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Subj: Testing positive
Date: 9/21/2009
I take lyrica, benadryl, predisone, ibuprofen, excedrin tylenol, prilosec, ultram and tested positive for benzo’s. Now the last time I took my ativan was 14 days ago. Why am I testing positive?


AskDocWeb: Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) has been reported to show up as false positives for Benzodiazepines, PCP, and Tricyclic Antidepressants 2-4 days after a single use. (Reference 45).

Subj: Positive for Ecstasy
Date: 9/22/2009
Hi I have gone in the hospital for depression I had no recreational drugs or alcohol. I was taking Wellbutrin, Seroquel and Zoloft. My urine test came back with over 500 of Ecstasy. I would not even know where and how to obtain or take it. What can I do? My job is on the line. I don’t get it. I have NEVER taken any drugs other than my antidepressants.


AskDocWeb: Currently the only solution (that we know of) to a false positive is to get a GC/MS confirmation test. And since your job is on the line, it is worth the extra effort and expense.

Subj: Tested positive for estasy
Date: 9/22/2009
Hi, I recently tested positive on a drug test for of all things estasy! I have never been a drug user except for prescribed ones by my doctor. The only xdrugs I had taken the day before were provigil, 2 excedrin migraine, wellbutrin XL and premarin. Would any of these cause a false positive? Thanks so much as very worried. They have sent it out to be tested again.


AskDocWeb: None of what you list has been reported to test positive for estasy but the confirmation test should clear up a false positive.

Subj: Positive for Oxycodone
Date: 9/23/2009
I was dismissed from a program at school, which I have been working extra hard to get into. I was dismissed because my UA came back positive for Oxycodone. I was on a perscription of Tylenol 3 with Codeine and know that was all I had taken is there a possibility for a false positive?

Depressed to the max

AskDocWeb: Yes, according to Martin S. Spiller, D.M.D, others have reported getting false positives on urine tests while taking Tylenol 3 with Codeine.

Subj: Hydrocodine
Date: 9/27/2009
On occassion I take hydrocodine not often, I do on a daily basis take herbal packets by the wellness resources (leptin packets) and I had a drug test and failed said I had oxycodone/oxymorphone in my system, I do not take these, do you have any info that could help that I’m not a user of these listed, thanks,


AskDocWeb: According to the Department of Pathology at the University of Michigan, the presence of hydrocodone in a urine sample can cause a false positive test result in the urine oxycodone screening test.
(Reference 41)

Subj: Phentermine
Date: 9/30/2009
I am on probation and tested positive for meth I did take a phentermine pill the day before how long does it take to get out of your system and what will the gcms prove. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Phentermine has been reported to show up as a false positive for Amphetamines and Ecstasy on urine tests (References 3, 4, and 11) but not for meth. The GCMS will prove if it is a false positive or not.

Subj: Positive for MTD and THC
Date: 9/30/2009
My friend as I am a nurse and she took at test for a job and her test was Positive for MTD and THC, she takes Shakley products and also advil also she just had a TB test 2 days before her lab draw, she is also on tylenol… Can any of these test Positive for these drugs? Thank you,


AskDocWeb: According to references 1, 14, 16, 18, 20, 26, and 29 Advil may show up as a false positive for THC or Marijuana on a urine test. Tylenol has been noted to sometimes show up as opiates, amphetamines and ecstasy, depending on the form.

Subj: Hepatitis C
Date: 9/30/2009
Can hepatitis c cause a false positive for speed?


AskDocWeb: There have been no reports of any false positives caused by hepatitis c.

Subj: Tested positive for Demerol
Date: 10/1/2009
I have a friend who was urine tested to get her nursing license and tested positive for Demerol substrates. She was then retested 4 days later and tested positive for Demerol and its substrates. She says she only takes Ripped Fuel 5X and Ibuprofen. She said her substrate levels were higher the second time she took the test. Do you know what might have caused this?


AskDocWeb: The only reference we could find for a false positive for Demerol attributed the result to Endal HD, it contains hydrocodone bitartrate which is a synthetic opioid. (Source: Google Answers)

Subj: Tested positive for benzos
Date: 10/1/2009
I am in a treatment facility for heroin addiction and I just got released from prison 3 weeks ago; I was incarcerated for a year and took my first drug test today. It tested positive for benzos. The only thing I have been taking is celexa and smz/tmp. I’m not sure which one caused the false positive but it was definetely one of the two cause I have been clean for a year and a half.


Subj: Strattera
Date: 10/2/2009
I would like to know if Strattera can cause a false positive for esctasy.


AskDocWeb: Strattera (atomoxetine hydrochloride) has not been reported to cause a false positive and seems unlikely to result in a false positive on a urine drug test. Strattera is the first non-stimulant FDA-approved medication used in the treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children aged 6 and older, teens, and adults.

Subj: Tested positive for Oxycodone
Date: 10/2/2009
I am currently taking Hydrocodone, Lyrica, Diazapam and birth control pills, In the past 2 weeks I have tested positive twice on a urine drug screening for Oxycodone, how is this possible? I am scheduled to take a blood test to prove that I am not taking any form of Oxycodone, will this test be absolutely accurate since I have not taken any Oxycodone only the medications listed above?


AskDocWeb: We suspect that the test result was cause by the hydrocodone. It has been reported to show a false positive test result in a drug screen for oxycodone. (Reference 18) Hydrocodone contains synthetic opiates. A positive result on a urine test should always be considered presumptive and results need to be confirmed (or denied) by GC/MS test.

Subj: Alka Seltzer Plus
Date: 10/4/2009
I recently took a mouth swab drug test. Right before, I had alka seltzer plus. Would that create a false positive?


AskDocWeb: We found three references (1, 2, and 7) say that Alka-Seltzer Plus has shown up as false positives for Amphetamines and Morphine on urine drug tests.

Subj: Pemoline
Date: 10/5/2009
If the presence of Pemoline is confirmed on analysis of the Urine Sample of a Racehorse what product/feed stuff may have caused this result?

Mr D

AskDocWeb: That is beyond our experience but you may still get an answer if you Adask an expert.

Subj: Official list?
Date: 10/6/2009
Can you tell me how to find official or universally recognized listings of medicines and substances that cause false positive results on urine drug tests? Thank you.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Priscilla, there is no universally recognized list. That is why we put together our own.

Subj: False positive for butalbital?
Date: 10/7/2009
Hello, I am a 36 yr old working mother and I take several medications for fibromyalgia including Cymbalta, Lyrica, clonezepam, serax, seroquel, acyclovir, birth control and recently augmentin. I tested positive for butalbital (I think I spelled that correctly) but I don’t take that. I don’t know what to do because this positive drug screen could cost me my job. The lady at the lab acted like I was selling heroin to toddlers when I tried to ask her what that was. DO you know of anything? I know Lyrica is new so does it cause stuff like this?


AskDocWeb: There are no reports of false positives for butalbital. Of the drugs you list, only the Serax has been reported to cause problems on urine drug tests probably because it contains benzodiazepines. Lyrica is a non-narcotic pain reliever and anticonvulsant. It is not included in the 10 panel multi-drug test.

Subj: Tested positive for weed and meth
Date: 10/8/2009
I took Tylenol sore throat Friday and Saturday night Monday night I took a urine test and tested positive for weed and meth. I have never done meth in my life and it’s been mounths since I’ve smoked weed.


Subj: Benzos
Date: 10/10/2009
I recently moved to a new town and had previously been taking suboxone for opiate addiction. My problem is that I recently went to the suboxone outpatient center and have only had my assesment so far. I told the counselour that I took 100mg of trazadone twice in the past 2 weeks and explained how it didn’t work for me so I started on 100mg of seroquel. The counselor told me that both sleep meds have traces of benzos and will show up in my urine screening and result in differal from suboxone treatment. So is that true and if so how soon will the benzos be out of my system? My screening is in 5 days and just had the assesment yesterday so I wanted to be sure. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: In general benzos stay in your system from 72 hours for non-habitual use to 1-6 weeks or more in habitual users.

Subj: Second hand smoke?
Date: 10/11/2009
A friend was one of a bus load of prison inmates moved to another facility. He is diabetic. Upon arrival he tested positive for Marijuana. Can one test positive from second hand smoke if others around you are using Marijuana? He is on Glucophage and insulin. Thank you, Excellent Site.


AskDocWeb: Yes, second hand Marijuana smoke may cause a positive in a urine drug test.

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