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Subj: Tested positive for Meth Amphetamines
Date: 8/25/2009
I recently changed from my neurosurgeon to a pain management clinic. To begin recieving my perscriptions, I had to take a drug test. I knew I would test positive for marijuana, because it had been smoked in a car with which I was driving last night. I also tested positive for Meth Amphetamines- I have NEVER taken these! My scripts are Lidocaine 5% patches, 20 mg Oxycontin 2X a day, Vicodin 10/325- every 4 hrs, Lyrica 50 mg 3X a day, Zanaflex 4 mg 3Xday and Amitriptylin 100mg 1X a day. I think that I do have a bladder infection. I do not abuse drugs and don’t understand where these readings are coming from… HELP!


AskDocWeb: The only one we see that might account for that is the Vicodin, it contains synthetic opiates (References 3 and 18)

Subj: Drug test
Date: 8/26/2009
I am drug free and started a starter pack of lamictal will this effect any drug test I might do for a job? I don’t want them to know about my depression.


AskDocWeb: Lamictal is not one of the drugs commonly tested for in drug screening, which are;

  • Amphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamines
  • Opiates
  • Phencyclidine
  • Tricyclic Antidepressants

Although lamictal is used as an antidepressant it is not a tricyclic drug. It is used primarily as an anticonvulsant to control seizures in those with epilepsy.

Update 6/30/2011: A hospital in Florida has reported that lamotrigine (Lamictal®) has shown up as a false positive for Phencyclidine (PCP) on rapid urine toxicology screens.

Subj: Prozac and alcohol?
Date: 8/26/2009
Could a combination of prozac and alcohol give a false positive result for benzodiazipine?


AskDocWeb: We have not heard of that happening but prozac alone has been reported to sometimes show up as a false positive for amphetamines.

Subj: Tested positive for meth
Date: 8/26/2009
My son was on breathing treatment, amoxicillin azithromycin, and was tested by dhs and tested positive for meth. Could these medicines be why he tested positive?


AskDocWeb: Amoxicillin has been reported to sometimes shown up as a false positive for cocaine but not meth. There have been no reports about azithromycin causing any problems with EMIT drug tests.

Subj: False positive for cocaine?
Date: 8/27/2009
Does Somas, lisinopril, morphine, directics zanax lyrica and a few others, keep testing positive for cocaine, I know that my spouse does not do any cocaine. He is on pain mgt and had a five level fusion on his back. He was recently hospitalized with acute renal failure and pul edema. His blood pressure dropped to 50/30. Can blood test show a false positive for cocaine? He also takes alburterol. This is a serious issue because the hosp nurse stated that if it shows up for cocaine, it is cocaine. I know he does not do this. Any adcise you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: The information here applies only to urine drug testing. If their test shows cocaine in his system, we would request to see the results of the GC/MS confirmation test.

Subj: Testing positive for Benzodiazepines
Date: 8/27/2009
I have been in a drug treatment program for the past six months and I have not used any non prescription medication nor have I abused any prescription medication. I am currently on Lamictal, Prozac and Straterra. I keep testing positive for Benzodiazepines. Could any of my medications be causing it? Are there certain foods I should stay away from?


AskDocWeb: None of your meds have been reported to cause a false positive for Benzodiazepines. There are no foods stay away from but valerian root and valerian extract have been known to show up as Benzodiazepines.

Subj: Citalopram
Date: 8/27/2009
I am on citalopram for depression and I had a drug test today as part of a job interview, I failed the drug test I believe for marijuana, but I don’t some that stuff, did I fail because of the citalopram? The boss said that’s why but I just want to double check. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Jennie, we don’t have a reference for citalopram and it is not on our list.

Subj: Failed a drug test for cocaine
Date: 8/28/2009
I recently failed a drug test for cocaine and the company did not hire me. I do not do cocaine. I am so upset. This would have been my dream job. I am a 54 year old widowed woman who is in her second year of remission from breast cancer. I do take cyclobenzaprine, oxycodone, flexerol, diovan, lyrica, prozac, arimidex, tylenol, ibuprofen, afrin nasal spray and nexium. plus at the time I had a kidney infection. The company would not believe me. Can any or all of these meds cause a false positive for cocaine?


AskDocWeb: While several of those medications are on the list, none are reported to produce a false positive for cocaine. A few of the Tylenol products and Oxycodone have produced positives for opiates, which could account for the positive in your drug test but without a GC/MS test there is no way to tell for sure what caused it.

Subj: Percocet pills
Date: 8/28/2009
I recently had a bag of two percocet pills (they say endo 602)this bag went through a bleach wash and by the time it got through the washer and the dryer the pills had been crushed to powder and some liquid remained inside. My mom came across this bag and went straight to The PD. They tested the pills in a regular field test twice. Each time it came back posative for cocain! So as you might know cocain is a felony. I need help finding out why that test came up posative for cocain?


AskDocWeb: Percocet will test positive for opiates and it is not a false positive. It seems likely that you would need a GC/MS confirmation test to tell the difference between percocet and cocaine.

Subj: Sulfamethoxazole
Date: 8/28/2009
Hi. On those little instant result drug tests, the ones that you dip into the urine, I test positive for “Benzo” and the only thing that I am on is Sulfamethoxazole (which is a generic form of Bactrim DS). Is this responsible for this false positive? Thank You,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Ryan, Sulfamethoxazole is not on our list.

Subj: Positive for Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine
Date: 8/31/2009
I am suing custody of my children and the courts required both parties to submit to 30 day hair follicle screens. Now I have been clean from Cocaine for well over 15 years and have passed many follicle tests over the last few months. A week ago I was moving a friend of mine 5 hours away on 2 hours of sleep and decided to drink one large bottle of NOZ energy drink and one small bottle of the same. Also I took one XPLC Stacker 3 pill. This helped me to stay awake no problem. The problem is I failed my follicle test showing positive for Cocaine and Benzoylecgonine. Can the drinks and pill cause these test results. Oh yeah the test was a GC/MS test.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Donavan, the information we have only covers urine drug screening, not hair follicle tests.

Subj: Two at a time?
Date: 9/1/2009
I am on probation, and my doctor prescribes me hydracodone. If I took more than I was suppose to take will they be able to tell? “two at a time instead of one”


AskDocWeb: Yes, they will be able to tell, especially when your prescription runs out early and you have no pills to take when you need them.

Subj: Zantac
Date: 9/2/2009
Can you tell me if zantac can cause a false positive on a urine drug screen? thank you,


Yes, according to Lab Medicine Zantac may show up as a false positive for Amphetamines.

Subj: Trileptal
Date: 9/3/2009
My daughter also is testing positive for Benzos and all she takes is Trileptal. We are going to do a GC/MS test on her blood to prove that her unine test is a false positive. We will do this immediately after a false positive 5-panel urine test.


Subj: Percocet and Celexa
Date: 9/3/2009
I take percocet 1065 an celexa never have failed drug teat in 5 last test showed valium-or drivitive of something in that family-what could have caused this


AskDocWeb: Percocet is the most likely cause. It is a synthetically produced derivative of morphine (an opiate narcotic, oxycodone) mixed with tylenol (acetaminophen).

Subj: Trileptal
Date: 9/4/2009
Research needs to be done on Trileptal causing false positives for Benzodiazepines. This is happening and people are being punished for taking their prescription meds.


AskDocWeb: Thanks David, if anyone has more information on this please let us know.

Subj: GI Cocktail
Date: 9/7/2009
It is common to give a compounded house recipie of GI Cocktail in the ER. Most recipies are very old, actually older than H2bolckers (pepcid) or proton pump inhibitors (Nexium). They are considered a remedy for non-cardiac chest pain and usually are composed of an antacid with phenobarbital and sometimes lidocaine. So if your drug test is positive for barbiturates AND IS unexplained, perhaps that green or pink thick liquid you got in the ER is the culprit.

Pharmacist in hospital

Subj: Stackers and herbs?
Date: 9/7/2009
I was wondering if Stackers can cause a positive UA coke test my husband is in the army and they are telling him no but you cant trust them also what kinda of herbs cause a positive drug test?


AskDocWeb: There are no false positive reports involving Stackers. Valerian Root and extract, poppy seeds and products containing poppy seeds, ephedrine and ephedrine-based compounds, tanning lotions and shampoo containing hemp and hemp seed oil, and several of the Chinese herb pills have all been reported to cause problems on urine drug tests. The most commonly mentioned Chinese herbs that cause problems on urine drugs tests are:

  • Black Pearls (Tung Sheuh pills)
  • Cows head pills (Chinese herb)
  • Ma Huang (Ephedra sinica)
  • Miracle herb pills (Chinese herb)

Subj: Positive for cocaine
Date: 9/8/2009
I’m on probation and I’m drug tested every month in the end of June my dentist said I had a severe infection in my mouth and when I took my test I tested positive for cocaine the month of July and I hadnt used any had surgery the week after all 4 wisdom teeth cut out they put me on perc 5’s and also my infection was worse so I had to take more penicillian..also I take flexerill and adipex…this month I went to take my drug test again on the 4th of august 2009 and tested again for cocaine but I had just left the dentist office where he used alot of lidocaine and some other numbing stuff..why is my test coming up positive when I haven’t even touched it please write me back and let me know.


AskDocWeb: It may come as a nasty surprise to some but the Novocain your dentist uses may show up as a positive for opiates. (Reference 52)

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