screen but that is not necessarily a false positive.

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 2/29/2008
I have random drug screens and I have tested positive for cocaine. I was taking vicodin for my ankle and nyquill for my flu and sleeping pills. I did not take them all in the same day but over the course of a week. Then My doctor prescribed me Seraquill. And again I tested positive. I also have taken Tylenol PM and Ibprofin. Would any of these cause this problem? I am trying to get my Daughter back and I do not even drink but I test positive.


AskDocWeb: Problems with false positives have been reported with Ibuprofen, the Nyquil, and vicodin.

Subj: Lamictal
Date: 3/3/2008
I have not ever had a drug test, I have to get one and before I do I wanted to know if Lamictal causes and false positives. I have been taking it twice a day for 6 years as a siezure medication. I just want to know before I get the test. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: (answer revised 6/30/2011) A hospital in Florida has reported that lamotrigine (Lamictal®) has shown up as a false positive for Phencyclidine (PCP) on a rapid urine toxicology screen.

Subj: Gas chromatography testing
Date: 3/3/2008
I tested positive for methamphetamine last week. I took alka seltzer plus and three ibuprofen that morning along with wellbutrin, buspar, baby aspirin and ranatadine. From what I’ve read the alka selzter plus can cause a false positive. They are sending off for gas chromatography testing now. Will it be able to distinguish the difference? I don’t do any illegal drugs. Thanks in advance for your assistance.


AskDocWeb: Yes, the gas chromatography will be able to specify what is in your system.

Subj: Beta blocker?
Date: 3/4/2008
A friend of mine is being drug tested periodically and she recently had a drug test that came back with a false positive for codeine from taking Lopressor/Metoprolol. She is also taking Ritalin and Prilosec. Have you heard any information on a beta blocker like Lopressor giving a false positive? Thank you very important answer.


AskDocWeb: No beta blocker has been reported to cause any problems in drug screening. Note that Ritalin (Methylphenidate) is an amphetamine-like stimulant.

Subj: Suboxone
Date: 3/4/2008
Is it possible for a person to be on Suboxone and get a false positive for methadone. We seem to have a lot of these. Thanks for your help.


AskDocWeb: Suboxone is an opioid or opiate, which means that it contains or is made from the narcotic opium. Several others have reported problems with drug screening while taking Suboxone.

Subj: Positive for cocaine
Date: 3/4/2008
My husband was recently drug tested. The test came back positive for cocaine registering 300 mg. He doesn’t use any drugs and has been tested several times over the past few months and has never had a problem. However recently his medication for his high blood pressure were changed. He currently is taken Atenolol, Gemfibrozil (generic for Lopid), HCTZ and Enalapril (generic for Vasatez). He also recently was severely hurt in the eye and was given Motrin 200 mg (which he was taking 7-8 pills at a time probably about 10-14 a day) Could any of these medicines cause a false positive for cocaine?


AskDocWeb: The only drug you list that has been reported to cause problems is the Motrin and that was for THC or Marijuana.

Subj: How do I prove it?
Date: 3/4/2008
How do I prove amocicillim causes a false positive? Please help,


AskDocWeb: You could go to the reference page and print all that (13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 26, 29) but it may be easier to just get a GC/MS confirmation test.

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 3/6/2008
My husband tested positive for cocaine on a drug test for an immigration medical exam, but he does not use cocaine. At the time he was taking a combination of Relafen, Flexeril, & Ibuprofen for a back injury. My question is can a combination of these medications cause a false positive? Thank You,


AskDocWeb: Both Relafen and Ibuprofen have been reported to cause a false positive for marijuana (THC) in a small percentage of cases, but not for cocaine.

Subj: Amoxicillin
Date: 3/7/2008
Will Amoxicillin test positive on a (GC/MS) test and if so, at what levels can be expected? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: No, Amoxicillin will NOT test positive for cocaine on a GC/MS test.

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