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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that we do not give medical or legal advice.

Subj: Failed a U/A
Date: 7/6/2009
I failed a U/A about a week ago for cocaine. I belive it was false but my P/O says the lab said different. Here’s the situation, I was sick taking sudafed over the counter cold and flu, Vick’s vapor rub on my chest, Robitussin DM over the counter, Tylynol cold and flu, Hydro codin cough syrup prescription, 500mg Amoxicilin prescription along with my crestar for cholestol and lisinipril for blood pressure and mucinex DM over the counter. Along with this working I was also inhaling vapors from mold killing products which contain ether ? and or phmaldahide? fums, bleach and kiltz, a mold killer in a paint form. Is it possible to have a positive reading with all these expexterants and other chemical all in my body at once. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: It appears that you had several things in your system that have been reported to show as false positives but which lab was your PO talking about? The lab that did the urine test or a third party lab that conducts GC/MS confirmation tests?

Subj: Military drug testing
Date: 7/5/2009
Does or will ultram show positive on a random military P test for anything?


AskDocWeb: If you are taking Ultram and have a prescription for it then there is no cause for concern. The military uses urine drug testing to ensure that soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen aren’t under the influence of illegal drugs. According to Army Col. Mick Smith, DoD labs are equipped to test for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD, opiates (including morphine and heroin), barbiturates and PCP. But not all samples are tested for all of these drugs. Tests for other drugs are done at random on different schedules for each lab.

Subj: Trileptal and thorazine
Date: 7/7/2009
I have two clients the recieved a false + for PCP but doesn’t take antidepressant. Only meds they take alike are trileptal and thorazine. Would they have a positive result to PCP?


AskDocWeb: There are no reports of either drug showing a false positive for anything.

Subj: Tested positive for cocaine
Date: 7/7/2009
I just found out that the swab test my employer did on me tested positive for cocaine. Before the test I asked my manager if she needed a list of all of the medications that I take and was told no. My medications that I take and over the counter medications that I have been taken over a period of time include: MOtrin, Ibuprofin, Vick’s Vapo Rub, Vick’s Nasal spray, Tylenol Allergy and SInus, Zoloft, Seroquel, Lamictal and Clonopin. Could any of these medications result in the positive of cocaine use or other drug use?


AskDocWeb: Yes, they are listed here. The important thing to remember is to get a GC/MS confirmation test. If you don’t clear up any false positives then the results of that test will become a part of your medical history and may cause problems later.

Subj: Positive on meth
Date: 7/8/2009
Since so many different drugs, over the counter and prescription, is there is full proof way of testing someone for meth without getting a false positive test??? We own our own business and had to fire our son for a positive on meth when a blood test was given, keeps saying he is clean, the test is wrong, going thru divorce and getting close to losing his kids, he is on several medications for anti-depressants, high blood pressure, and he also has contacted MRSA, need some info please.


AskDocWeb: The closest you can get to 100% proof positive is to have the sample sent to a certified drug testing lab for a GC/MS confirmation test. The test is not cheap but in some cases it may be well worth the money.

Subj: Zoloft
Date: 7/8/2009
Have client who screened positive for benzodiazepines – they are on 100mg zoloft. Is this common?

Susan – zoloft

AskDocWeb: We have no data to determine how common it is, but according to Dr. Robert Hsiung at the University of Chicago, it does happen.

Subj: A positive result?
Date: 7/9/2009
I take risperdal, sudafed, zoloft, ibuprophen, diet pills, and occasionally a tylenol pm at night. I was just drug tested at my job. Could any of these show up as a positive result? And if so, how would the show up? (i.e.: barbituate, amphetamine, opiate, ect…)


AskDocWeb: Most of those are listed on this page which tells you how each one shows up.

Subj: Midol and advil
Date: 7/10/2009
I took midol and advil for menstrual pain the night before I had to take a drug test and it showed up positive for marijuana. Is this possible for showing up false positive? And if so how could I prove this?


AskDocWeb: The only proof that they are likely to accept is a GC-MS confirmation test. We found 7 references ( 1, 14, 16, 18, 20, 26, and 29) that say Advil may show as a false positive for marijuana and 4 references ( 3, 18, 26, and 29) that say Midol may also test false positive for Marijuana.

Subj: Drug classes
Date: 7/11/2009
I am having a hair test for all drug classes I have had 2 general operations and 1 local operation and also a course of antibiotics and co codimol what drug classes am I likely to show up in.


AskDocWeb: We can’t give you an answer without knowing the specific drugs you have been taking.

Subj: Suboxone or Zoloft?
Date: 7/13/2009
I tested positive for benzos on the 16th of June and I have not taken any benzos. I am on Suboxone and Zoloft. I had a confirmation test done but I am not sure if it is the GC/MS. Would any of these cause a false positive for benzos. Thanks alot!!


AskDocWeb: According to Robert Hsiung, MD, University of Chicago, Zoloft sometimes shows up as a false positive for benzodiazepines but a GC/MS test will show that it is a false positive.

Subj: Tested positive for THC
Date: 7/13/2009
I tested positive for thc on a drug test I havent not smoked or been around anyone that has smoked weed. I have been terminated from my job. I take hydrocodone for a slipped disc in my neck that effects the movement in my left arm. The test came back for hydrocodone, and Hydromorphone is there Hydromorphone in vicodine? The level of the THC was 15ng/ml I don’t know what that means does anyone please help thank you

Need help ASAP

Subj: Omeprazole?
Date: 7/13/2009
Please help I just tested positive for amphetamines. I have never done any at all and I was wondering it the omeprazole that I take could cause this please help me thanks,


AskDocWeb: Omeprazole (Prilosec) is not listed as one of the drugs that might cause a false positive.

Subj: Negative for percocet
Date: 7/14/2009
I have tested negative for percocet 3 times and know I am taking my meds, now my Dr. will not perscribe me any narcotic meds for my low back pain, are there any perscription drugs that could make this happen? I am on estrodil, levothroxine, mirapex, acyclovir, omeprazole, & imitrex, & centrum vitiman. My pain management Dr. does not believe me. I have been on percocet for over 10 years now & all of a sudden they can’t find it in my urine. I have tried all the non-narcotic meds & have a bad reaction to them. What can I do please help me if you can. I am 52 and have no reason to lie, they are saying I must be selling them or giving them away.


AskDocWeb: A few others have reported similar experiences but so far there is no explanation or solution.

Subj: THC
Date: 7/15/2009
My son was in jail for a DUI charge and probation tested his urine when he got out and found it had 25mg THC (right from jail) 4 weeks later he was tested again and it was 45mg he is on house arrest and has been with his parents or in the house. He is allowed to work in the yard and do some short trips. Now since the + and higher numbers he is back in jail. I believe him when he says he did not smoke. Any help?


AskDocWeb: You might check this list to see if he is taking anything that might cause a false positive.

Subj: Amoxicillin
Date: 7/15/2009
I tested positive for barbituates. I know that I have not taken anything. I have an infection that I’m taking amoxicillin for is it possible to test positive with that?


AskDocWeb: Amoxicillin has been reported to sometimes show up as a false positive for cocaine but not for barbiturates.

Subj: Positive ua’s
Date: 7/16/2009
I have had two positive ua’s in one week for methanphedimine and have not done any drugs. I do take zantac and alka selser DAILY for serious heart burn and intigestion. From the list here it says that those two products can show positive for anphedimine or meth is that the culpret cause I need to take labels to my p.o. to show her. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Your P.O. may or may not accept just your word and the labels. If you are convinced that it is a false positive then be prepared to get a GC/MS confirmation test to prove it.

Subj: False positive for methamphetamine?
Date: 7/16/2009
Can any of the following medicines cause a false positive for methamphetamine: hydroxyzine pam, sulfamethoxazole-tmp, lexapro, carbamazepine, zyrtec, topiramate, or nexium.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Carla, none of those are on the list.

Subj: D.O.T. drug test
Date: 7/16/2009
I recently had a random D.O.T drug test I came up positive for thc I dont use drugs I’m a diabetic. I take 1000 mg of ibuprofen nightly and 4 aleve during the day. I have severe leg pain when they told me I failed I immediately went to my local drug store and purchased a home test kit, it was negative. I called the doctor and told him about the home test and he didn’t believe me help.


AskDocWeb: That sounds like a typical response. Is it any surprise that your doctor thinks their test is more accurate than a home test kit? If your job depends on the results of the DOT test then you may want to contest the results and get them confirmed by a GC/MS test. Even if your job doesn’t depend on the results, if you don’t contest it then it becomes a part of your record and can cause more problems later.

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