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If you have experience with GenF20, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell someone about GenF20 HGH releaser? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Anxiety or jitters?
Date: 4/26/2011
I am interested in taking this product since I have some of the symptoms it claims to help however, I get anxiety once in a while and notice that some multi-vitamins make it worse with jitters etc. Please let me know if these will have the same effect. Thank you.


AskDocWeb: If it makes you feel more energetic there is a possibility that you may experience that as jitters. One way to put that extra energy to good use is an exercise program or workout of some kind.

Just started with GenF20 plus
Date: 6/10/2011
I just started with GenF20 plus 3 day’s ago so it’s to early for any feedback from my side. However I will report my experiences here in the weeks and months to come, I am quite curious and hope this HGH releaser will benefit me. I am 50+ and expectant. One question though; In the Netherlands this product is sold and comes in those green boxes as seen on the official GenF20 site. In the US they sell them in those round containers. Is there any difference? Also there are no usage manual inside the boxes which surprised me a little, the tablets are in those “push out” containers.


AskDocWeb: Welcome Antonius! And thanks for the future reviews. We are not familiar with the product sold in the Netherlands so can not compare them. Are you doing any kind of workout or body building exercise program?

Taking GenF20
Date: 7/18/2011
I order GenF20 for 1 year and I am taking it. I want to ask you I should take this forever or I stop for short time and then take again???


AskDocWeb: It is our personal experience that stopping for a short time (two weeks) and then continuing produces the best results for us. However, we haven’t seen any studies to confirm this effect.

Blood pressure problems
Date: 8/10/2011
My wife has really high blood pressure problems. She hasn’t found a med that works. Would she benefit from genf20 or is it dangerous for her?


AskDocWeb: While scientific studies have shown the efficacy of direct HGH injections in specific circumstances, studies on the efficacy of oral supplements are not yet conclusive. That being the case we prefer to error on the side of safety. If she is taking any prescription medication then talk to her doctor before using any supplement.

Airborne and GenF20
Date: 8/18/2011
Hi, ive been taking GenF20 for about a month now and I have been getting one to three cystic style pimples at a time and excessive oil production on my face – im really dismayed as im nearly 40 and have definitely noticed a reduction in the fine lines since using Genf 20. Ive been reading that tablets called Airborne (grapefruit effervescent cold immunity tablets dosage 3-6 tablets a day) stop pimples. It seems these are in a similar category as pantothenic acid tablets (vit. B5) or have similar ingredients(6 tablets a day) is there danger in taking these tablets and so many while also taking genf 20?


AskDocWeb: The website for Airborne lists vitamin A in the ingredients but doesn’t say how much is in each pill. That is a health concern because your body has a limited ability to process vitamin A and has no way to eliminate excessive amounts. Toxic reactions are possible if your body gets too much. Vitamin A toxicity can cause weakness, nausea, vomiting, irritability, anorexia, drowsiness, headache, muscle pain, altered mental status, blurred vision, and birth defects. According to the National Academy of Sciences, “to ensure adequate stores of vitamin A in the body, men should consume 900 micrograms daily and women should consume 700 micrograms daily.”

I want to increase my height
Date: 8/19/2011
Hi, I’m 19 years old 5´11 my mom is 5´6 my dad is 6´5. I want to start using GenF20 so I can increase my height will that be possible?


AskDocWeb: Sorry John, we have not hear or read of anyone increasing their height with GenF20. Generally speaking the best you can hope for is to maintain the optimum conditions for growth. Eat a well-balanced diet, get adequate rest, and plenty of exercise that includes a warm-up and stretch before and a cool-down and stretch after the exercise. Money spent on pills would be better spent on “lifts” to insert in your shoes.

Gain muscle mass?
Date: 9/7/2011
I am 24 5’10” 200lbs i lift weight not often but i want to gain muscle mass u think these pills will help?


AskDocWeb: That is what the manufacturer claims and there are several posts from consumers that say GenF20 helps with body building.

Can I take GenF20 with a natural male enhancement?
Date: 9/11/2011
I’m taking genf20 and a tosterone booster. I notice my man boobs are getting bigger. What am I doing wrong? Can I take genf20 with a natural male enhancement witout any side effects?


AskDocWeb: What natural male enhancement product are you taking for your testosterone boost?

HGH hair growth formula?
Date: 10/2/2011
Please send me the best h.g.h./hair growth formula to buy. I’M 65—-can I do it ???


AskDocWeb: Hello Preston. Sorry to disappoint you but there is no HGH product that we would recommend for the growth of hair at this time. If enough people report good results with one then that may change but right now we are just collecting comments from those who use these products.

Grow a few more inches?
Date: 11/2/2011
I’m 16 and my growth plates still have room to grow, by taking this could help me grow a few more inches and does it work better than creatine from GNC for muscle mass. Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Sorry John, this product has not been tested in minors.

Date: 11/24/2011
Just inquiring if gen20plus is good for fibromyalgia?


AskDocWeb: Hi Adam. So far there are no reports from anyone with fibromyalgia so we don’t know if it has an effect on that or not. Is that something you could help with?

90 year old hip
Date: 12/4/2011
I have AVN (Avascular OsteoNecrosis) of my left femoral head. I have had a few surgeries to help sustain as much bone as I can before having to get a hip replacement. It started when I was 18 and I am 25 now and still have issues that are associated with it. I am limited in my abilities but I still want to be able to work out etc. I have played soccer since the age of 4 so it is difficult to just sit back and not do anything. I have Arthritis, cam shaped femoral head, chewed up acatabulum, subchondrial cysts, the whole deal. I have tried a bunch of glucosamine chondroitin supliments to no avail. I read the posts about this GenF20 product so I actually ordered it today. Obviously there is a satisfaction guarantee so I can get my money back but based on everything I have read with aging issues slowing / reversing I was hoping this will give a 25 year old male a fighting chance against his 90 year old hip. Are there any tips, suggestions or comments you could help me with so better my results or at least inform me what I might be able to expect?


AskDocWeb: That sounds like a pretty serious condition. We are not sure if you should expect any results. GenF20 is only a supplement, not a miracle drug. So far, those combining this supplement with a physical conditioning program have reported the best results. Are you working with a physical therapist that specializes in sports injuries? They have produced some very impressive results.

Can I take just GenF20?
Date: 12/7/2011
Do I need to take anything in addition to Genf20? Like PCT or others? Can i take it alone?


AskDocWeb: Theer is no need to combine it with anything. GenF20 is not designed to be used with any other product.

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