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This forum is intended to help those who Do NOT Abuse Drugs. We do NOT support the illegal use of any substance. If you have experience with false positives, share your experience. What would you tell someone about drug testing and false positives? Please remember that we do not give medical or legal advice.

Subj: False positive?
Date: 4/6/2010
I took a probation drug test showed up positive for some type of drug. I’ve been clean for almost a year and within the past couple weeks I recieved injections at the dentist office for fillings, stool softeners, and have been drinking energy drinks like ctazy. I have not been taking any illegal drugs. Could any of that have caused a false positive?


AskDocWeb: Dental sedation involving Novocain has been reported to cause false positives but the energy drinks are an unknown. We are inclined to say no about the energy drinks but several people have posted comments about getting a false positive while using them.

Subj: Failed for opiates
Date: 4/7/2010
Hello. I take rainbow light just once daily prenatal vitamins (lots of B vits in them), a benadryl 25mg hci at night, as needed a regular 500mg tylenol and as needed 30mg remeron at bedtime. This morning i did a 10 panel urine REDItest and failed for opiates. But i did not take any drugs. Though today and ocassionally enjoy poppyseed roll as well. Any clue why my test came back for opiates? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: If your Tylenol has codeine in it, that could be one possibility. Of course poppy seeds could also account for a false positive for opiates.

Subj: Positive for methadone
Date: 4/9/2010
I have been taking oxycontin for 9 years at the same pain clinic, I have always tested fine, all of a sudden wed I tested posative for methadone, I have never taken methadone, I’ve read that diphenhydramine can cause it, I take 50 mg every night equate brand, last week Walmart didnt have any so I bought unisom could this cause this? I’m also taking lisinopril adavan, motrin, buspar, lamictal, prozac, lumagan, have borderline diabeties controlled by diet and herbs, take alot of vitamines and minerals.


AskDocWeb: Sorry Dan, the data we have doesn’t provide an explanation for your test result, although a GC/MS test might do that.

Subj: False positive for benzodiazepine
Date: 4/10/2010
CAN NYQUIL, LEXAPRO, CELEXA, DAYQUIL, CAFEINE CAUSE FALSE POSITIVE FOR BENZODIAZEPINE? She has been drug tested and could come up positive for benzodiazepines. I take Klonopin routinely and she sets my meds up in a daily.


AskDocWeb: It’s not clear who “she” is but none of what you list has been reported to cause a false positive for benzodiazepine. Klonopin contains benzodiazepine.

Subj: Cocaine in my system
Date: 4/12/2010
I never used cocaine or drugs or drinking in my life they said i had cocaine in my system i said myself how did it happened i tried talk to dr for asking some qiestion but he never have time to ask me or question it hurted me alot i lost 2 doctor becz of this and they dont listen that i need to explain but i dont know how how can u help me please i have been sad since it happened it real hurted my feelings thanks


AskDocWeb: People who fail a drug screen are often assumed to be guilty of some kind of drug abuse until proven otherwise. The only way to do that is to get a GC/MS confirmation test.

Subj: False positives
Date: 4/12/2010
I have taken anti-depressants for 20 yrs. I have taken Luvox, Zolot & Effexor recently, within last 30 days. Also have taken vistaril, trazodone, clonidine, metoprolol, and tylenol. Can these drugs cause false positive for benzo in the urine. I have read where anti-depressants, SSRI’s and clonodine can cause false positive for oxazepam. How long does this stay in your system and metabolized in your urine? Can liver ds or kidney ds cause a false positive?


AskDocWeb: People with liver disease and those with kidney disease have experienced false positives but not for benzodiazepine. You can look up the individual drugs you are taking on this list.

Subj: Positive for Oxycontin
Date: 4/12/2010
I am currently taking suboxine. And I currently going to a iop program. And I have been going for six months, and was about to be released. And I get a drug test back from the lab positive for oxycotin and I do not understand. I have not used nothing at all. I currently take suboxine but why am I showing for oxys? I thought that lab results are suppost to be accurate. I could seriously go threw a lot of drama and I have not even used oxys. I do not under stand. I am going to go to a docter tom. and get a blood test showing everything I have did in the past 90 days. I am going to fight this, if I had of used it would of been different but I have not. Can medications like vitamins throw a drug test off? I really don’t under stand I need help and answers.


AskDocWeb: We are still looking into possible causes of false positives for Oxycontin but so far, vitamins do not appear to cause false positives for Oxycontin. If readers can explain this please share.

Subj: Positive for marijuana
Date: 4/13/2010
I am 60 year old male and over weight just had a test I use lotrel, flomax, avodart, meloxicam, hydrochlorothiazide, glucosamine, aleve, advil, ibprophen, excedrine, motrin. I take the first six pills once a day everyday the next five pills which is in reach twice a day everyday for joint pain as directed by doctor. I came back positive for marijuana. Can you give me answers please.


AskDocWeb: It is not surprising that your test came back positive for marijuana. Four of the meds you are taking have been reported to sometimes show up as marijuana or TCH, Aleve, Excedrin, Ibuprofen, and Motrin. You would probably need a GC/MS confirmation test to sort out the results.

Subj: Cocaine in my system
Date: 4/14/2010
I got a tooth pulled on March 23 later that night I was sick throwing up all night but the next day started feeling a little better. I’m 21 years old but I’m very small. I’m 4’9 and I weigh 65 pounds. I was a premater baby when I born on April 1. I got very sick again. I was throwing up could not keep nothing down so my parents took me to the hospital. They gave me two bags of fuilds and took blood and urine from me. The test showed up that I had cocain in my system. I was shock and surprise, I dont do drugs and I dont take any kind of medication. I dont know how this got in my system, all I has done was one tooth pulled and I did not take anything for pain. The only thing I was taking was oral-gel but it was the liquid bottle can you help me find some answers?


AskDocWeb: If the result of your test is a false positive then a GC/MS confirmation test will show that.

Subj: Drug test
Date: 4/14/2010
I recently went for a mandatory drug test at work. I curently am prescribed Lortab, Soma, Xanax, but have been not feeling well, I took lots of vitamins, and Alka Seilzar as well as my inhalaint Proventil. Will this make my drug test bad?


AskDocWeb: Since Lortab is an opioid analgesic and Xanax contains benzodiazepines you may have to get a GC/MS confirmation test in order to sort out the results. Be sure to tell whoever is doing the testing what drugs you are taking.

Subj: Positive for morphine?
Date: 4/16/2010
I recently had a dirty UA for Morphine, at the time I was on a prescription for percocet, mobic, effexor, and I was sick and was taking robitussin dm and contac cold and flu. Is there any reason that this combination of prescriptions would come back positive for morphine? I need to know because I may lose my job over this. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Yes, percocet is an opiate (PDR) and Contac is sometimes misidentified by urine drug screens as morphine (See references 1, 7, and 20). If your job is a stake then you may have to get a GC/MS confirmation test to correctly identify any false positives.

Subj: My new company fired me
Date: 4/17/2010
I have an RX for clorazapate 3.5 mg prn for sleep. I started a new job with a saliva drug test thu CRL in CA and it tested positive for alprazolam or Zanax. I’ve been told they are closely related. I was fired cause I didn’t have a scrip for the Zanax, but I have never taken it, I’ve only taken Clorazapate. The lab says they retested the original sample and the results ae saying Zanax and that they have a 100% accuracy rate, so my new company fired me. What can I do? (irony was that the Clorazapate should shown under nordazepam category, and nothing showed, in spite of my having taken it the night b4 the test.)


Subj: Could I really loose my job?
Date: 4/17/2010
I had to take a urine test for work a few days ago I told the person taking the test the scripts I was taking. All he said is to write a list and keep it in my wallet and they would call cause they would all flag. One is Atipla and vicodin. Everyone’s tests have come back but mine and I am freaking out! I am sure my boss got my test back as positive and I am just waiting to have to talk to loss prevention, I take up to ten different pills. Could I really loose my job over pills I have to take to stay alive? Really need some calming down info? Please!


AskDocWeb: You may feel better knowing that a urine drug screen in not proof of drug abuse in a court of law. As we understand it (we are not lawyers) the court requires a confirmation test, such as a GC/MS test, to rule out false positives. A urine drug screen can indicate the possibility of drug abuse but it is not proof. Unfortunately once a test comes back showing a positive result, many people are considered guilty until proven innocent by the confirmation test. It is important to remember that GC/MS confirmation test is not automatically done. In many cases you have to ask for it. If you don’t ask then you are accepting the results of the drug screen as accurate.

Subj: Tested positive for THC
Date: 4/18/2010
I recently tested positive for THC. I do take naproxin and had been takin more than usual because of a recent foot sugery will this cause a false positive. This was for a d.o.t. test.


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