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GenF20 Feedback

If you have experience with GenF20, please help others by sharing your experience with side effects. What would you tell someone about GenF20 HGH releaser? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Is this true?
Date: 5/24/2012
When should you stop taking genf20 plus? I heard your suppose go in cycles, to take it for six months and take awhile off after that then start up again. Is that true? Also what are the side effects if you take genf20plus and then completly stop taking it.


AskDocWeb: We have seen a verity of cycle times recommended that range from using it for 6-8 weeks, with a minimum of 4 weeks rest period before repeating to 6 months on and one month off. So far there isn’t enough data to determine an optimum cycle time. There have been no side effects reported from discontinuing GenF20 Plus.

Genf20 & omega3
Date: 5/30/2012
Is their any side effect if taken genf20 alonge with omega3 fishoil.


AskDocWeb: There are no known interactions with any other supplements. That is one of the things we like about this product. Many people report using multiple supplements with GenF20 without problems.

Saudi Arabia
Date: 5/31/2012
Pls give a proper address or tel no, where I can get GenF20 in saudiarabia.


AskDocWeb: If you go to their website and click on “Order” (in the top right corner), that will take you to a page with instructions for placing an order by postal mail, fax, and phone.

Type 1 diabetes
Date: 7/3/2012
Hi, I have a question about genf 20plus i am a 24year old male from belgium with type1 diabetes ive been doing bodybuilding for 6years with good proggres but i would like a little more so i found genf the question is can i take genf20 as a diabetic type1 i also use insulin novorapid and levemir. hope you can help. thanks


AskDocWeb: In the 7 years that we have been collecting feedback on GenF20 there are no reports of any kind of rebound or negative effects concerning diabetes. On the contrary, there are some indications that HGH may improve diabetes. A study conducted by Doctor Greg Fahy of the Naval Medical Research Institute is encouraging for those with diabetes. He states that he may have discovered a method to possibly cure adult-onset diabetes using HGH. His experiments have shown that human growth hormone is very beneficial for diabetes. However, that does NOT mean that GenF20 Plus is a cure for diabetes. Keep in mind that GenF20 Plus is not the growth hormone itself but rather a stimulator for the body’s natural production of that hormone.

Using collagen pills with GenF20
Hi i received GenF20Plus with spray and i’m going to start taking it today. I wanted to take it if possible in combination with regular amount of Pure-Col collagen pills. Is it safe to do this since the collagen pills apparently increase HGH by themselves?


AskDocWeb: Well there are no known drug interactions between those products and no problems have been reported. However, it has been demonstrated collagen pills taken by mouth are absorbed or incorporated into the molecular structure of your skin. Up until now, we have seen no evidence that those pills have any beneficial effect.

Growth in height?
I am 23 year old and my height is 5.3’inches by using genf20 plus can i have growth in my height?can reach to 5.6″?


AskDocWeb: We have seen nothing to indicate that Genf20 Plus might help anyone grow taller. At 23 you are probably close to the maximum height you are going to attain.

Optimum cycle time
Any more word on an optimum cycle time for Gen F 20?? I have been taking it for over a year, and just recently started see reduction in the positive effects I have been getting for this entire time. Wondering if it will make a difference to stop for a couple weeks, then start up again??


AskDocWeb: When you start seeing a reduction in the positive effects, that seems to be a perfect time to take a break. Whether that break is for 2 weeks or a 4 week rest period doesn’t seem to make any difference. Let us know which you choose so that your results can be added to the database.

Psychological dependence?
I’m concerned that if I start taking this, that it will cause a psychological dependence. Any thoughts?


AskDocWeb: If there is any possibility of psychological dependence then the FDA would classify this product as a drug but that does not appear to be a problem. Also a half hour of research did not turn up any reports of any kind of dependence with GenF20.

Can this product make you look younger?
I am 40 & have just started taking Genf20 plus. My question is i am currently taking in injection form testosterone enanthate, deca durabolin, & dianabol (tablet form) will these interfere with Genf20. Also do you believe that this product can actually make you look younger?


AskDocWeb: In judging effectiveness we rely on feedback from those using the products so read what Karin says on page 8.

When we checked the GenF20 website we found the following statement: “There are no known drug interactions with GenF20, but please see your doctor if you have specific concerns.”

Young adult?
Can a young adult take the releasers or is there a risk involved?


AskDocWeb: The effects of GenF20 releaser have not been studied on those under 18 years old.

Can you OD?


AskDocWeb: You can relax, according to the manufacturer there is no risk of overdose with GenF20. Also they say, “Take 6 sprays orally every day in conjunction with your GenF20 Plus Daily Supplement for maximum effectiveness!”

GenF20 improved me
I have been taking it for about three weeks i have taken injections before and fully understand it will take longer. I’ve been having the spay as well it tells you twice a day 3 sprays but there seems to be a bit left in the bottle to that so i was thinking if i up the sprays i feel good i train 3 hours 5 times a week so i should feel good anyway. I going to say yes i think its improved me but i think i will write again in two months so i know its not the placebo effect. duncanballs


AskDocWeb: Thanks David! We’re looking forward to hearing how well it works for you over time.

18 year old
Hi i am 18years old and my height is 5.6 how can i grow 6ft? than i will taking this product help me please. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Sorry Aamir, that would be impossible. There is no product on the market that would accomplish that.

18 year old
Hi, I am 18year old and height is 5.6 how can I grow 6ft? Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Shame on you. We can tell by your IP address that you just posted under another name. Doing that is a waste of time and actually slows down the response because your post is flaged for review as possible spam. In other words it take longer to get an answer.

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