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Subj: Standard urine screen and Soma
Date: 3/12/2009
Can you please tell me what the drug Soma will show up as on a standard urine screen for probation? I have been told that it’s a narcotic and also a benzo and I thought that it was neither. Thank you in advance for your response.


AskDocWeb: Soma (Carisoprodol HCL) has a first pass metabolite (Meprobamate) that can trigger a positive EMIT screening urine test but it is not likely to be confirmed on a follow-up GC-MS test unless they are looking specifically for Soma.

Subj: Drug test
Date: 3/12/2009
I took phentermine 37.5 for 2 weeks one pill each morning before breakfast. I wanted to loose 15 pounds. Now I received a job offer and need to take a drug test 6633N SAP 10-50 GC/MC Do you think it will show positive? And how long it stays in my system? I’m 5.4 tall and 150 lb weight. Thank you


AskDocWeb: The “SAP” part of the test name means Substance Abuse Panel, which means they are looking for drugs that may be being abused. If you have a prescription for the Phentermine then you have nothing to worry about. Phentermine can stay in the body for up to a month after discontinuing.

Subj: Seroquel and lamictal?
Date: 3/13/2009
I take both seroquel and lamictal, and I was wondering if either of these will come up as a false positive in a drug test. The drug test is a preemployment 9-screen, or something like that. I tried to research it online, and I think neither of them will, but I want to make sure.


AskDocWeb: (answer revised 6/30/2011) Seroquel shouldn’t be a problem but a hospital in Florida has reported that lamotrigine (Lamictal┬«) has shown up as a false positive for Phencyclidine (PCP) on a rapid urine toxicology screen.

Subj: Oral mouth swab
Date: 3/13/2009
I have recently been in an inpatient drug rehab and have had over 30 days clean and sober. I recently had a mouth swab and it came back positive for cocaine, in rehab I was put on Bactrim for a urinary tract infection, this drug test was an oral mouth swab…I am very frustrated!!!


Subj: Over the counter medications
Date: 3/15/2009
What can cause barbiturates to show up in a urine screen? I recently s urine screen and it showed up. Are there any over the counter medications that could show a false positive?


Antiasthmatics that contain phenobarbitol may show up as a false positive for barbiturates (Ref: 3)

Subj: Morphine and glucose levels
Date: 3/15/2009
My daughter’s glucose levels were very high while she was pregnant and left untreated. She was also given an epidural, pitocin, fentynal and a morphine IV in labor for nineteen hours. The baby was taken as I understand the morphine spills into the baby. My daughter had Hep-C throughout her prgnancy. After the baby’s birth, the morphine still showed up in her drug tests for three months. By some miracle the Hep-C cleared itself and then all the drug tests came up negative. Was the Hep-C the reason the drug tests kept coming up positive for morphine, as the liver wasn’t functioning as it should have been? Also, did the high glucose levels cause false positives while she was pregnant and after the birth?


AskDocWeb: Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver and liver disease by itself has been reported to cause false positive for a number of things; Opiates, Ecstasy, THC and Amphetamines (See references 3, 15, 16, 20, and 21). Fortunately the liver usually grows back the damaged tissue. The glucose levels have not been reported to cause any problems on the urine drug tests.

Subj: Oxycodone?
Date: 3/17/2009
What would give a positive test result for oxycodone if you never took prescription pills


AskDocWeb: Sorry Mike, there is nothing on the list that might show up as oxycodone.

Subj: Colon XR or Acai Noni?
Date: 3/18/2009
I am on drug court in MS. I am wondering if Colon XR all natural internal cleanser and Acai Noni slimming blend can cause a false positive on a urine test?


AskDocWeb: Neither one has been reported to cause any problems with urine tests.

Subj: Tested positive for propoxyphine
Date: 3/18/2009
I recently tested positive for propoxyphine (Darvocet, Darvon). I have not taken a darvocet in like 7 years. I am currently on Zoloft, Chantix, and Sulfasalizine. I have researched all of my meds to find a possible false positive but have come up empty handed. I also wanted to mention that my levels were very high. The cutoff for urine testing is like 200 and my levels were somewhere around 2100. Please help me figure out how this happened.


AskDocWeb: We didn’t find anything specific that may have caused this but suggest that you look for something you are taking that may contain synthetic opiates.

Subj: There is no way possible for this
Date: 3/19/2009
Hi, I am currently on probation, and when I went for my visit, my PO told me that I had tested positive. He told me that it was for cocaine. There is no way possible for this. Last week, I was sick and did take some over the counter medicine for my head cold, but that is all. I do not understand. Not only is this bad with the violation status, my husband does not believe me. I would not do that. The only other pill that I take everyday is zegerid. Is it possible that this could be a false positive. Please Advise,


AskDocWeb: Due to the nature of the urine test, false positives are possible. The only way to rule them out is to get a GC-MS confirmation test.

Subj: False positive readings
Date: 3/20/2009
False positive readings. I am a chronic pain patient and rely on a pain center for my medicines. I have been a patient to 3 pain clinics over the last 13 years. 1 because I moved the second refused treatment related to insurances and have been with the present group for about a year. I take methadone and oxycodone daily. During my last UA I was found positive for hydrocodone as well. The service said confirmed by CG/MS, I have taken only prescribed medications from the clinic and had not taken anything even OTC for a month prior to my testing. I had been taking celexa and potassium supplements but as said stopped them 3-4 weeks prior to the test. Why would I get a false positive on GC/MS and how common is that. Unfortunately my clinic has a zero tolerance policy, even for lab errors I guess, and now must find another pain center who will accept me and would like an explanation to my test results. Thank you,


AskDocWeb: We are wondering if you actually seen the GC/MS test results or just took their word for it. The results of a GC/MS test are subject to some interpretation but it is the most accurate test available.

Subj: Second test was negative
Date: 3/20/2009
I am currently on two antibotics for an infection Cephalexin and sulfamethoxazole an instant drug test was administered to me and I failed for benzodiazapines! I immediately asked for a second test and a different manufactured test was given and was negative. Is there anyway that these medications tripped the test for benzodiazapines?


AskDocWeb: It appears to be possible, the instant urine drug tests are known to sometimes misidentify antibiotics.

Subj: Clindamycin?
Date: 3/20/2009
I tested positive for cocaine this impossible where I don’t do cocaine can clindamycin test positive for cocaine?


AskDocWeb: Clindamycin is not on the list.

Subj: Snack sticks
Date: 3/22/2009
I’m really mad, I’ve been going to rehab for like 2-3 weeks now. And recently they told me I came up positive for opiates when I have never done those drugs in my entire life, I’m only in rehab for marijuana and I haven’t done that for about 3 months or more now. And I’m also pregnant, I stopped smoking, why would I do that other stuff. I don’t know what I ate or something to make this happen. I have never taken those kind of drugs in my entire life, but before I went to rehab that day that I came up positive, I ate a whole box of seseme snack sticks and I don’t what else would make it come up positive, I’m so pissed. Please tell me what happened, all I take is prenatal vitamins and iron pills. They can’t make it come up positive. IT HAS GOT TO ME THE SESEME SNACK STICKS. PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOON!!!


AskDocWeb: It is possible that your snack sticks had poppy seeds on them. Poppy seeds contain morphine and are known to test positive for heroin and opiates (See references 3, 16, 17, 20, 21, 25, 26, 29, and 32)

Subj: Urine test
Date: 3/24/2009
I took a mouth swab drug test and tested positive. I have never in my life done drugs, I am currently on a high dose birth control for a hormonal imbalance, and I am taking an oral gel medicine for fever blister that I have in my mouth. I went and took a urine test should I be ready?


AskDocWeb: It would be a good idea to give them a list of whatever prescription drugs you are taking and be ready to contest any result that you think is a false positive by getting that GC-MS test.

Subj: False positive for Serax?
Date: 3/24/2009
I am currently prescribed to Seroquel, Lamictal, Magnesium Oxide, and Provera. I also recently smoked and made a tea out of the herb Pedicularis densiflora (AKA Indian Warrior) I recently took a drug screen that came back for a drug called Serax. Which up until this point, I had never heard of it. Is there any way that any of these could have caused a false positive for Serax? And if not, what could have?


AskDocWeb: There is no way for us to know what was in your Indian Warrior tea and it appears that smoking your tea turns out to be a bad idea, not recommended for anyone.

Subj: What does Soma show up as?
Date: 3/25/2009
Thanks Dr for this wonderful website! I have spent hours seaching online and specifically this Topic. Thanks in advance for your reply. Sorry if this is long but giving you a summary of my med and meds history for you to better answer. My most Important question summary: what does Soma show up as after a 10 screen and further (GC/MS) and or (LC/MS/MS)? Please at least answer this one above.

I recently was switched by my orthopedic Dr to another chronic pain management Dr that comes to his office twice monthly. I have a straight neck with no normal curvature, several bulging discs in my lower and mid back and knots that move around when there is pain (guessing inflamation). I was diagnosed with Lupas and my Mom has Rhuem arthritis. I was previously prescribed pain meds for over 3.5 years (4 Hydro 10/650) and Somas (4 350 mg a day but usually did not take all 4).

My new Dr refuses to keep me on Somas (have asked twice) & to my surprise he instead upped my pain meds to 4 Hydo 10/500 (moderate pain) + 2 Ocycodone 10/325 (severe morning pain and breakthrough so I don’t shut down at 6 PM). He instructed to take 1 for pain every 4 -6 hours to keep meds in my system 24-7 instead of the wear off and fight to regain pain control. The new Dr also prescibed Norflex and 1 mg Klonipin for night time pain, anxiety & restless legs (I call leg claustophbia, it fels like that). The Norflex is like taking a $100 bottle placebo (wonder if it is), The Klonopin gives me a hangover. I am also now on the max dose of Zoloft 200 mgs per day prescribed by my primary care DR for pain related anxiety and some depression, inability to cope with life so much pain brings.

Again sorry for the whole history… here is my 1st question, If I take the leftover somas I have for now or get my Primary to Rx it for me, how will it show up on my urine screen? Would it show as a benzo? The Lab uses Positive Immunoassay Screens/ False Positives and then utilizes either Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) or Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) to confirm the presence of drug compounds after the initial office “cup” test. So what will Soma show up as? Because I told him I has some Somas left I should be OK. They use calloway lad full screening and my chart showed the 10 of the main tests and the “other” option was checked also. Does this mean they will check for what’s metabolized by the body into meprobamate by Soma. I do not have insurance and have spent $1500 plus to get this far and don’t want to be kicked out for Soma from a previous legal prescription he is fully aware of (am also scared to ask if he will allow me to ask my primary care dr for it). 2nd question, if Norlex and the string of known alternatives do not work is there something close to Soma he would describe? THANKS SO MUCH!


AskDocWeb: The Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry will identify the Soma as Soma. If there is a possibility of getting kicked out of the program for taking the old Soma then why chance it? There are alternatives, just ask your doctor.

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