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If you have hair loss, please help others by adding your feedback. What would you tell your best friend about hair loss products? Please remember that we do not give medical advice. That is for your local health care provider, who is familiar with your medical history.

Subj: Slowing going bald!
Date: 12/2/2008
I have been to 2 doctors and had the test’s, neither were any help! I still don’t know why my hair is falling out, and the medical field doesn’t seem to care, this is devastating I am only 49 had nice long thick hair…now I am slowing going bald! HELP!


AskDocWeb: In most cases the medical field considers hair loss a cosmetic issue, not a health problem. The type of doctor you want to consult is a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss, and that is not easy to find. We’ve listed the most popular hair loss products in the menu on the left so that you can read what consumers are saying about these products. These consumer reviews will give you a good idea of both the side effects to watch out for and the effectiveness of these products.

Subj: Hairrejuvenator
Date: 12/16/2008
Hairrejuvenator dot com scam! They will take your money and nothing will ever even ship.


Subj: Vitalmed laser
Date: 12/29/2008
What is the best special cream that is used for facial scaring. And do you think that the Vitalmed cool handheld cooltouch laser, does anything useful?


AskDocWeb: We haven’t seen any clinical trials on it yet and according to a warning letter from the Food and Drug Administration (March 21, 2008) the Vitalmed laser has not been approved for sale in the USA.

Subj: Best shampoo for hair loss?
Date: 1/7/2009
Hi, Ive been noticing hair loss for the past 6 months. I have a receding hair line and my hair is thinning so fast. (I used to have really thick hair and even my barber has noticed) I have been using shampoo/conditioner combos like Head and shoulders, Herbel Essences, and Pantene. I have heard that these shampoo/conditioners are no good for the hair and actually cause hair loss. Is their any truth to that? What kind of shampoo and conditioners should I use and what chemicals should I look out for that might cause hair loss? What would be the best brand (or even organic) shampoo and conditioner that I can use that will not have my hair fall out? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Nisim Biofactors is a shampoo that is clinically proven to re-grow hair. And, it comes with a 100-day money back guarantee.

Subj: Intragen 5
Date: 1/18/2009
I recently stumbled across a product called Intragen 5. Have you heard anything about it? This system is pretty pricey, and I would like your opinion (preferably professional) on whether it may or may not be worth the investment. Either way, I forego any right I may or may not have to hold you to any sort of liability, and you can consider this as a written statement or waiver or whatever. Thanks,


AskDocWeb: Since we only speak English there is no way for us to evaluate products that come out of non-English speaking countries or websites published in other languages.

Subj: Laser light therapy
Date: 2/7/2009
I was wondering what your opinion is on laser light therapy for thin hair. They claim the product is safe, but would it be possible for one to get cancer from the radiation?


AskDocWeb: The possible harm that might be caused from radiation is one of the things that the FDA looks at before allowing a product like this on the market. The radiation has to be low enough that no health risk exists. So far there have only been a couple of posts about using laser light to stimulate hair growth and both said it didn’t work for them.

Subj: Extremely thin/fine hair
Date: 2/12/2009
I have been using Rapidlash on brows and lashes for 8 weeks and have had amazing results. It got me wondering if there might be a similarly effective and affordable solution that would work on my scalp. I do not have any disorders or hair loss patterns, just extremely thin/fine hair. Any suggestions? For instance I have seen the following products in the “bebeautiful” catalog: -DS Laboratories: Spectral.RS Topical Treatment for Thinning Hair and Revita@ Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo -Osmotics FNS System: Shampoo, Conditioner and Follicle Nutrient Serum -Hair+: Shampoo and Conditioner -Keracyte-b: Scalp conditioner THANK YOU!


AskDocWeb: New products seem to pop up every week now and we appreciate you sharing these new ones. They should provide plenty of research hours to keep us busy. If readers have experience with any of the above products let us know and you may get first place on a new topic.

Subj: Good investment?
Date: 2/26/2009
I am 23 and my hair line has started receding very quickly…as of about a year ago. Since I am still growing and seem to be prone to the side effects of things. I really want to use something natural. But I want to be sure its a good investment. I saw a comment by you or maybe another doc on here, saying they would not expect a natural herbal based remedies like this to work, unless its a vitamin deficiency type of hair loss? Is this your personal opinion on products like Advecia and Procerin? And which one do you think is best in my case to use? Thanks.


AskDocWeb: Our comment was that a vitamin supplement for hair loss would work only if the cause of the hair loss was a vitamin deficiency. That doesn’t apply to Procerin because it is more than just a vitamin supplement, it also contains Saw Palmetto. Their combination of ingredients has been reported to be successful in reducing hair loss to normal for 70% men and 35% report the growth of new hair.

Subj: Only one thing really worked
Date: 2/20/2009
I am 50 years old and began balding at age 26. I tried EVERYTHING from shampoos, food, message, rogaine, everything but only one thing really worked…a hair transplant. I had three different sessions over a six year period and I am happy with results. My hair is thicker and real and permanent.


Subj: Braggs Apple Cider vinegar
Date: 2/20/2009
Braggs Apple Cider vinegar. Its amazing stuff for hairloss and the use of it on the hair is amazing. It not only stops hairloss and help promote growth, it detangles, and makes your hair feel and look really healthy. And this stuff is as good as mixing it and using it in your fruit juice, it helps your hairloss when used on the outside as well as the inside.. Another great product is Royal Jelly. I have found these products along with a few other outstanding supplements that I have tried through my years of losing hair. I have been diagnosed with symptoms and some tests results of MS, and I have IC bladder disease, and endometreiosis, I have struggled for years with these and with the right balance of foods, nutrition and supplements, you can control your hairloss just as well as helping your health conditions. And feel really good. I hope this has helped. Huggs and Have a great hair day.


Subj: Beauty 4 Ashes
Date: 3/3/2009
Beauty 4 Ashes: I tried to send an email to customer service, because I wanted to know which products were best for my particular hair problem. They say right on their site: if you want to know which products are best for you, contact us, and they give the email address. I did this. The email address they provide is bogus! The email was returned to me by the mailer-daemon.


Subj: Hair lose problem
Date: 3/21/2009
I have hair lose problem. Please send me the good reasons to hair growth and weekly how many times washing the hair and please tell me what is good food of hair growth I am 19 yrs old what is good reasons tell me please please.


AskDocWeb: If you use a special shampoo for people with hair loss, you can usually use it once a day but read the directions to make sure. You might try cutting down your fat intake and eat apples. There is research from Japan pointing to the proantrocyanins in apples as being very helpful when applied topically. The proantrocyanins in apples has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Nutritionists say that biotin is a vitamin that is essential for hair growth as well as nails and skin. Although there are shampoos which contain biotin, but its effectiveness is questionable since biotin is not absorbed well through the skin. Good sources of biotin include the following foods:

Biotin supplements are often recommended to fight hair loss however, there are no studies that show any benefit of Biotin in treating hair loss unless the patient is actually biotin deficient. The symptoms of biotin deficiency include hair loss, and in severe cases include loss of eyelashes and eyebrows. If you have type A blood you may have a problem absorbing the B vitamins which includes biotin.

Subj: MintopForte?
Date: 3/27/2009
I have started to use MintopForte from a couple of days as I am using even Himalaya Hair Loss Cream in the morning and thought of going for mintopforte only at night because at the day time I sweat a lot. Applying mintop Forte only once has any impact on results?


AskDocWeb: Sorry, there is no feedback on MintopForte yet. If you would write a product review for MintopForte others could benefit from your experience. That is why we are here, to share information about these products.

Subj: Synerghair
Date: 4/8/2009
I would like to know more about synerghair. Does it really work for regrowth of hair?


AskDocWeb: While their shampoo may not cause hair loss, we saw nothing to indicate that it might work for regrowth.

Subj: Which one would you recommend?
Date: 4/15/2009
Hello. I see that you have 7 products listed under “Hair Loss Products”. I am 21 years old and currently on Propecia for the past 4 months. I would like add maybe Procerin to it. I wanted to know which one of the products you list has the best track record and which one would you recommend. I was also looking at Nisim Shampoo. Thank you for your time.


AskDocWeb: If you were not taking Propecia we would recommend Procerin but don’t use them together. The main ingredient in Procerin is saw palmetto and according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “Saw palmetto should not be taken with drugs that affect the levels of male sex hormones (androgens), such as finasteride (Proscar┬«, Propecia┬«) or flutamide (Eulexin┬«).” The Nisim shampoo may be a good possibility but more feedback is needed for a proper evaluation. If you try it be sure to add your
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