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Subj: Milk Thistle
Date: 6/19/2009
I’m taking Milk Thistle for my liver. I keep testing positive for benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and cocaine. What is going on?


AskDocWeb: Maybe one of our future readers can explain this.

Subj: Adderall
Date: 6/20/2009
I took a urine drug test today and I tested possitive for amphedamines and methamphedamines, the only over the counter or perscription medication that I am taking is Adderall at this time. The lady giving me the drug test told me that adderall could not test possitive for methamphedamines it could only test possitive for amphedamines. I take 80mg of adderall a day and I do believe that by what I have read she is not very well informed on what can test possitive for methamphedamines and what can not. So adderall can, will, and does test positive for methamphedamin on a simple urine drug test.


Subj: Mouth swab drug test
Date: 6/21/2009
Would zantac cause a false positive for drugs using a mouth swab oral drug test?


AskDocWeb: We have not researched oral mouth swab tests. The information here applies only to urine drug tests.

Subj: What is next?
Date: 6/22/2009
Hello all! I also had problems with urine and a Blood test. Unfortunately it started after I had a head on collision coming from a CPR-First Aid Certification. This crash left one person dead and me with fractures to my head, lacerated liver, 8 ribs, both hips broken, fractured tibia and shattered femur. Life support, 14 day coma and rods and pins later! I was on pain meds, Oxycontin’s, percocet, Fentanyl Patches for 3 years. I went to my Dr. and she asked me when the last time we done a urine screen and I said too long. Trying to keep up with my liver function and all. My test came back negative for anything! I couldn’t prove that I took my pills but I opened my shirt and showed her the trans dermal patch I was wearing. She said she believed me but when the so called blood test came back, not a damned thing, accused me of diverting my meds and shipped me to pain management. Now I tested positive for Methamphetamine. Never!!! He said he believed me too! Trazodone, methadone and a few other blood pressure and cholesterol meds at this time. Dear God what is next? Thanks for listening.


Subj: Positive for thc
Date: 6/23/2009
I have not smoked weed in 4 months and I only smoked like 5 days 4 months ago. I just took a urinalys for my job and it came back positive for thc. I take dietary supplements such as gakic hardcore and arson. I also took 2 naproxens the night before and the morning of. I also took 2 excedrin the night before. The drug test was completely random and I was sure I’m clean. I am also taking a diet pill called apidexin which ingredients are infinergy dicaffeine malate, razberi-k, forslean, guggul ez-100, lipolide-sc, thermodiamine, wakame seaweed fucoxanthin, bioperine. Could it be possible a mixture of all the pills may have caused a false positive? Should I get Toxicologist to speak on my behalf?


AskDocWeb: Since you admit to having smoked weed, we think the positive result is appropriate.

Subj: Diet pill Solo slim
Date: 6/23/2009
Hi I am a athlete for a college and I get drug tested by NCAA, I am currently on the diet pill Solo slim…can it come up as a failed drug test….it states that it is all natural but its not FDA approved???


AskDocWeb: The FDA neither approves nor disapproves of natural products as long as they don’t contain drugs. We haven’t taken a close look at Solo slim but there haven’t been any reports of Solo slim causing any problems on urine drug tests.

Subj: Accident
Date: 6/26/2009
I put a pen in my mouth by accident that was laced w coke. I only put the tip in my mouth but could taste a very faint amount. I have random testing will this b enough 4 me to test positive. It was very faint.


AskDocWeb: Given the fact that it can be absorbed through the skin, it could easily enter your bloodstream through your mouth.

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 6/26/2009
My son tested positive for cocaine and he is on albuterol for his asthma this is the third time and I am tracking it back to his inhaler, its the medication thats been around all three times where can I find more information on the inhaler?


AskDocWeb: You may be able to find the website of the manufacturer if you do a search on the name of the inhaler. Another approach is to find out what test was used and search for the manufacturer of that test so that you can contact them.

Subj: Methadone in urine test?
Date: 6/27/2009
I go to a dr. for treatment for cronic pain I’m prescribed 80 mg oc and 40 mg take 3 times a day. I took methadone would it show up in my urine test?


AskDocWeb: Yes, methadone can be detected by urine testing for up to 48 hours after taking it.

Subj: Positive for amphetamines
Date: 6/29/2009
I suffered gastro over the weekend and took hydralyte solution, buscopan, panadol and maxalon(anagraine) my drug screen has come back positive for amphetamines. Could any of these OTC medicines or my asthma medication (Symbicort) have caused this?


AskDocWeb: None of what you list has been reported to cause false positives for amphetamines. Asthma medication that contain phenobarbitol have been reported to show a false positive for barbiturates ( Reference 3).

Subj: Tested positive for opiates
Date: 6/29/2009
My cousin is 9 years old and she was tested positive for opiates… she take 3 medications Ranitidine, lanctis, and zoloft… what could make her have a false positive in dire help…


AskDocWeb: Both Ranitidine and Zoloft have been reported to sometimes show up as a false positive; Ranitidine for Amphetamines (Reference 32) and Zoloft for benzodiazepines (Reference 31).

Subj: Lidocaine patch?
Date: 6/29/2009
I have been using a lidocaine patch 5% could this cause a positive for cocaine when given a hair test?


AskDocWeb: Just because the name ends in “caine” does not mean that it would test positive for cocaine. That is one of the drug testing myths.

Subj: Buspirone
Date: 6/30/2009
Can busparone cause a false positive for any drug on the drug screen?


AskDocWeb: Buspirone has not been reported to cause any problems with drug screens.

Subj: Positive for methadone
Date: 6/30/2009
I have been testing positive for methadone in drug court for 43 days now and I got sent to jail. The only drugs I have taken are, an allergy otc, levaquin antibotic, tylenol pm, and subutex why do I keep testing positive? Please help me before I end up in jail again.


AskDocWeb: Several antibiotics have been noted to show up as false positives. You might check the list again to see if you are taking anything else that may cause a problem.

Subj: Frustrated and confused
Date: 7/1/2009
I was taking 25 mg of Zoloft and passing drug tests with no problem. When my Zoloft was increased to 50 mg, I suddenly started coming up with false positives for benzodiazepines (proven as a false positive by a “gas test”…though these tests are expensive). As soon as I stopped taking the Zoloft, my false positives also stopped. Did some research, and found that at most labs where drug testing is done, they will NOT find false positives with Zoloft…but it’s not impossible. I was very frustrated and confused at first because I could not come up with a reason for my failed tests, and was so relieved when I finally pinpointed my Zoloft as an answer. Hope I can help someone else in the same position that I was in with this post.


Subj: Rantadine?
Date: 7/1/2009
Custody battle with a drug abosing parent ~~ Can rantadine cause a false posative for meth? And where can I find literature to support this?


AskDocWeb: Sorry Dawn, rantadine is not on the list. The closest match we found is ranatadine but that was reported to show up as a false positive for Amphetamines according to the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services: (4.25 MB PDF file)

Subj: Medical review?
Date: 7/1/2009
Hello, I was looking for a medical review for a positive on a hair follicle test I took. I use propranolol and a couple of other meidcations that are named to cause false positives. Is there a person or list of persons I can contact for a review of these results? I am in my 50s and gave NEVER used amphetamines.


AskDocWeb: Unfortunately there is no list any professionals that would help you with a medical review of a drug test. You are pretty much on your own to find a toxicologist and most of them do not work with individuals.

Subj: Valium
Date: 7/3/2009
I have a script for klonopin, but not valium, I took a 5 mg valium and had a drug test for probation about one hundred and fifteen hrs. later, it is being sent to a lab. I know they could tell the difference, but since I will test pos. for benzos because of klonopin and showed them the script will they just say benzo drug group and leave it at that? Or can the valium already be below the control level? I never took one before or since(and never again!} if I fail this test I will loose everything, my job my 16 yr old son, and go to rehab for 6 mths. I was on mail in report and have not seen PO in one year and out of blue he calls me in for test. Did not know about valiums long half life and now I am afraid that I have really ruined my life. Please help me if you can, I am so scared. thank you,


AskDocWeb: There is no way we can predict what “they” will do, what test they are using, or if they will send the sample out for GC-MS confirmation.

Subj: Positive for methamphetamine
Date: 7/3/2009
I took a recent urine drug screen on 6/17/09. On 6/18 it was reported I was positive for an amphetamine. Then after doing a gc/ms it came out positive for methamphetamine. I do take pseudoephedrine 120mg hcl 12 hr release, lidoderm lidocaine patch 5%, cymbalta, folic acid, trazadone, cymbalta, omeprazole, centrum a-z, vitamin b2, b6, chantix, amlodipine, diazapam, cialis, pravastatin, dexatrim. can ANY OF THESE drugs show not only a false positive for amphetaine, but also after a gc/ms confirmation, it showed positive for METHAMPHETAMINE. I’M very, very upset. I’m suppose to become certified and licensed by my state here in mass. I am on 2 opiates, ms. contin and percocet. My concern is methamphetamine. Please help me. Now my dr. will not prescribe any narcotics for me, because of this. I am a good man, using my recreational drug use back in the 70’s to help people now as a substance abuse counsellor. I have only taken any narcotic as precribed by my physician. Thank you so much regarding this and, god bless you all!


AskDocWeb: The gc/ms confirmation test is typically taken as the final word or authority. Once you get the results from that there is no appeal.

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