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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that we do not give medical or legal advice.

Subj: Re arrested for cocaine
Date: 12/9/2006
I was going through some legal stuff with my mother and they put me on probation. I was re arrested for cocaine in my system. I am a Personal Trainer and didn’t use cocaine. I did use Sci Fit Thermo Gen II which has yohimbe bark extract 500mg and Mahung 125mg gurana 150mg Willo bark 100mg Caffeine 100mg cayenne 100mg giner root 100mg. Since this is a stimulant just like cocaine could this have given me a false positive. This a ruined my life can you help me with a documentation that supports it.


AskDocWeb: We suggest you contact the manufacturer of the product. If they have a website, check that out and let them know what their product has done.

Subj: False positive for crack
Date: 12/11/2006
Hi, I was wondering what meds can cause a false positive for crack. I was going to buy a Test for cocaine from Walgreen’s to test my son. He has supposedly been clean for 2 months. But he takes sinus meds, and pain meds loracet, fiorocet, and norco. Appreciate any help,


AskDocWeb: He would have to be off of all meds in order to avoid a false positive with a cheap test like that. We suggest you go ahead with testing anyway. If your son tests positive then before coming to any conclusions, get a GC/MS test through your doctor to find out if the results are accurate.

Subj: Urine drug screening
Date: 12/12/2006
I have a question. I recently tested positive for amphetamines and methamphetamines on a urine drug screening. I currently take Adderall, Allegra, Singulair, Advair, Albuterol, Norvasc, Lithium Carbonate, Benadryl, Tylenol PM, Advil, and Melatonin. Would any of these in isolation or combined cause a false-positive reading for the methamphetamines. I was able to explain the amphetamines as resulting from the Adderall; but, have yet to find documented proof to support the finding of methamphetamine.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Angie, Adderall is an amphetamine.

Subj: Positive for morphine from food?
Date: 12/12/2006
A friend of mine recently tested positive for morphine on a UA in October and another the first week of December. She says she has never used morphine or any other opiate. Nor has she taken any medication recently, prescribed or over the counter. She is absolutely baffled by this and I’m trying to help her figure out what it might be. I’m wondering if there is a list of foods and over the counter medications that could cause such a reaction in UA tests. She is being told that she may have to go to inpatient treatment and she has been clean from drugs now for 8 months. I recommended that she speak with an attorney and will be recommending a hair analysis. But we would really like to know if any food other than poppy seeds could cause this kind of reading. Thanks


AskDocWeb: Aside from the poppy seeds, we know of no food that would cause a false positive for morphine.

Subj: Clonipen
Date: 12/13/2006
My friend was just informed that she tested positive for phenobarbital on the saliva drug test we were given the other day. She doesn’t take or use any illegal drugs, but does take clonipen for anxiety before tests at school. Could this have caused a false positive?

PA School

AskDocWeb: Clonipen (or Klonopin) is another name for Clonazepam, an anti-seizure medication sometimes used to treat panic disorders. Clonazepam does not cause false positives for cocaine, however, it will give a false positive for benzo’s (Benzodiazepines) because it is a benzo.

Subj: False positive for THC?
Date: 12/13/2006
I would like to know if taking ibuprofen can cause a false positive for THC, because I am taking 4 pills a day of 800mg and I got hurt on the job and was required to take a urine test and failed and fired because it came up as THC, what should I do?


AskDocWeb: Ibuprofen has been reported to cause false positives for marijuana. If the job is worth fighting for (some aren’t), you could insist on getting re-tested with a GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) test to prove your innocence.

Subj: False positive references
Date: 12/14/2006
My patient on Subutex who had dental work done three months prior to delivery had a positive meconium test for cocaine. She also took Amoxicillin at the time of the dental work. I have no clinical suspicion of cocaine abuse – numerous saliva tests have been negative. Are there references that I can show to children and youth?

Eric MD

AskDocWeb: You may be able to get an issue Drug Testing Quarterly to show patients, it’s published by Norchem Drug Testing Laboratory.

Date: 12/14/2006
Three weeks ago I tested positive for cocaine in my weekly UA test and since then I quit using the drug. Last week I tested negative, but today my UA test showed a faint/week indication for both cocaine and meth. I have never done meth, but is their any link between them? I smoke cigarettes and am a frequent user of Ranitidine (Zantac). Why am I showing meth in my system?


AskDocWeb: It’s probably the Zantac but it could also be an over the counter product such as Tylenol, Advil or cough medicines.

Subj: False positive test
Date: 12/14/2006
I too have been through the false positive test and still enduring it I tested positive for opiates but have not taken any opiates for over a year since I started treatment. Why is this happening to me? I have heard that a kidney infection can cause this? If so will the GCMS confirmation test they are performing confirm this? If anybody can help me please do so, I have worked so hard to stay clean and I can’t risk losing the trust of my counseler! She is all I have to get me through this very hard period of my life. sincerely, very, very, truly desperate.


AskDocWeb: Amoxicillin could cause a false positive for cocaine and kidney infection could also cause a false positive. Ask to do the test over when you are done with the antibiotics.

Subj: Positive for THC
Date: 12/14/2006
I have a daughter that hurt her knee. She went to the hospital from her job the evening it happened. She is currently on probation and 48 hours after she had gone into the ER, she had to give a UA for drugs to the probation. It came back positive for THC, but negative for opiates. My question…She had taken two(2) lortabs at the hospital. She DOES NOT smoke pot. Why these results? She is getting her probation revoked, and is very upset.


AskDocWeb: Lortab is an opioid analgesic.

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 12/16/2006
My fiance recently tested positive for cocaine—highly positive 8355. He has been clean for over 2 years and insists that he has not been using. Both tests, the good ones, I forget what they’re called, spectro something, were done, and I’m told that they are 100%. Is there anything that could have caused a false positive, and/or one of this high an amount? Shouldn’t he have been high or sick when numbers this high? He had no money, showed no symptoms, voluntarily submitted to the test because he knew he had done nothing. Now with these results, I have to question it. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Without knowing the name of the test, it’s difficult to say.

Subj: Ambien in drug test?
Date: 12/16/2006
Does ambien cause failed urine test?


AskDocWeb: No.

Subj: Positive for meth
Date: 12/19/2006
My 25 year old son just took a hair drug test and it came back positive for meth. Would the over the counter nasal meds and nyquil cause the positive results in his test? How do you prove that that’s what he took?

Just me

AskDocWeb: Nyquil may cause a false positive for Methadone for up to 2 days after taking it. Rather than trying to prove that he took Nyquil, tell them to prove the meth, ask for a confirmation test using the GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) test.

Subj: Tested positive for propxyphene
Date: 12/20/2006
I tested positive on a urine sample for propxyphene, which I do not take. Can you tell me what might cause such a result? I take heart, lung, thyroid, Rosacea, seizure, and arthritis prescriptions, but have not taken any narcotics, although I use a weak, topical Ketoprofen for neuropathy on one big toe. I am also taking prednisone and Ketek for bronchitis. This was a very disturbing experience – please offer some assistance. Thanks!


AskDocWeb: Drug testing labs are familiar with false positives. Our advice to anyone getting a drug test is to provide the tester a list of the medications you are taking or have taken in the past week. And do that before getting tested. If you get what you believe to be a false positive, insist on getting tested again with a GC/MS test to prove your innocence.

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 12/21/2006
I recently was given a urine test at work and it showed positive for cocaine. I do not use this, but I am diabetic, have a kidney infection, and was given Lidocaine 7 days prior. I also take xanax, nexium, glucovance, lescol, zyrtec, effexor, premerin, and have taken tylonol sinus, aleve, motrin in the week before my test. Could these cause a false positive?


AskDocWeb: Yes, Aleve, Tylenol Sinus, and Motrin can all cause a false positive.

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